how long to come down off crystal meth?
lol at u

Wickliffe, KY

#108 Jul 2, 2012
WTH wrote:
I had a lapse in judgement friday night/saturday morning and im still high as a kite! Im sick of it! How long untill I come down? I haven't slept since thursday night! Fri night no sleep. Last night no sleep. I have no appetite and that isn't like me at all! I feel like shit. Ive wasted my entire weekend cause I don't feel like doin anything! I swear ill never smoke that crap again! I like my cold beer and never been into drugs now I know why! Damnitt I can't believe I done that crap!
You have about another 12 hours if it was good stuff
lol at u

Wickliffe, KY

#109 Jul 2, 2012
Red wrote:
If you smoke a foil which is about 8 hits can you pass a drug test in 3 days
no... i know that there are no stupid questions but really ^
lol at u

Wickliffe, KY

#110 Jul 2, 2012
Tina aka tlo wrote:
Amen thats right its called just say no...they apparently never had the D.A.R.E program at there school
apparently you have never had a addiction, i had a D.A.R.E program in school and i still did it. i was in a bad palce and it really is the best high in the world but after you do it just once your hooked people that want help need you surport not your bitchiness

United States

#111 Jul 2, 2012
Freaky wrote:
i have a few questions to the people who abuse meth and how their families deal with it. I have a distant relative who is hooked so bad, I think he does it everyday. he goes thru rages like you wouldn't believe and has even threatend his family members with near death beatings. this family doesn't want their business all over the news but don't know how to handle it. What or how should we approach this...when we have approached him he says he has it all under control. he can't stop talking or working (piddling). he scares me to death and I fear for my family's life sometimes. am I over-reacting or do we need to finally put a stop to this. I know it sounds like I can answer my own question but point is, my family has always tried to handle our problems without involving others. Now I think it's to the point that he will have a full on explosion and really hurt someone. I'm scared to report him. If it wasn't for the fact that he has children, I would say whtever you want, just keep it away from the family. now that it's easier to make with the shake and bake method it's even more available and can be made anywhere at anytime and no one would really know. Please don't judge me for my lack of acting on this, it's just our family has always handled things without getting the police involved. Nobody wants their business posted for all to see. I'm hurt and very scared and very worried, but i'm finding it hard to pick up the phone and report him for fear someone on the inside will eventually rat me out for ratting him out. who do you trust? is there a truely anonymous way to report someone? Please help and please don't judge me as stupid and don't tell me the answer is clear. I know deep down what the answer is, i'm just having a hard time being the one to bring a loved one down knowing he will be thrown in prison. Is there hope he'll ever stop? before he kills himself with all the poisons he's putting in his body or before he kills someone very close to me out of uncontrollable rage.
I have very close ppl in my family that has been hooked to hard drugs... One of them has been on it sence teen yrs... Got outta control ... His mom put him in prison thinking that was best ... He over doesed n had a stroke in there ... My him meaner... And unsociable ....!!! And still deals with addiction...the other is a best friend... Never really know she was bad until she came to my house the other day... Said she was gonna go to bed... Never slept... Woke me up at 4 in the morning telling me.. Someone was down stairs.. In my cars, HEARING voices.....!!!!! demons) and one wasn't very nice...:/ what do u say to that... I took her keys... She wanted to go, said ppl where gonna plant stuff in her stuff... I had no chice but to give her her keys n tell her I loved her... But I wanted her to be somewhere she felt safe.... All I cared about was my friend and she was gone.... I look it up... I read heavy users can suffer from drug induced pycosis.... Seeing things, hearing voices...ect.. But she was doing ice... The strongest form of meth.... For dayyss!! Said she hasn't slept in four days... One family member came to stay with me, and her son and husband... The need for them to be a family got them throw... But the moment they dident have me... And moved out... They was back on it... Hes in jail... She's states away with out her kids.... She's doing better... But I can never fully know with her so far away... But they was clean for a yr...;) unless a user has something to look forward to... They self destruct very easy.... I hit, turns in to a week beng... And losing all touch with reality...

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#112 Jul 3, 2012
Stay away from that stuff! It destroys lives!

United States

#113 Jul 15, 2012
The last time I smoked was my first and last. 2 days after doing it, I've been eating and have slept. Bit for some reason my hear is beating fast on and off and anxiety feels like ill have a panic attack and thr back of my neck heats up on and off I'm so scared

Cookeville, TN

#114 Jul 30, 2012
tina wrote:
Anyone who does drugs should be shot what a waste of space just say no duh!
well you obiously are a duchbag . and a waste of space . the funny thing is you dont even realize how ignorant the comment you made was :{

Oklahoma City, OK

#115 Jul 30, 2012
mickey wrote:
those that took time to be honest in their posts it is very much appreciated. I have never used drugs and find the struggle with my kids. Recently my daughter smoked crystal meth. Caught and swears she is done and never again. Through recovery they teach us to not worry how often, how much, etc but yet I am trying to figure out how long for her to come down and it is out of her system? will the cravings be less if she didnt smoke more than a month? does it matter? is coming down vary with amount smoked? any help or advice is so greatly appreciated.
Hey, So Seriously the cravings will never go away if you smoke at all. The only way is to stop completely. Counciling. anti depressents. Paranoia and more its the devils drug! It started along time ago with hitler and natzi's the slamed meth in needles and were stronger and evil evil evil people. Thats how serious this is.

Trois-rivières, Canada

#116 Aug 15, 2012
It makes me sad to see people who have a terrible addiction such as Crystal meth. It may have started as an innocent good time of being young and rebellious, and before you knew it, you were on an never ending cycle to hell!!! I have seen people who I have held dear to my heart go down this road...I am completely devastated witnessing it!! There is hope, there has to be...I want my brother back:(

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#117 Aug 15, 2012
ppj wrote:
It makes me sad to see people who have a terrible addiction such as Crystal meth. It may have started as an innocent good time of being young and rebellious, and before you knew it, you were on an never ending cycle to hell!!! I have seen people who I have held dear to my heart go down this road...I am completely devastated witnessing it!! There is hope, there has to be...I want my brother back:(
I have seen way too many old friends falls victim to this drug. It changes them so much. If you have never tried it, DON'T!!!


#118 Sep 5, 2012
I just wanted to share something because to be honest i don't know who else to talk to and hopefully someone has some advice for me.
Over the last 2 years my best friend of 18 years has been smoking meth. It started as a bit of fun just to try, then escalated to quite a few binges, and eventually she met guys who would give it to her cheap or free and it became a weekly/daily thing. I was always worried about her but she has always been very smart and i kept thinking she could get herself out (maybe i've been in denile). She lives a few hours away and used to visit every cpl weeks but she has only come back twice this year and both times she had no choice she was sick the first time and didnt have anywhere to live the next time. Her dad came to get her both times but they don't get along very well so she would stay at my house. When i saw her last time i was shocked. She lost so much weight, her skin was grey, and i noticed some scabs on the side of her face. The entire time she spent at my house she was sleeping on my couch all day and only woke to eat ALOT. She didnt seem irritable or anything but like i said she is very smart and knows what to hide. She began making comments and jokes about her appearance like 'i think i need to fake tan my skin is so pale it looks grey' and things like that. I think she is crying out for help but also scared of being judged. She was always very popular in school and i was envious of her looks, intelligence and popularity. She is not the same person though. She failed units of uni, was fired from a lot of jobs for not showing up, and has become incredibly selfish. We used to speak twice a week on the phone planning our next visit and catching up (she would even tell me her partying stories which seemed harmless at the time, before she switched to ice). Now i barely hear from her and on the odd occasion she does call or answer my calls its never a long conversation and we no longer make any plans because i stopped trying after the 8th time she promised she was coming then never showed and with no explanation. I am so so worried about her she has no real family and only a few party friends where she lives. Im scared that if i confront her she will cut me out of her life, it wouldn't be hard when she lives 4hrs away (and she's done it to many other friends). Then she'll have nobody at all and i won't even be able to check on her or know if she's ok. She is like a sister to me and im scared for her. What can i do?

Brownsville, TN

#119 Sep 5, 2012
Good Meth least 3 days
Fivefinger deathpunch

Paducah, KY

#120 Sep 5, 2012
I took a hand full of meth got buzzed up I went to the dentist had all my teeth removed I had zero cavities the dentist told me it was against the law to pull my teeth in the perfect shape but he was a user and I got him a fix and now my teeth are all gone! I always wanted to be a meth head when I grew up. It's awesome! I sleep about twenty minutes a week and get Alot done,
Dr gluesniffer

Paducah, KY

#121 Sep 5, 2012
I have studied the pros and cons of meth for twenty years I have found out that meth users tend to die earlier than a non user average non user Joe about 70 he also sleeps apron 8 hours a night. Now to the meth user WOW 59 year average that 11 years younger than a non user. Ok now I see your point but let's put this in proportion most users don't sleep all week As a matter if fact average user only sleeps 4.5 hours a day and sat and Sunday guess what?? You guessed it 0 sleep! Now you do the math only six months difference for a meth head to not have the chance to see and do the same things as the average old Jo blow! Just a interesting point. This is for fun and not to be taken seriously, this was performed on 1000 illegal mexicans and has found that 3 percent had cancer of the hobanaro!

Herndon, VA

#122 Sep 6, 2012
I am a mom whos family was destroyed by drugs. my son is in jail now and has been in and out for years....every time involving drugs! He is a sweet person with a heart of gold who when young made a very bad choice to use drugs! the results have been a disaster for the whole family. now divorced.....lost our home....and have spent many Sundays visiting jails....All of these people are somebodys isiter or brother. the results of using drugs reach much further than the person who is using! ive never touched any drug but I have lived the nightmare of addiction by someone you rips your heart out and consumes you. To all of you who are quick to throw stones at these people you need to spend your energy looking at yourselves. to those who are using PLEASE get help and dont fool yourself into believing you are only hurting yourself! im sure you all have somebody that loves you and is affected! GET HELP BEFORE YOU RUIN YOUR LIFE!

Albuquerque, NM

#123 Sep 24, 2012
I did meth n i feal like stuck wat do i do im gonna smoke a bowl of pot
diamond deychanel

United States

#124 Oct 15, 2012
Does ur body get full of pain right now I'm in so much pain

Annandale, Australia

#125 Oct 21, 2012
i feel your pain right up up in the sky like a fly, im a rapper and a clapper, i congradulate the graduates of my local colege, hocus pokus- look at the pope now everyone points, points and laughs... thats all i got
help need info

Fairfield, CA

#126 Nov 3, 2012
I did meth I smoked it I took 6 hits . And I snorted 3 lines can u guys plz tell me how long it would last yo go away this is the first day I haven't slept

Paducah, KY

#127 Nov 3, 2012
Anytime u do that its gonna take about 72 hrs to be normal again if you dont die first.

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