I HATE gambling.
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A Left Wing Member

Pahrump, NV

#1 Aug 22, 2012
I despise gambling. Casinos, lotteries, sports betting, the whole thing. Gambling preys on the weak and the poor, and both reflects and creates rot. That money could have been donated to the poor or single mothers for food instead of feeding YOUR addiction. Just about everywhere I've lived I've been close to a casino, and I've seen that rot up close. In Kansas City, it was the riverboats that never left their dock. In New Mexico, it was the Indian casinos. In Connecticut, it was the gigantic enormous Indian casinos. Spit spit spit. And now Nevada, the worst state that us left wingers WILL TAKE OVER and change!

Since the casino corporations have more money than God, it's probably asking too much for mere politicians to stand in their way. So let's try a different tactic: don't go to any of them. Or if you get roped into it by someone, go and drop a dollar in one the billion flashing whirring machines, watch that dollar go away, notice how boring the whole experience is, and don't give the casino corporations any more of your money. Then wander around, looking at the people who actually go to these places, and pretend you're a sociologist doing a case study on what people do when they have nothing going on in their lives. Anyone who gambles is scum, so they are fair game to study.

Or if you really do feel like throwing your money away, contact me. I have a flashlight and some cat toys that make funny sounds. I can be just as much fun as a casino, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your money is staying local, and that I won't be wasting it on stupid boring, energy wasteful, evil gambling.

Come on people, lets diversify this economy in Nevada and shut ALL the Casinos down. We could be so much more.

Las Vegas, NV

#2 Aug 22, 2012
We are starting a NUDIE COLONY that's diverse,as far as I know they haven't put any slots in there yet. Come on down and strut your stuff. FIG LEAFS are optional.
Meth Lick

Åkersberga, Sweden

#3 Aug 22, 2012
Why don't you move to Bolder or Panaca and leave the rest of us smoking gamblers alone?

Iowa City, IA

#4 Aug 23, 2012
10 to 1 odds that this person is nuts.

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Aug 23, 2012
We can "catch" the power of the dust devils, and sell it to CA.
Teabaggers hate gambling

Los Angeles, CA

#6 Aug 24, 2012
First of all Liberals could careless if you gamble or not. Don't like to gamble? Don't do it
Don't like gay marriages? Don't get one
Don't like Cigarettes? Don't smoke
Don't like Abortions? Don't have one
Don't like to Alcohol? Don't drink
Don't like porn? Don't watch it
Don't like guns? Don't buy one
Don't like having your rights taken away?
Don't try to take someone else's rights way.

It is not the left that loves to tell others how to live, but the right wing nuts, teabaggers. If only Republicans could think clearly and logically, then they would understand the above statement. Liberals could careless what you do, but nice spin. It only makes the teabaggers look more like nuts
Funny one person has no clue to solar power either. Look around solar power does save you money. I know our little teabaggers are clueless. The teabaggers want more government when it serves them and the crazy ideas they have. More and more younger people see the teabaggers as a bunch of nuts
Lopez is nuts

Pahrump, NV

#7 Aug 24, 2012
We know its you loopy. Oh and Dummy, these "teabaggers" you like to talk about, they are libertarians and would agree with all your points.

Feel kind of dumb now?

Las Vegas, NV

#8 Aug 24, 2012
New York cops need to go back to shooting school. They ended up shooting moe people than the idiot that started the incident.

United States

#9 Aug 24, 2012

Los Angeles, CA

#10 Aug 25, 2012
Sorry not Lopey, Truth is teabaggers don't agree with what I put up. You folks have no clue to who this is, but one thing for sure, Is Teabaggers are nuts
Bill C

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Aug 25, 2012
Joe wrote:
New York cops need to go back to shooting school. They ended up shooting moe people than the idiot that started the incident.
More of my former students showing off their awesome skills!! Way to go boys!!

Pahrump, NV

#12 Aug 26, 2012
Remember every time you hear "Diversify Nevada's economy" it means killing off gambling, killing off places to smoke, killing off the party atmosphere that is Vegas, and costing 100 times the jobs any Obamarecession could cost.

Democrats Hate Gambling. They feel we should be giving our money to charity instead of sticking it into those nasty evil machines.

I am proud to say that I have donated ZERO time or money since The Hitleresque Obama Regime has taken over.

What we need after Obama gets booted is another "ME DECADE" where all we do is take care of ourselves and screw everyone else. Hooray for me the hell with you, is my new motto until Obama is OUT.

United States

#13 Aug 26, 2012
Liberals are Freaks !!!

Los Angeles, CA

#14 Aug 27, 2012
Liberals don't hate gambling, but keep on telling yourself that teabaggers, Teabaggers are the ones that hate just about everything, If you look it up teabaggers have same views as Nazis,,,I DO HATE TEABAGGERS AND NOT SHY ABOUT SAYING IT
Unless YOU are part of the 1%, President Obama has done a GREAT JOB! More would have been done, and most of the populace would be in a far better situation if not for the GOP’s blocking vital improvements to this country. The GOP has its li
ttle sheep’s brainwashed into thinking that the GOP supports everyone… Truth is, they cater ONLY to the needs of the top 1%... At the cost of the rest of us… The GOP is like CANCER to the body that is America… They need eradicated before American jobs are completely outsourced… The scary thing is, those who believe in Romney and the GOP’s lies, are allowed to breed… The number one thing we ALL have in common right now, and FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS, is that we have a President named OBAMA! I LOVE IT!!!

Los Angeles, CA

#16 Aug 27, 2012
Love of war. The Republicans used to pride themselves as the party that didn’t start wars, the Democrats did. No more. Today, they never saw a war they didn’t like (they won’t admit it), and view war not as a purely defensive measure as the Founding Fathers intended, but as a useful tool, an instrument of shaping foreign policy. The German Nazis use of war is well known to the world. Rethugs hate gambling, have doubts look at the bible belt, RETHUGS ARE FREAKS and ARE JUST LIKE NAZIS
Love of radio propaganda. Political talk radio is a largely right-wing creation, to counter what conservatives endlessly contend is the liberally biased mainstream media, and has mushroomed across the country, fed by angry white boys who like to listen to it. It is hosted by a host of American Joseph Goebbels (German minister of propaganda) imitators, who dispense false accusations, right-wing claptrap and mocking, thinly-disguised hate for those who disagree with them. Their most recognizable traits are smugness and the school-yard bully mean spirit.

United States

#17 Aug 27, 2012
Obama has done a great job? What color is the sky in your world? I suppose by "great job" you mean never passing a budget, renewing the Patriot Act, sneaking NDAA thru on New Years eve, having the alphabet agencies stock up on a billion rounds of hollow point bullets, robbing the taxpayers to bail out Wall Street elitists, etc. I could go on and on...

Los Angeles, CA

#18 Aug 27, 2012
Old Allan, Obama has done a pretty good job, Look at the teabaggers in congress, Now we all know teabaggers are a huge joke. Bush did the Patriot Act, Bush also balled out wall street, but hell Teabaggers are the dumbest people

Pahrump, NV

#19 Aug 27, 2012
Obamas President, so what's it represent? Just because the man is half black don't mean he's heaven sent.

You're clueless to evidence and all the minds he's messing with. His charm and smile hasn't got my fooled about his deficit.

Acting like hes truly Jesus, and all you fools believe it. The change he's making isn't good, thats just how you perceived it.

Its like we're all broker than ever, its due to reasons dealing with self beneficial plans and the movement he's with.

Freedom gets shelved and the evil get famous, while both sides are brainless, a smart mind is dangerous. And there in-lies the problem, there aint no freedom on your playlist, you're just a product of what the government has created.
Bushs Fault

Pahrump, NV

#20 Aug 27, 2012
Here is proof that it was Bush's fault

Los Angeles, CA

#21 Aug 27, 2012
Really,,,Since day one the teabagers in congress have not done one thing, except work against Obama, Obama is better than Mittens and Ryan

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