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yea say it to my face

Kendallville, IN

#82 Jul 8, 2012
Fuzz wrote:
Club guy sees things from the outlaw mc perspective. So does Irish Johnny. What they don't realize is that not everybody wants to be affiliated with groups such as the Hells Angels, Mongols, Pagens, Sons of Silence, Banditos, The Breed, Solo Angels, and the Outlaws. Not everybody wants to be involved with groups that have been deemed a criminal organization by the FBI. Both the Iron Order and The Defiant Crew stand for something a hell of a lot more pure than any of the drug smuggling, and murdering 1% clubs. They can all put on a pretty face and try and look good, but in the end they will kill anyone over a rocker, a territory, a color,??? Why would one want to kill over territory unless it was drug territory? Who gives a damn what color a patch is? Only 1%rs care about how many rockers are on another clubs back or what city, county, or state is on another clubs rocker. What the 1%rs don't realize is that they are only 1% of 1%! I say if a club wants to allow cops, not allow drugs or other illegal activities, and doesn't create fear in the community then they are a good thing. What all the 1%rs operate on is peoples fear of them. They use violence to try and scare other good people from operating by telling them the have to have permission to be a club and wear an mc cube and a 3 piece patch. When truth be told they are the ones that are scared of other clubs springing up everywhere cause they would be out numbered. At least the iron order, the defian crew, the sons of Armageddon, and all the other "posers" can sit at a BBQ and know they aren't under surveillance, and they don't have to worry about one of their brothers rolling states evidence when they get busted, and best of all the difference between the 1%rs and the other guys..... The other guys know who the cops are inside their club, the 1%rs don't know they have a cop in their club until its to late. A perfect example would be William Queen who infiltrated the Mongols and was patched in and single handedly got their patch stripped of them in federal courts, or ask the Hells Angels about Jay Dobyns. All clubs have cops, just not all clubs know it
Lay off the angels bitches.......
funny stuff here

United States

#83 Jul 9, 2012
Check this [email protected] out.

Paducah, KY

#84 Jul 19, 2012
The Paducah chapter of DCMC is ridiculious! Dale thinks hes a ladies man. Dennis and Teresa Durapau live in Metropolis. Teresa is bi and makes passes at the women so that her and Dennis can have 3ways. They are all loud mouths. Dennis and Dale have to get their own daddys to join so that they can have any members.
You need to watch ur mouth. Dennis and Teresa do not have three some nor have they ever. Befor u run ur mouth u need to know the facts. The fact would be if they had three somes u would have had to be there so shut ur f mouth.

Paducah, KY

#85 Jul 19, 2012
Fyou wrote:
<quoted text>
You need to watch ur mouth. Dennis and Teresa do not have three some nor have they ever. Befor u run ur mouth u need to know the facts. The fact would be if they had three somes u would have had to be there so shut ur f mouth.
U need to get a life.
The Gospel

Dunmor, KY

#86 Jul 21, 2012
Every Motorcycle Club and member within a 400 mile radius of Paducah are BLATANT HOMOSEXUALS, not the prissy flamboyant girly homosexuals but the HARDCORE LEATHERCLAD DEVIANT HOMOSEXUALS. They don't like to let on and will vehemently deny this but there's a lot of ass pounding going on in this area
Irish Johnny

South Yarmouth, MA

#87 Jul 23, 2012
On a big ride up in the northeast for fallen soldiers, there was someone singing the national anthem. What do you think the defunct crew there was doing while it was going on? Instead of standing at attention and showing respect, they were sitting on their asses talking away. This group there couldnt give two shits about it. Made me sick and proved to me there is no honor in most off there crew everywhere. Don't go on a ride if your there to play with each other. What a bunch of assholes. Maybe not all of there crew are fuck ups, but the ones up in mass should get their shit together.
your fake

Munford, TN

#88 Jul 28, 2012
funny stuff here wrote:
Check this [email protected] out.
I read this page and it is 100% fake he mentions burning the horsemans clubhouse in Memphis..that is 100 percent total bs. I drive past the club house every single day on my way to work and as of yesterday morning it was there and have not been caught on fire... from what I understand the guy that made that page was kicked out of the defiant crew and is trying to retaliate
the truth

United States

#89 Aug 1, 2012
It all fun and games until someone goes to jail for putting there hands on someone
More truth

Calhoun, KY

#90 Aug 1, 2012
the truth wrote:
It all fun and games until someone goes to jail for putting there hands on someone
Like anyone is scared of that! Wow!! Please mister don't call the big bad state police on me!!!!!

Paducah, KY

#91 Aug 1, 2012
Support your local 81.. Or die

Since: Aug 12

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#92 Aug 8, 2012
So a friend told me about Topix a few months ago. I've been following a few threads, keeping an eye on the area just for the fun of it. I'm just an old dude who isn't super savvy on this computer yet, but I have been around the Cape Cod and South Shore Motorcycle scene since the 70's and call many bikers my family and friends. Most clubs know who I am by my roadname, I have been a part of a club in the 80's and I have worked hard to earn respect in the MC world for years. So I call it like I see it, and felt inclined to comment on "Irish Johnny's" posts about the Defiant Crew MC. Now I don't pretend to know everything, but I will comment on what I do know. You've got it wrong about the Massachusetts guys. I'm not personal friends with them by any means, but I have spent time with the Cape Cod and Fall River guys at a few rides the last two years. I was a volunteer at the Boston Wounded Vets Run and the Cape Cod Chapter had one of the biggest donations for the event and the organizer let them ride up front. They were respectful to everyone and showed respect to all the clubs there. I also was on Big Nicks Ride for the fallen the last few years and made a point to introduce myself to the Defiant Crew guys and shake their hands. This year and last year they were respectful to everyone there and myself. I'm not sure why Irish Johnny would make a comment that they were disrespectful when I was parked right next to them and none of what was said ever happened. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine down Cape told me that you were a P in a small club down there. He told me the name of the club. Now again, I've been around this shit since the 70's so I wont throw out any names, but I can tell you I didnt see your club there at the run, so I'm not sure how you got the misinformation.
All I'm trying to say is that if there are clubs out there that are assholes, then they should be called out. But these guys are good guys. Their club seems to just be trying to make their way in the MC world as best they can. I didn't like what I was reading form this guy and my opinion is its not true, so I felt inclined to write.
And yes, this isnt my real Topix name. Like I said, I'm just an Ol Biker who has no motivation to fight anymore, but I will share my knowledge and experience and say what I think is right. Thanks for your time.
Irish Johnny

South Yarmouth, MA

#93 Aug 8, 2012
Well you walked right by us as you went to hang with your friends. I'm easy to reach, obviously you know who I am, I've never been known to be a liar. Next time were at a run, try introducing yourself to me. I look forward to it.
Irish Johnny

South Yarmouth, MA

#94 Aug 8, 2012
Support your local 81!
turd wrangler

West Paducah, KY

#95 Aug 8, 2012
8======D bikers=gay

Paducah, KY

#96 Aug 12, 2012
Buncha fake bitches, juggalo rydas bitch! We a gang now, top ten FBI ya wannabe broke ass bitches. Whoop Whoop MMFWCL ninjas! Bikers is gay

Paducah, KY

#97 Aug 12, 2012
Juggalo4Life wrote:
Buncha fake bitches, juggalo rydas bitch! We a gang now, top ten FBI ya wannabe broke ass bitches. Whoop Whoop MMFWCL ninjas! Bikers is gay
a sphincter says what?

Paducah, KY

#98 Aug 13, 2012
They are bada*s

Douglasville, GA

#99 Sep 4, 2012
Dont think there anything too worry about...

Douglasville, GA

#100 Sep 4, 2012
Let all get off our computers and enjoy our lives...

Springfield, NJ

#101 Oct 20, 2012
To me. Defiant crew and the iron order is a joke cop clubs. I will meet anyone of you guys anywhere. I show up you goes don't. Iron order hiding out from the outlaws mc. And iron.order cop club in trouble for fraud on charity events. You guys suck pull out your bagdes. Can't hide forever. And the iron order don't even wear their patches were I'm from.

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