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Norwich, NY

#1 May 9, 2009
Just wondering...were these "so-called" other victims given sobriety or other drug testing before being allowed to give statements? I thought our justice system relied on credible witnesses. This is only my opinion but I whole-heartedly believe Kris Calkins would never commit these types of acts.

Painted Post, NY

#2 May 12, 2009
So you think a lil girl would make this up? When there are other males in her life she could make it up about. What about the lil victim?
Its easy to sit and judge others until something like this hits your own family. Now who is sitting making judgements and running people down.

Johnson City, NY

#3 May 13, 2009
so"sad" im not sure you really know what your talking about. both people involved are both my family and the victim is lieing she has a messed up life and has no idea what she is doing to kris's family. i belive kris also and when he comes out not guilty we will see who the lier really is

Rochester, NY

#4 May 14, 2009
Ok so who are the REAL victims? Let's try Kris' 7 yr old son and 9 yr old daughter! Let's see the Supposed "victims" how many of them or thier children have a father figure in thier life? Kris is a dedictated father and would do anything for anybody. He doesn't deserve to suffer like the rest of those involved and not be able to be in his kids' lives nor do his children deserve it! Before we begin judging lets look at the facts!! Look at the "victims" backgrounds and the "lil victims" life totally unstructured. My heart goes out to Mr. Calkins' and his entire family. Although this will never go away, may justice be served!

Elmira, NY

#5 May 14, 2009
Never in a million years would Kris touch someone. I was abused when I was 15, and he saved me. He gave me a place to live and a good family. And for the first time I felt like I had a home! And let me tell you he has NEVER laid a finger on me! NOT once! So the people that are saying hes guilty are retards and need to not even talk cause they have no idea! It will all come out in the end!

United States

#6 May 19, 2009
Yeah it is sad that he has children and they deserve to have a Dad in their lives, but come on who's to say he has not touched one of them. I know personally some pretty nasty things he did as a child, to a dog of all things. I know that this child is not lying because that is the type of person he was when he was younger. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasnt his wife only 15 when they got together and I believe he was 25 then, hmmm... That should be a sign. Someone had to have touched him the wrong way when he was a child. You would think that he would have changed and grown up by now. This little girl may have had a rough life, but she did not make this up. I myself believe this child 100% without a doubt. What he has done in the past and what he did to this little girl, regardless of what people say about her, is disgusting and like was stated in a previous post: "Its easy to sit and judge others until something like this hits your own family." Think if it were your daughter. He's a PIG!!!

Endicott, NY

#7 May 20, 2009
i believe that kris would never do anything like this! and for the person calling him a pig .? is sounding a little rediculous. i know kris and that he would never do any of the things that some idiot thinks. so i guess were gonna find out the truth in the end. And if you really new kris then you would know that he DOESNT have a wife. so mabey you should get your facts straight.!

United States

#8 May 20, 2009
Sorry, I thought they were married, but they do have two children together so the marriage thing is beside the point. The point was him and his girlfriend got together when she was a minor and he was an adult. You say you know Kris, but you don't know Kris as well as many other people do apparently. I am sure that more victims will step up, or at least they should. Someone needs to put an end to his PIGISHNESS.

P.S. to innicent
Innicent is spelled Innocent
Rediculous is spelled Ridiculous
Mabey is spelled Maybe

And yes in the end we will find out the truth and that is: He is guilty of being a PIG!!!

Earlville, NY

#9 May 21, 2009
Disgusted are you for real? Apparently you have a problem with the age thing - well hate to be the one to tell you but age is only a number and for you to even have any kind of issue with that is your opinion and take a look around this wonderful USA we live in - age is not the issue in their relationship - it seems to be working for them - and who are you to say its a problem. You also realize the spelling is an issue in your head - you seem to be able to understand what innocent was trying to say. Just want to be a very negative person and proper let me give you that much! ya ya or I mean yah yah! take a look in your own lil world cause you seem to have way to much time to complain and convict.....before you really know the facts or truth - apparently your always correct and think you know Kris - well guess what this time you could just be wrong! Sorry you must have had a bad experience with Kris but I wish you all the luck when your eating crow (as they say) maybe as proper as you seem to be you will then apoligize....

Bath, NY

#10 May 21, 2009
so your saying you dont know anyone that has been together with a 'minor'? how many years apart are they 6 or 7 mabey come on i dont believe a little girl would lie about something like this but i surely dont believe that kris would do that.

Norwich, NY

#11 May 21, 2009
I believe that anyone can lie about anything and in this case...she LIED! I'm sorry but I'll say it again....SHE LIED!!!!

United States

#12 May 21, 2009
She is not lying and you will all see that soon enough, unless Mommy and Daddy hire a good lawyer for their precious little boy. Does he even work, oh let me guess he probably gets disability or workers comp or something like that. He probably does not even sleep in bed with his girlfriend. He probably stays up all night watching porns and masturbating thinking about little girls, or his cousins. He should just fess up and tell the truth, he will get a much lesser sentence that way. I am sure that the other victims will also have to testify, that will be interesting. Maybe Happy4 should send a letter to the court requesting that the other victims be drug tested, that will be funny when they pass, lmao. Maybe Kris should take a lie detector test and then we all can laugh at how bad he fails it. Then Mr. Never worked a day in his life until he was like 30 or more can cry to Mommy and Daddy a little more, lmfao!! I do not have alot of free time I just think he is a DISGUSTING PIG and trust me I do know him, very well.

Endicott, NY

#13 May 21, 2009
WOW! looks like someone has some harsh feelings about kris - sounds to me someone is jealous - you know they do say the grass is always greener on the other side. come on now do you truly believe what you are typing? I am very sorry to say that the side of kris you think you know doesn't exist but in your very own mind hes guilty of WHAT..... not liking you at sometime apparently - what he didn't give you the time of day - or maybe, well what ever it is its your problem - get over it - grow up and move on. don't make judgements on something that you seem to have felt back WHEN?

United States

#14 May 21, 2009
That is the funniest thing I have heard in a while. I am one of his cousins and sorry I am not like him I do not try to do things with my cousins, lmfao!!! What will be your next defense? I know that you are supposed to stick up for family, but under the circumstances I would say I am right in my decision to side with the victims of his PIGISHNESS. He should have never touched the little girls he touched when he was younger to begin with and then to continue touching little girs, come on. I wonder how many other little girls he has touched that have not yet spoken up. I am ashamed to admit that he is my cousin, but I figured I would let the cat out of the bag to defend myself against whoever you are that is defending the pig so bad. He is very lucky he never tried to touch me because he would have not have fingers to touch little girls with. I do feel for his children, it's sad. They are such little cuties and they don't deserve this. Kris on the other hand deserves to sit in jail and think about something he has done all his life. It really makes me wonder what is going on in his head when he does these things. That is just plain old PIGISHNESS!!!


Earlville, NY

#15 May 22, 2009
Hey disgusted sounds to me like your a cousin that hopefully is a distant cousin - I am not sure what family you did grow up in but have to say that FAMILY doesn't seem to mean a hell of alot to you... and the fact you seem to think being close to your parents is a bad thing.. why would that bother you that Kris has such a close family? It seems you have a personal vendetta agianst Kris. GROW UP! and live your own life...

United States

#16 May 22, 2009
No, I'm not distant. I am a branch of a branch with branches of my own. I am done arguing with you people over the PIG. You will see when he goes to court that he is a sex offender and he will see that for being a PIG he can be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.

-My Family-

Fredonia, NY

#17 May 26, 2009
Family Reunion? I truly hope I don't have to see the likes of some dumb a$$(you) there. Big talker online but snake in the grass in real life. Kris is a good man, and his family has had to suffer because of a confused little girl and her crooked up bring. When he is vindicatated (and he will be) he will still have to deal with the effects of a complete lie. I see its easy for spinless people to run at the mouth but at the end of the day theres still allot of people behind kris and his family, my family. There will be no need for expensive lawyers. The person above was way to nice. You can eat something and it's not crow.
-Guilty-Guilty-G uilty -

Spearfish, SD

#18 May 27, 2009
And that's all I have to say!!!
It dont look good Kris

Painted Post, NY

#19 May 28, 2009
Iím not here to attack all of a very large family but there seems to be a very bad seed floating around in this family. Gambling, drugs, alcohol abuse, theft, embezzlement and child abuse seem to run amuck in parts of this family. Karl and his son Tiger have both been convicted of sex crimes. Kris has two older brothers Ricky, who is so wacked out itís a wonder he can even talk, and Kevin who narrowly escaped the similar charges in a nearby town. Iím sorry for the good people in this family, Iím sure you are very embarrassed to be part of what has been a long sad history created by some of sick people of wolf run road or child run road.
Shine Down

United States

#20 Jun 5, 2009
Karl was never convicted. He did go to court, but was definitely never convicted. The truth of it all was, "You cant rape the willing" The person that accused him was and still is a VERY, VERY lost person. To this day the person has no problem asking Karl to borrow money, for DRUGS, or for rides because she is, like I said, a VERY, VERY lost person. If someone raped me I would definitely not want to be around them and if I did happen to see them it would not be good. Some people do and say things (lies) for attention which is what happened with the case for Karl. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, people should get their stories straight before they go running off at the mouth.

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