Palm Bay man jailed over loud music i...

Palm Bay man jailed over loud music in car

There are 136 comments on the News-Press story from Jan 16, 2007, titled Palm Bay man jailed over loud music in car. In it, News-Press reports that:

A 32-year-old Palm Bay man is in jail this morning after Florida Highway Patrol troopers said he ignored requests to turn down music booming from his car and struggled with an officer.

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Ormond Beach, FL

#1 Jan 16, 2007
hell yeah that dude is the man

Georgetown, Guyana

#2 May 11, 2007
Good. This carp has to go. People who listen to loud music regularly cannot find anything better to do.

Georgetown, Guyana

#3 May 11, 2007
Music Fans, Beware the Big Bass
Reuters Email 09.02.04 | 2:45 PM

Blasting music can be hard on the ears and the neighbors, and now researchers say it can also pack enough punch to collapse a lung.

Reporting in the medical journal Thorax, they describe the cases of four young men who suffered a lung collapse -- technically called pneumothorax -- that appeared to be triggered by loud music. Three of the men were at a concert or club when the pneumothorax occurred, while the fourth was in his car, which was outfitted with a 1,000-watt bass box because he "liked to listen to loud music."

A pneumothorax occurs when a small rupture in one of the lungs allows air to leak into the space between the lungs and the chest wall, causing the lung to collapse. Symptoms include breathlessness and chest pain on the affected side.

A small, partial collapse may resolve on its own, but more severe cases may require the insertion of a chest tube to allow the air to escape the chest cavity.

Often, an underlying lung disease or chest injury is the culprit in pneumothorax. But so-called primary spontaneous pneumothorax happens in the absence of an underlying disease, typically striking tall, thin, male smokers.

The cases described in the Thorax report suggest that loud music may be one cause of this type of pneumothorax. Though the report cites only a small number of patients, lead author Dr. Marc Noppen said he suspects more cases of music-induced pneumothorax will now be caught.

Since the report's publication, he said, doctors in a few countries have told him they've seen similar cases. If more doctors routinely ask pneumothorax patients about their exposure to loud music, the number of injuries attributed to blasting tunes will likely go up, noted Noppen, who is with the Academic Hospital in Brussels, Belgium.

In two of the cases his team describes, the men were standing close to large loudspeakers when they suddenly felt chest pain.

A third case involved a 23-year-old smoker who had suffered several episodes of pneumothorax. During a follow-up medical visit, the doctors mentioned having seen two music-related pneumothorax cases, and the patient suddenly remembered that two of his attacks happened at heavy metal concerts.

Noppen said he and his colleagues suspect that loud music may damage the lungs due to its booming bass frequency, which can be felt as a vibration going through the body. The lungs may essentially start to vibrate in the same frequency as the bass, which could cause a lung to rupture.

It's probably a good idea, according to Noppen, to stand back from the speakers at concerts and clubs and to ease up on that car-stereo bass. It might also save your hearing, he added.

Oviedo, FL

#4 May 17, 2007
whatever. My truck has 1400 watts of bass. I thump it in your neighborhood. Those guys were wusses, that's all. Long live BASS!

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#5 May 21, 2007
I cant believe they are arresting people for loud music. I mean come on people get a life.

Bethpage, NY

#6 May 24, 2007
If a car drives by my house with the bass so loud that it rattles my windows, that's disturbing the peace - especially when my children are asleep. Since there's obviously no need to play music THAT loud in your car, you're just trying to show everyone how "cool" you are, except people just think you're pathetic. Want me to think you're cool? Mow my lawn. Then I'll be impressed.

White House, TN

#7 May 25, 2007
Way to go Palm Bay PD

United States

#9 Jun 16, 2007
Get a life?

Try living in a neighborhood where every half hour a car drives by with its music blasting so loudly it wakes everybody up in the morning.
Morning rush hour sucks around here in the summer.
It's really annoying. You love the bass? Then seal your car with a sound deadener so that neighboring cars don't vibrate.
I swear, I feel like approaching the offending car/suv with a hammer whenever I hear the f-ing music from my aparment 100 feet away.
watch dog


#10 Jun 17, 2007
This is one of the many things wrong with Gen X. Your totaly self centered to the point that it never crosses your ming that most of the world HATES YOUR F-CKING MUSIC ! I dont want to hear it. I have my own music in my car. I dont try to stuff my music down your throught, or shoud I way ears.
ps. Your called Generation X because the world has counted you out. We are expecting nothing posative from your.

Glendale, AZ

#11 Jun 19, 2007

Berkeley, CA

#12 Jun 21, 2007
whats the big deal? i like to blast music with all my windows down because i enjoy the loud bass. if you dont like it, too bad. if im driving past u youll only hear it for a couple of seconds anyway just get over it

Duarte, CA

#13 Jun 23, 2007
surfereal wrote:
whatever. My truck has 1400 watts of bass. I thump it in your neighborhood. Those guys were wusses, that's all. Long live BASS!
surfereal, your such a pathetic moron. Get a life for the love of God. Nobody cares what music you like. And the only wusses out there are the ones who sit in their vehicles all day blasting their crap thinking, "Oooooh, yeah. I'm a bad ass and nobody will do anything about me." Think again. People everywhere are fed up with you childish idiots, and one day when a new civil war breaks out, punks like you are going to be the first to go.

Guys who make their loud music and car the focus of their life because they think chicks will dig it have a very dismal and disrespectful vision of what women appreciate in men. Oh, and guys who sit in their car and play loud music thinking they are admired and feared by all have one goal in mind...compensation for a...personal inadequacy.

Duarte, CA

#14 Jun 23, 2007
I've busted windshields, dented rims and slashed the tires of a few a-holes in my neighborhood over the years. It's been a little quieter, but there's room for improvement. Honest people in this forum: don't be afraid of these idiots. STAND UP TO THEM and they will back down like the true cowards they are.

Lakeland, FL

#15 Jun 30, 2007
Although I don't agree with the violence part I do agree with soldier622's view.I am 62 and was one of the loud music bangers for years feeling I had the good music listen to me.Well guess what I was the asshole and realise how I infringed on other peoples rights.And as 'Watchdog" says your music really does suck today...there is no 'music' just some moron screaming stupid lyrics about violence and sex.If you had to really sing for your money you'd all be broke...

United States

#16 Jul 15, 2007
whell, i can see points on both sides of this one... im a 24 year old guy, but i have also been taught to respect others. ont thing i was taught in martial arts is that "my right to swing my fist stops at your nose". basicaly if people want to go death (yes i know that its actualy the higher pitch noises that break the hairs that actuate the nerves, but bear with me) then please dont infringe on others rights to enjoy there own music

please respond directly to me at


Newport News, VA

#17 Jul 19, 2007
The point is this, put someone in jail over loud music, if thats what it has come to please tell me how does one get elected to
the Palm Bay polit buerau, this is America not
some communist reseime, Palm Bay police Jax

Orlando, FL

#18 Jul 29, 2007
i agree however that the young folks should tone it down abit. but they have rights to.i like to liten to all music. none of it bothers me.i figure they will be the ones wearing hearing aids later in life.but this is going to far to arrest someone for loud music when the po;ice could be doing better things with their time like stopping robberys, rapes,and of course stopping MURDERS.

United States

#19 Aug 13, 2007
Hey, Einstein (trendsetters). Opening up the windows does not make the bass sound better. In fact, you get more outside noise coming from outside that interferes with the music you're trying to enjoy.

And Watch Dog, you got us Generation X'ers confused. We've grown up and are in our 30's and early 40's now.

Sure, our music still sucks in your ears, but we don't blast it out of our cars like the kids do these days.

soldier622, what you're doing is just as cowardly. You can still stand up to them without damaging their property.
Some Kid

United States

#20 Sep 7, 2007
This post isn't meant to be racist, but I can say don't come to where I live. Regardless of a nightly cerfue where it's illegal to play music loud at night [10:00 pm], the Mexicans in my neighborhood continue to do so till 1 am at the latest... only to do it again in the morning [sometimes around 8 am or earlier, and that just blows].

And it's not just mariachi either, it's rap too.

My towns cops don't do diddly on this kind of stuff. It's sad. I can't move to another town at the moment so I'm stuck.

My place needs more cops like this one.

At least then I can enjoy a week's peace without listening to shitty music.

Mount Vernon, MO

#21 Sep 17, 2007
housewife wrote:
i agree however that the young folks should tone it down abit. but they have rights to.i like to liten to all music. none of it bothers me.i figure they will be the ones wearing hearing aids later in life.but this is going to far to arrest someone for loud music when the po;ice could be doing better things with their time like stopping robberys, rapes,and of course stopping MURDERS.
Liberal garbage and another reason why America is in the state it is in.

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