I would like to make a comment on this post thanks. I would like to first say that I did not know Annie personally, I agree that she did have her personal close group and not much else; I am proof of that. Annie lived with my neighbor Tracy for a while and was good friends with my other neighbor, Glenn. I have an interest in this case because of a few things that stand out to me, causing me guilt, and sorrow for Annie and her family. I had this guy that would show up at my door at all hours of the night, from the apartment complex down the street and ask for money. Make a long story short he would knock on my door and windows until I answer it. Then one night that I do not recall, however I heard someone arguing out my window, then I heard as if someone was being killed; in fact that is what I said to myself.Then I know that someone was knocking on my window and then my front door. This made me feel upset because I then thought that all of it was a dream brought on by my neighbors persistent knocking, you see? That was when I decided to ignore it; to my surprise the knocking did not last long at all, so I slept. I feel bad and sad because I have a gun. After I found out what happened it made me think of the time that I witnessed Annie and Joe arguing in a car in front of the wee bit lounge over the summer. This stands out to me because I remember feeling bad for Annie and I was very close to telling this guy to give the lady a break already. It sounded like she was kissing up to Joe and that he wanted nothing to do with her comments, see? I am sure that someone that is a regular at the wee bit lounge knows of Joe and Annie's relationship and not just me. I am sorry if my comments offend anyone, I really feel bad for this, God bless.