Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

There are 81703 comments on the The Cincinnati Enquirer story from Jan 5, 2011, titled Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.. In it, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that:

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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#62441 Jul 13, 2012
UglyGurl wrote:
<quoted text>not exactly. I guess if we want to break windows we will do it in the vw bus. But I thinking rocking the bus will work well enough.
I drove a 69' Volkswagen bug for all 4 years I was in college--I loved that car. It was called an automatic stick shift. You shifted gears but there was no clutch. Through the years I have owned many automobiles, that was my favorite.


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#62443 Jul 13, 2012
UglyGurl wrote:
<quoted text>not exactly. I guess if we want to break windows we will do it in the vw bus. But I thinking rocking the bus will work well enough.
Me too, Baby. Fluff up the feather bed matress in back of the bus. I was thinking about replacing those worn out shocks on the back, but don't think I will. Once it starts bouncing up & down it just keeps on. Hehehe.

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Scotts Vegas

#62444 Jul 13, 2012
<quoted text>
Me too, Baby. Fluff up the feather bed matress in back of the bus. I was thinking about replacing those worn out shocks on the back, but don't think I will. Once it starts bouncing up & down it just keeps on. Hehehe.
Yeah, I reckon 600 pounds will do that.

Miamisburg, OH

#62447 Jul 13, 2012
Miss E Font wrote:
<quoted text>
think happy thoughts

Back to the monkey bars.

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#62448 Jul 13, 2012
Kevin wrote:
<quoted text>Hehheh...

Back to the monkey bars.
do you say teeter tooter or see saw?

Miamisburg, OH

#62449 Jul 13, 2012
Miss E Font wrote:
<quoted text>
do you say teeter tooter or see saw?
It's always been a teeter totter.

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#62450 Jul 13, 2012
Kevin wrote:
<quoted text>It's always been a teeter totter.
right answer!

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#62451 Jul 13, 2012

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#62452 Jul 13, 2012
percy wrote:
<quoted text>Yes but I told my friend thats a wannabe mod it was a trap. All of my nude pics I posted that I took of myself have been removed from here too. Now I'm really suspicious. lmbo
Well hey there :)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#62454 Jul 13, 2012
It takes all kinds.Your over thinking it.Stand back and take a look at the bigger picture.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#62455 Jul 13, 2012
We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#62456 Jul 13, 2012
ahhh.the quiet is

Antioch, TN

#62457 Jul 13, 2012
Blueminer wrote:
Abeliever! I knew that phony wasn't you earlier.
Hey Blueminer, glad you knew that imposter Abeliever wasn't me. It was a rewrite from the unabomber or his unajr bird killer. I am glad the MODS removed it. Looks like they removed many since last night:


400 blue


No doubt seeing where they were placed between the unabomber and his shadow trolls, they must have gotten worse than normal. That is a lot of removals. Are they on everyone's computer? I think you got that bunch pegged perfectly. Keep up the good work. They are worthless excuses of human beings. Karma will get them. lol

Hope you had a great Friday the 13th. lol

Antioch, TN

#62458 Jul 13, 2012
Hi loco

Antioch, TN

#62459 Jul 13, 2012
Earthquake report: It has been lit up less the last couple weeks on the map. But there is still a whole lot a shaking going on:

Earthquake Report

Magnitude: 3.4

California - 10 total
Magnitude: 1.5

Alaska - 5 total
Magnitude: 2.2


Russia - 12 total
Magnitude: 5.4

Peru - 3 total (Peru is never on the map)
Magnitude: 5.1

Indonesia - 2 total
Magnitude: 4.8

Guam - 2 total
Magnitude: 4.7

Iran - 2 total
Magnitude: 4.6

New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Chile, Italy, and Puerto Rico also had earthquakes.

Lots of biological hazards, Landslides, Forest/Wild fires, and of course HEATwaves. Hope the unapoop trolls are "flaming". lol

Antioch, TN

#62460 Jul 13, 2012
5-mile-long landslide in Alaska national park; warming eyed as possible culprit

Rock and debris from a landslide lie along five miles of what had been an ice-white glacier inside Glacier Bay National Park.

A massive landslide sent tons of rock and debris tumbling more than five miles down a glacier in Alaska, the National Park Service reported in an event that could be yet another sign of a warming world.

Located in a remote area of Glacier Bay National Park, the slide was so big it registered on earthquake monitors as a magnitude 3.4 event.

Officials noticed the monitor blip on June 11 but it wasn't until July 2 that a pilot passing over the site took photos that showed just how large it was, Glacier Bay National Park announced on its Facebook page.

"It's certainly the largest that we're aware of" inside the park, Glacier Bay ecologist Lewis Sharman told .

Larger landslides have happened over geologic time, Marten Geertsema, a natural hazards researcher for the Forest Service in nearby British Columbia, told , but it definitely was "one of the longest runout landslides on a glacier in Alaska and Canada in recent times."

Moreover, the force was enormous, Geertsema said. No one was present, but had anyone been there they probably "would be blown over by the air blast," he told the Associated Press.

Officials ruled out an earthquake as the trigger that caused part of the nearly 12,000-foot Lituya Mountain to give way, smothering the ice-white Johns Hopkins Glacier with dark rock and debris over an area a half-mile wide and 5.5 miles long.
The landslide is viewed from above the Johns Hopkins Glacier.

One possibility is that thawing permafrost, which is ground that stays frozen for two more our years, caused the slide.

"We are seeing an increase in rock slides in mountain areas throughout the world because of permafrost degradation," said Geertsema.

"I don't know whether permafrost degradation played a role here, but we can be almost certain that permafrost exists on Lituya Mountain," said Geertsema, who reviewed aerial photos of the mountain and slide area. "Certainly this type of event could happen from permafrost degradation."
Many areas of mountain permafrost have been thawing in recent decades as temperatures warm, and some experts are becoming convinced that thawing is a factor in the frequency of rock slides, Geertsema said, pointing to data by Swiss scientists studying the Alps.
The section of rock and ice that slid off Lituya Mountain is seen here. Marten Geertsema estimates it was 200 meters, or about 600 feet, wide.
"It plays an important role," Geertsema said of climate change. "I think we have been underestimating the role it might play."
Sharman, the park ecologist, echoed that sentiment, saying he's heard from experts that "they would not be surprised" to see more such landslides inside the national park if temperatures continue to warm.
"Certainly we are seeing an increase in large landslides over the past decades," Geertsema said, citing his 2006 study that found between 1973 and 2003 the average in northern British Columbia increased from 1.3 large landslides per year to 2.3.
Moreover, he said, most of the slides in northern British Columbia are happening in the warmest years.
Landslides like this one can also be triggered by other factors, Geertsema added, such as a combination of large snowpack and a cold spring that results in a delayed and then rapid melt.
The slide itself was miles from areas used by park visitors, most of whom see Glacier Bay by cruise ship.
"You can't see it from a boat or the bay. You've got to be up flying. And it's not on a typical flying route," park service spokesman John Quinley told Reuters. "It would have been pretty horrific if you'd been camped on the glacier."
And it won't reach the bay for a long time.

Antioch, TN

#62461 Jul 13, 2012

Sudden mass cow death attributed to lightning, but the tree they stood under showed no sign of being hit, USA Jul 8, 2011 Source

JULY 2012

Jul 13 At least 6,500 fish found dead due to heat, Twin Lakes, NC, USA

Jul 13 Dolphin found washed up in cave at foot of cliffs in advanced state of decomposition, Malta

Jul 12 Thousands of fish die of cold conditions, Avis Dam, Namibia

Jul 12 Tens of thousands of fish die from botulism, causing birds that eat them to sicken and die, Horicon Marsh, WI, USA

Jul 12 Thousands of dead fish found near Streator Dam, IL, USA

Jul 12 Drought and heat kills hundreds of fish across state, IN, USA

Jul 11 Dead dolphin washes up on beach, cause of death not yet known, NY, USA

Jul 11 Porpoise found dead on beach, presumed to be same as one that had been previously rescued from beaching, Ireland

Jul 11 30 swans found dead in three week period, investigations ongoing as to cause of deaths, Wales, UK

Jul 11 Thousands of small fish found dead on beaches, red tide blamed, west coast, Ireland

Jul 10 Torrential rains cause floods and landslides, hundreds of mink and sable drown in their cages, Cangshan County, China

Jul 10 Continuing lobster die-off investigated by Dept of Energy and Environmental Protection, CT, USA

Jul 10 Dozens of dead birds found throughout town, officials blame heat, IL, USA

Jul 10 Up to 20,000 leatherback sea turtle hatchlings and eggs crushed by bulldozers, Trinidad

Jul 10 Dead harbor porpoise found, no apparent cause for death, necropsy to be performed, WA, USA

Jul 10 200 pike suddenly die-off, hot weather blamed, Dean Lake, MI, USA

Jul 10 Almost 1,800 fish found dead after cloudburst storm, Barclay Brook and Leard's Pond, P.E.I., Canada

Jul 10 Seven-foot long dead endangered sturgeon found washed up on coast, B.C., Canada

Jul 10 Thousands of fish die due to heat in up to 15 lakes, MN, USA

Jul 9 Hundreds of carp found dead at nature preserve, heat blamed as cause of deaths, KS, USA

Jul 9 Dead seal pup found on beach, MA, USA

Jul 9 Nearly 100 fish found dead due to hot weather and algae, Nelson Pond, OK, USA

Jul 9 Beluga calf dies after three weeks in care due to storm stranding, AK, USA

Jul 9 Dead 12m humpback whale found floating in waters off shore, cause of death not known, Australia

Jul 9 Dead rare Shepherd's beaked whale found washed up on shore (usually these whales only live in deep waters and never make it to shore) aged 50 years, no food content in its stomach, Australia

Jul 9 Hundreds of dead fish wash up onto shore of Greenfield Lake, NC, USA

Jul 8 Large numbers of starving young pelicans are turning up on local beaches, CA, USA

Jul 8 Fish kill much larger than initial estimates, 10,000 die, cause of deaths not known, resilient breeds of fish found dead, not one living fish found, event considered to be a 'complete kill', P.E.I., Canada see related article from Jul 6

Jul 8 Thousands of dead fish wash onto coast, drought conditions blamed, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka


Antioch, TN

#62462 Jul 13, 2012

Jul 7 Fish dying by thousands due to intense heat, lack of oxygen, across USA

Jul 7 Thousands of dead fish found floating in Godavari River, India

Jul 7 128 bison found dead during routine inspection flight, tests being done to determine cause of deaths, anthrax suspected, N.W.T., Canada

Jul 6 Necropsy of dead dolphin shows that it died of starvation, NYC, NY, USA see related article from Jun 21

Jul 6 538 wild animals - including 13 rhinos - have been killed by floods, with death toll continuing to mount, Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India

Jul 6 Hundreds of carp found dead in Roy Lake, low oxygen suspected as cause of deaths, SD, USA

Jul 6 Thousands of dead fish found along shores of James River, drought conditions blamed, SD, USA

Jul 6 Thousands of dead fish found washed up on shore, high temperatures, algae bloom and low oxygen blamed, Silver Lake, DE, USA

Jul 6 Dead fish found in Trout River, officials investigate but do not comment on how many have died or what was the cause, P.E.I., Canada

Jul 6 Hundreds to thousands of dead fish found along 20-mile stretch of Salt River, AZ, USA

Jul 5 Dead birds found by residents in town, officials say residents should not be alarmed, blames hot weather, NJ, USA

Jul 5 At least two dozen dead egrets found in one rookery, hot weather and starvation suspected as cause of deaths, TX, USA

Jul 5 More than 250 dead birds wash ashore far from their natural habitat, FL, USA

Jul 4 Dead humpback whale found on shore, cause of death not yet known, Peru

Jul 4 200 dead fish found in Turtle Creek, high temperatures, low oxygen blamed, TX, USA

Jul 4 Thousands of dead fish found along shores of lake, high temperatures blamed, MO, USA

Jul 3 Catfish die-off in lake not being investigated, FL, USA

Jul 3 Thousands of dead fish wash ashore, high temperatures blamed, GA, USA
Jul 3 Hundreds of dead fish found in lake, high temperatures blamed, SC, USA

Jul 2 Dead humpback whale calf found floating in waters, cause of death not yet known, ME, USA

Jul 2 Between May 3 to Jun 30 more than 18 mass fish deaths were reported, investigations to be done, Periyar River, India

Jul 2 Thousands of fish found dead in local pond, Knoxville, TN, USA
Jul 1 Dead endangered blue whale, 30 feet long, found floating in water 2.8km offshore, no indication of what caused its death, P.E.I., Canada #!/p/list-of-mass-animal-death s-2011.html

Antioch, TN

#62463 Jul 13, 2012
oh,I know you are lurking out there in Scottsville cyber space so here you go, your favorites....

People in India Rescue a Trapped Baby Elephant

It's always great to see people care about God's creatures. When this elephant was trapped in a ditch in India, a big group of villagers came together to save the day. Check it out!

Super Excited Dog is Really Ready for Summer Swimming

Wow, he's really excited for summer fun! What this excited pup does will put a big smile on your face. Looks like that pool will have a frequent visitor :)

This dog has a better pool than all the trolls of Scottsville. Unabomber just has the sewer that is why he hates to hear about my swimming. They only have cesspools on his end of troll town. lol

Cute videos huh? Here are some more!!!

Antioch, TN

#62464 Jul 13, 2012
Waitress Gets a 500 Dollar Tip as a Dying Man's Last Wish

This is the video everyone is talking about. Aaron Collins passed away but he wanted his family to leave a stranger a $500 tip. Not only that, but his family has set up at charity to do this over and over and over again at

12 Year Old Girl Who Was Bullied Sings a Beautiful Song

Savannah was the victim of severe bullying, so she sang the song Beautiful to remind others in her situation that they are beautiful...and words can't bring them down. This is wonderful.

Don't bully, don't teach your children to bully, it is out of control for these young people. Then you got this bunch of idiots on here bringing some 8th grader to talk trash. Of course it would never do it to anyone's face. Must be what is wrong with the unabomber crew..they were bullied as little creeps and had their lunch money stolen so the sit on places like topix acting ignorant to people they don't know and most that could kick their ass if they wanted too. Bunch of losers.

Crowd Cheers at the Airport When a Soldier Reunites with his Family

Everyone at this airport knew what a special moment this was between a soldier and his family. Their reaction really says it all - watch the touching moment.

Love the soldier videos. God Bless them all and their families.

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