how long to come down off crystal meth?
kenny rupp

Galax, VA

#44 May 8, 2011
we bring problems on our selves by playin in shit when people see what that shit does to people and do it and stay on it they get what they deserve.but some one who wants to get off it or anything else.i hope they will seek help and myself or anyone else should be there to help them.we cant turn our backs on people that want to change.

Scottsbluff, NE

#45 May 14, 2011
My uncle jim and aunt shannon were huge into drugs. Shot it, smoked it, snorted it whatever they felt like doing at the time they did. Meth was their drug of choice however about 3 years into their using aunt shannon got pregnant and quit drugs all uncle jim tried very hard to quit also. I know it was very hard for both of them now it's 18 years later and occasionally my uncle slips up but i just had to post this for him. I know my uncle struggles with addiction everyday and this goes out to you uncle J, I love you and you'r always in my prayers, break the cycle and quit it for good, I love you and know u can do it!! <3

Laguna Beach, CA

#46 May 14, 2011
thanks for your post. that was truly from your heart to be able to share that and I appreciated reading it. Both my teens struggle with addiction breaks my heart to see it and do what I can to not be their enabler. I have my own addictions...just not in the drug/alcohol realm. Addiction is in many lives and so many are not even aware of it. Much like those that post nasty comments...their addiction is the chaos they gain or hope to impose on another.

United States

#47 May 15, 2011
I did meth on friday and haven't slept any. Does anyone know how many days 4 lines will stay in your system. Stupid decision on my part. Someone help

Hillsboro, MO

#48 May 15, 2011
notsleepy wrote:
I did meth on friday and haven't slept any. Does anyone know how many days 4 lines will stay in your system. Stupid decision on my part. Someone help
72 hrs max. I did it on a sat and passed a test on a tuesday.


#49 May 24, 2011
This is a meth site u visin ny...awe I'm high as we speak lol


#50 May 24, 2011
Meth stays in for 24 hours.. The other hours are recovering sessions.. Getting ur appetite back, sleep when u sleepy and get ur energy back
Simple as that....

United States

#51 May 27, 2011
U need to be off topix, meth head!

Estherville, IA

#53 Jun 10, 2011
It depends when the cops pick you up
Hard case

United States

#54 Aug 9, 2011
Look to everyone being rude, just stop. I struggle with my meth addiction every single day. For the most part I don't touch it anymore. However I do slip up. Sometimes only once a year. Point being addiction is a long never ending battle no matter what it is. Be it an alcoholic, a cigarette smoker, or hell somebody who does nothing but tweet everyday. Everybody has different reasons for why they started what they do, but once they do they're screwed for life. So maybe instead of putting people down and making them feel worthless, reach out to them. Just one person showing they care and helping with the daily struggles can make an amazing difference in somebodys life.

United States

#55 Aug 30, 2011
Fluphy wrote:
man its funny watching people who dont have a problem sit here and criticize people that do.. if you dont do the shit wtf are you on here talking shit to people who need help? i think these people with a real problem are way more worthy of a second chance then you losers are worthy for a first.. get a life.. str8 up, yall think you're better than people with a problem, well theres your problem.

I agree. Those ignorant posters need to learn about this stuff first. The last thing somebody with a SERIOUS problem needs is some lowlife with built aggression and low self esteem bashing on them just so at the end of the day the piece of shit might feel a little better about themselves. And you spiters of ignorance should learn to watch your toung because your words CAN COME BACK ON YOU! Troubled users need POSITIVE encouragement. I just tried this suff for the first time today and I can see how it could be troublesome, and have friends that are hooked. As for me though, not again not evan the slightest interest. Way to heavy for me. I'm still wired and I don't like it.

Port Orange, FL

#57 Aug 31, 2011
WTH wrote:
I had a lapse in judgement friday night/saturday morning and im still high as a kite! Im sick of it! How long untill I come down? I haven't slept since thursday night! Fri night no sleep. Last night no sleep. I have no appetite and that isn't like me at all! I feel like shit. Ive wasted my entire weekend cause I don't feel like doin anything! I swear ill never smoke that crap again! I like my cold beer and never been into drugs now I know why! Damnitt I can't believe I done that crap!
3 days. same here..done that crap once and said NEVER again !!

Cunningham, KY

#58 Aug 31, 2011
champion wrote:
<quoted text>3 days. same here..done that crap once and said NEVER again !!
Meth is so stupid shouldn't do that crap talkin about bad shit... It will ruin your whole life

Mount Morris, MI

#59 Sep 12, 2011
tina wrote:
They stuck on stupid and need to be knocked upside there heads
LOL. This is absolutely hilarious..
Okay, can you re-read what you wrote and tell me how much sense it makes...? Haha, you know... if you're gonna come online, and call a person (...or people) stupid... You should probably use correct spelling and grammar, because this statement makes you look very uneducated...
Which you probably are, educated people do NOT talk like that.
Let me fix your errors...
1) Your name (since you actually used a name) is a proper noun & should have a capital... The correct way to write that would be "Tina".
2) "they stuck on stupid" ...Really?! Read that aloud for me and you can probably figure out what's wrong with that statement..(Or, maybe you can't.. You DID write it in the first place) Here, I'll help.. It should say, " They're stuck on stupid..." OR.... "They ARE stuck on stupid.."
3) And last, but certainly not least... "knocked upside there heads"
Really?! You've gotta be kidding me.. You don't even know which one to use ( & you think you have room to call anyone else stupid?!) Okay.. Here's a lesson for you:
THEY'RE (They are)- They're going to the store.
THERE - I went there last summer.
THEIR - The kids had no mittens, and their hands were cold.
Oh, and one more thing... you should end a sentence with punctuation, in this case... a period would be appropriate.
So.... The correct way to say what you were trying to say would be :
They are stuck on stupid and need to be knocked upside their heads.
Or like this :
They're stuck on stupid, and need to be knocked upside their heads.
(And people who are addicted to meth are stupid ?! LOL, let me be the proof that not all people who use drugs are uneducated..)
& let me throw in a fact... And a piece of advice..
FACT: Addiction has no prejudice; it affects people from all walks of life & all social statuses.
ADVICE: Open your mind before you open your mouth.

United States

#60 Sep 20, 2011
I need help. My mother has been using many years, found that out a few months back and of course she tells me she quit. A few weeks ago her husband threw her out of the house and she moved in with me, its a great thing because she was married to him 17 years and was very emotionally, verbally and mentally abused, I even suspect physical but am not sure. She needed out of there but is now with me and disappeared for two days, I know that she was getting high and is coming down. She was very suicidal yesterday and I had to take off school and work today to watch her. I don't condemn her for it. I was raised by addicts and the only reason I am okay is that I never started and never will. My husband is clean off meth now for a few years and doing well but he can't be exposed to this with her and I can't just throw my mother on the streets, she isn't at a point where she wants help and I am not sure if she wants to live or not, it could just be her coming down. Please help. If I could forcer her into a rehab I would, but I know I cannot do that.
just sayn

Auburn, KY

#61 Sep 20, 2011
All you no good mother fu**ers on here that do drugs (especially if you dont work and draw welfare) I hope your dam drugs take you completely out of this world. That will put you out of your misery. It will also put all the tax payers out of theirs. You sorry a&& no good for nothing leaches


Since: Aug 11

Tomball, TX

#62 Sep 20, 2011
It would also put out of business and then where would you go to b!tch?
just sayn

Auburn, KY

#63 Sep 20, 2011
Food4thoughttss wrote:
It would also put out of business and then where would you go to b!tch?
that would be great! all you read on here is crap about drugs or something just as disgusting. Then maybe the conversations on here would be of something worth wild. You had your fix for the day yet Biatch?


Since: Aug 11

Tomball, TX

#64 Sep 20, 2011
No not yet...biatch? Who are you snoop dog?
just sayn

Auburn, KY

#65 Sep 20, 2011
Food4thoughttss wrote:
No not yet...biatch? Who are you snoop dog?
nope...just someone who is sick and tired of a&& holes like you..You dont have to be a snoop, you dumb a&&es are dumb enough to put your business right out there. Guess that's what happens when you fry your brains with drugs huh?

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