Palm Bay man jailed over loud music i...

Palm Bay man jailed over loud music in car

There are 136 comments on the News-Press story from Jan 16, 2007, titled Palm Bay man jailed over loud music in car. In it, News-Press reports that:

A 32-year-old Palm Bay man is in jail this morning after Florida Highway Patrol troopers said he ignored requests to turn down music booming from his car and struggled with an officer.

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#125 Mar 16, 2010
Oh, one more thing. It's quite apparent that the folks who support being rude and intrusive also appear to be quite limited as far as education and general communication skills. I loved the response from Samantha to one such moron...Um, What? That was priceless. I also enjoyed the gentleman from Pico Rivera, CA as he is right on the money regarding the mentality and the artificial toughness these bass buffoons have. Those are the guys that at some point in their superficial lives run into an former boxer and get their butt handed to them.
Marshall G

Apopka, FL

#126 Mar 26, 2010
Wow Jailed over Loud music.. You people are retards.. Its not about blasting music so YOU can here it as*holes its about What we wanna hear and how we wanna hear it.. Its Freedom Let us enjoy what little we have left..Pretty soon well be a socialist country and have no rights or anything so Fu** off....I cant believe What im reading out of have these comments.. I wish i knew where you pieces of garbage lived so i could repeatedly drive by your house blasting my music all night long to see how many people really wake up from it going by... Do you get mad at thunder in a lightning storm.. No So F you get over it..Its people like you bitching about little things like loud music that is taking our freedoms away slowly but surely....SO IF YOU WERE PROUD TO LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY then you would shut up now.....And Palm Bay you would drop the charge.. Obviously The Palm Bay PD had nothing better to do then to mess with some kid minding his own business and listening to music no robbing or raping and pillaging or killing or dealing drugs to your kids or graffiti or anything...Not breaking any laws at all.. He struggled because he was standing up as an american because he has the god given right to do what the hell he pleases and Music is not a crime..And this person talking about generation X This guy was 32 years old... so Obviously you were just flapping your pp sucker for no reason you didnt even know what the post was about.. Get a life jerks and maybe you wouldnt notice a little music going by every once in a while..Better yet when you do hear it Say ahhhhhh What freedom we have left...Pretty soon i wont be able to take a dump in my own home on my own toilet without OBAMA's permission so Thanks Palm Bay man who was jailed for standing up for your rights... Hes like the modern day Rosa Parks in my book...Except all she did was sit on a damn bus and got jailed... Im done I could keep going off on your lame ass people but i guess ill stop for now...

Yorba Linda, CA

#127 Mar 28, 2010
Wilkido said it best, I'd be extremely upset if my kids wake up in the middle of the night from somebody's car stereo. Then again, courtesy among teens these days is finding a needle in a haystack.
speed racer

Clermont, FL

#128 Jun 1, 2010
All these fools think we're dumb. You just don't get it, and you never will.
You think we just like pissing you off? No, but that isn't too hard to do. A bunch of crybabies and macho talkers on some chat forum will not lower my volume, nor would you dare in person, biiotch.

Cocoa, FL

#129 Jun 1, 2010
My 12ga is louder than your big bass.
speed racer

Clermont, FL

#130 Jun 1, 2010
bring it on fuddy duddy. here you go again with empty boisterous hoopla, hope you have an AK to back up that loud toy homeboy. Do you like the sound of it? My bass is so low.

San Jose, CA

#131 Jun 22, 2010
Its not not racist..its fact. mexicans also blast their loud stupid music because they are worthless. i hope that arizona law comes to California
Greg Rivera

Port Orange, FL

#132 Jun 25, 2010
These people who blast their so called music must think that people share their enthusiasm. believe me, we don't. The inferior noise coming from those speakers only serve to fill the vacuum between their ears. I believe they should be arrested and their speakers confiscated for invading and polluting public space with their stupid ghetto noise.

Clermont, FL

#133 Jun 25, 2010
I don't share your enthusiasm for filling up your mind with idiotic stereotypes and reality tv shows. But I respect your right to do so. That 'ghetto noise' is within you. My music rocks! And it sounds better louder!

Salt Lake City, UT

#135 May 26, 2011
This man, and his story need to be on Stephen Colbert's "Nailed 'Em". Or he could just install a sound deadener in his car from .
Sound Advice

Bowling Green, KY

#136 May 30, 2011
Yes, some people are extremely rude with their music. I have been rude with mine from time to time. People with loud stereo systems have the option to turn it down when passing through neighborhoods.
Motorcycles with loud pipes do not have this option. They are extremely annoying and often times as loud if not louder than many of the stereo systems that people complain about. What about jets? They are obnoxiously loud as well.

It seems to me that people are selfish in nature and this thread is a prime example of that. When you want to infringe on others rights, you should be careful as your own rights might come into question. If you have a neighbor who's music is bothering you, I would suggest simply asking the neighbor to turn the music down. Life is not that complicated.

Oh and to the coward who brags of damaging other's property, let me catch you near my car, and I'll take that law into my own hands.

Piscataway, NJ

#137 Jul 19, 2011
I suppose I can see the point of why people wouldn't want to be bothered, but I really feel this comes down to a rights issue and if you aren't stationary or in a residence I don't agree with towns or states creating ordinances or laws disobeying something that I feel should be allowed..

Furthermore, I'm a little taken aback by the comments I've been reading on here; apparently anyone that likes to listen to loud music in their car is uneducated or a cocky a*hole 'compensating for inadequacy'. Well I can personally say I am a graduate student at a very accredited northeastern university, and I also happen to be a gay male and don't fit the bill for this typical machismo character you guys keep presenting as the supporters of playing the music loud. When I listen to songs with bass, whether it be rap, r&b, pop, techno, etc., it is for my personal enjoyment. I enjoy being able to hear all the different levels of treble mid and bass to get a better sense of the song's production, and at no time do I ever really care of what someone else thinks of me because they can hear my music. I really don't buy the notion that a car passing by your house for 2 seconds is truthfully gonna disrupt your life really in any other way, other than the fact it annoys you at that particular second and you feel the right to tell other people how to conduct their lives. Albeit from having curfews for loud music at night which I agree with, I feel you people are just as selfish as the 'punks' you complain against.

I also know I'm by no means an outlier, so I feel that a large group of the commenters here are generalizing and stereotyping/venting anger on the younger generation as a whole. You know, rather than judging people on an individual basis. It may be true that some people listen to the music for the reasons you guys described, but I also think the vast majority of our generation just feels it isn't a person's right to tell somoene what to do in their own personal time. Maybe things will change and our generation will be less judgement and upset when we get to your ages, but likely we will become conservative and bitter and the cycle will continue as we complain about the next younger generation. Or you could just f' off and get a life..

Palm Bay, FL

#138 Apr 9, 2013

Finally something is done about this!!
relax paw

Anonymous Proxy

#139 Apr 12, 2013
John wrote:

Finally something is done about this!!
Don't drop yer banjo Hyuk hyuk hyuk!
hey maw

Torrance, CA

#140 Apr 12, 2013
relax paw wrote:
<quoted text>Don't drop yer banjo Hyuk hyuk hyuk!
Git yer groove on I got mah banjo too lets have a duel paw

Melbourne, FL

#141 May 5, 2013
I use to have a thumpin trunk but then I got a baby and has to sell it for diapers. My sister sais I'm def now becaus ofit.
Any 1 want to buy a used sistem?$500

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