Review: Elite Angler's Service

Newport News, VA

#63 Apr 29, 2013
Very sad this person was so rude, word of mouth goes a long way, especially now a days with the internet. I have a lot of friends in Fla that live around that area, will definitely let them know. He could have been more pleasant, I would have called a police officer to the scene to help me, regardless if you were blocking his parking area. Their safety is more of a concern, apparently the owner had no concern for these peoples safety what's so ever, I would make him replace your rim. Let's show these people no one deserves to be treated like crap...someone's life over him making a few bucks...sad, sad, sad....KARMA!
Robbie Forrest

Fruitland Park, FL

#64 Apr 29, 2013
If true, may the store owner rot in hell...with four flat tires.

Gainesville, FL

#65 Apr 29, 2013
I'm so glad that this store is getting the negative karma they deserve.

United States

#66 Apr 29, 2013
Having known the person who fixed the tire, I am sure that what he stated about the owner is true. It just goes to show that you should always treat people with kindness, you never know how your actions will effect you.
jimmy b

United States

#68 May 1, 2013
I have been to this bait and tackle shop many times and the owner is always been very nice and courteous to me. the owner always helps me carry stuff to and from the car and as a disabled veteran this is much appreciated.. I have been dealing with his owner for years find it hard to believe this happened that way. when trying to destroy this owner maybe it would have more credibility had you not recommended other specific bait and tackle shops. There is always two sides to any story.
Been there done that

Melbourne, FL

#69 May 3, 2013
This isn't the first time this guy has shown anger to a customer. Trying to get something fixed took forever and when I followed up he was rude and had a careless attitude. I eventually had to go get my gear. I was quiet when I went in. Got my gear and he screamed "don't f-in come back" I said I won't. He followed me out to my car screaming "WHAT THE F DID YOU SAY" multiple times. Good thing I had a witness because he was charging right at me. As soon as he saw the witness he backed off.Makes you wonder why? Check public records on him. See what comes up.
Evan Ross

Orlando, FL

#70 May 6, 2013
If these commentaries remain published on your site, you will be included in the forthcoming legal actions. Thank you
Starr Green

Spring Hill, FL

#71 May 13, 2013
.. Has anyone found out what happened to this CREEP?

Melbourne, FL

#72 May 13, 2013
I was wondering the same thing...and I wondered about "Evan Ross" who threatened that "if these commentaries remain published on your site, you will be included in the forthcoming legal actions. Thank you"-hahaha go for it dude!
g money

United States

#73 May 30, 2013
leave him alone get a life damn
Elite Anglers Service

Palm Bay, FL

#74 Oct 11, 2013
Fish R Mann wrote:
If true, this would be terrible, but it has the feel of an Internet / Facebook myth or hoax. I'm not buying it.
Just send you a email to say thank you for your review. And you are exactly right!This acquired on a sunday morning-one of my bussiest days of the week. About 9 in the morn I had noticed 2 cars parked in the entrance way to the parking lot. Which is big enough for about 10 semis. But these cars were parked in the entrance on a slope. I lit a cig and walked to the cars. The wind was blowing 20 miles an hour out of the south that day and I a was walking to the south. But in his post(billy wells) he stated that I was blowing smoke in thier face. The women were standing at the back side of the cars and billy was changing the tire between the women and I. The flat was off of the car and the spare next to the car. I said "excuse me folks is something new for you? They replied what? I stated "is this something new to you to be so disrespectful and inconciderate to block the entrance way to a biz that is open? Nichole replied" Well I have a flat tire". I said "well I am sorry for your mishap but do you have to change you tire right here - you couldn't have pulled forward 10 to 15 ft further so you are not blocking my parking lot. Nichole replied" well I had to get off the street. I said" Did the flat happen right there, pointing at the curb to her left shoulder. She replied" no it happen about a half mile down the road. Meanwhile there is 3 trucks trying to get in the parking lot. Then I said what is the matter with you, couldn't you have pulled forward 15 feet. Nichole said" will you please watch you tone of voice cant you see that there is a young boy here"? I then said well lets all pray that he grows up smarter than you three-now get the damn car fixed and get the hell out of here. billy put the flat back on the car and the spare back i9n the trunk and they drove down the main road to the side street to the north of me. And that's where the pic came from that they posted. Another thing if nichole was pregnant she must had just found out. Because she skinny as a rail that day. I have since looked into this further and have discovered that nichole is friends with the owner of a tackle shop only a mile from mine. I am his new competition biz only open for a year when this took place. Nichole had 299 friends on face book and this guy was #6 on her list for months. They chat a lot. This is the complete truth for I am a Christian man that nows wrong from right. I have written this to you in hopes of helping get this out thought the internet. Thank You Greg Johnson-Owner of Elite Angler's service llc 321=953=6444

Orlando, FL

#75 Nov 11, 2014
I have been going here for over a year and I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE OWNER ACT LIKE THIS, IF THIS REALLY HAPPENED THE PEOPLE THAT STOPPED IN HIS DRIVEWAY BLOCKING HIS BUSINESS FROM GETTING IN GOT OFF EASY. I FOR ONE WOULD HAVE DONE ALOT MORE THAN THAT. You people that want to sit behind your computer screen and take the word of some freaking idiot who got hurt GROW UP do you really think that if the owner acted this way he would still be in business?????? I know the owner and he is the very opposite of what all you morons are saying. NEXT TIME DONT BLOCK A BUSINESS DRIVEWAY DIPS***

Lake Mary, FL

#76 Dec 1, 2014
i dont believe any of this, i kmow the owner and he would never conduct himself. in that manner, and everyone who posted these bad comments should be ashamed of them selves , i find it funny that someone actually recomends people go to a certain competitor, sorry this. just sounds like a made up smear campaign from the competion, anyone who knows this man knows he would not act in this manner towards a woman or a child
Paul Mason

Palm Bay, FL

#77 Feb 2, 2015
Probly true. Dude is a real jerk. Very confrontational over nothing. Told me to get the f out. Real low class guy
B Wells

Detroit, MI

#79 Feb 2, 2015
Guy ia a total jerkoff. Assaults helpless women when they have a broke car. Blackball this guy
Fishing Ben

Palm Bay, FL

#80 Feb 3, 2015
I used to be a customer there. Greg was such an ass one day to other customers, that I decided it best to go elsewhere. You cant treat people that way and have succes
Allison G

Palm Bay, FL

#82 Feb 3, 2015
I got tired of this want to be man hitting on me every time I went there. He is a rude little boy with no manners or respect for women. I will never go back. Not worth the harassment for a dozen shrimp.
Tommy Lane

Hollywood, FL

#83 Feb 3, 2015
I am 78 years old an I didnt appreciate the store owners bad attitude. He wouldnt answer my guestions and rushed me out in a rude manner. I dont understand. I was the only customer there. The guys at Captain Mullit are lots nicer. Go there instead. They got it all.
Brian Fishes Best

Palm Bay, FL

#84 Feb 3, 2015
Been there several times. Got what I needed and never had a problem???????
Damien S

Palm Bay, FL

#85 Feb 4, 2015
Took a reel in for general repair and three weeks later, my reel was untouched. No service, just an a**hole at a counter. Do not use this guy. He sucks. Could have at least called me. No way will I go back and you shouldnt either. Total a**hole.

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