Get over it

Dunmor, KY

#118 Jan 10, 2011
Omg people what has this world really came to ? Topix Is freaking crazy !!! Josh Carper hmmmm well I'll tell ya what I think of him. He used to date my girl that's how I met him. He was really good to her and always so nice to me!! People change everyday and don't judge him from something he did years And YEARS ago !! Grow up and get a life

Laurel, MS

#120 Jan 11, 2011
The Real Brandy wrote:
I have a child by him and was definately hit by him more times than I can remember even while I was pregnant.I have given him the benefit of the doubt for the last year because I felt that he changed. At this point I dont think he has.
I cant believe you...he has done nothing but change and you pat yourself on the I told you you need to stop this! I could say so much more Brandy, but not on here Ill call you and tell you!
you people are clueless

Laurel, MS

#121 Jan 11, 2011
Go girl wrote:
You tell them Brandy! Ashley will see and maybe itll serve her right for trying to 'mommy'someone elses child when she cant take care of her own!
She is not trying to MOMMY someone elses child! you people need to grow up!

Laurel, MS

#123 Jan 11, 2011
ashley carper wrote:
its not my fault brandys not a mom to their lil girl an she loves me an wanna call me momma ashley
who ever is pretending to be Ashley obviously doesnt know her last name, you people need to stop and put your real name on something you are lying about THIS IS NOT ASHLEY RILEY and there is no such person as ASHLEY CARPER
fun times

Corinth, MS

#124 Feb 15, 2011
can someone tell me what this guy looks like? i think i might know him.

Clarksville, TN

#125 Feb 15, 2011
Mee wrote:
oh hey this is Tyler Ashley's son, yea i live with my dad, yea my mom don't live in paducah. No she doesn't see me all the time she seems me but she doesn't litterly see me all the time. But idc either way i'ma succeed in whatever in the heck I want to whether that one person is in my life comletely or not. Yall can dog on somebody all you want but, I guarantee u all the bs that is said ain't gonna change anything so just leave it the heck alone, and when you bring somebodies kids up in the middle of it that's when at least one of her kids ain't scared to say what the heck he wants. Cause in my head you aint nobody any better than anybody else cause u put ur pants on the same dang way, so nobody has any room to talk. Thanks For the waste of time later
People are foolish just ignore what they say or do. Paducah is lame and there is nothing to do, so people have turned to bash one another. Keep your head on straight and move out of Paducah.
lil one

Nashville, TN

#127 Feb 19, 2011
I know them both and neither one of them need to be around kids! I used to take care of her son for a little while!

Since: Feb 11

Central City, KY

#129 Feb 20, 2011
Josh has never done me wrong that I can remember, and we go WAY back. Yes, he's made some bad decisions along his road of life, but hell we all human beings and nobody's perfect. The Man upstairs is the only one who can pass true judgement on any one of us in the end game. Can't expect a person to even begin to turn their life around when all they do is catch shit everywhere they choose to go or have people shit on them in any of life's endeavors. I've done a few years in the state joint myself, so I speak from personal experience. What the fuck ever happened to the days of "Live and let live" or "Ain't no business like your business" ?? Damn near everyone in Paducah fake as $3 bills nowadays anyway I'm putting 10-1 odds up that most of yall don't even know Josh like that, or his mother for that matter. But opinions are just like assholes..everybody got one. And as long as the Constitution stays intact as it is, then you're free to say what you like...but you all need to get a life and quit basing your day around talking down on other people..real talk! And Josh, if you curious as to who I am..think College Ave days, when we was trying to give the pizza man food stamps :D Hold ya head boi!
carol schnuck-garnett

Murfreesboro, TN

#130 Feb 20, 2011
He also has a girl ...Josh constantly torments her constantly threatening to take her away

Erin, TN

#131 Feb 20, 2011
carol schnuck-garnett wrote:
He also has a girl ...Josh constantly torments her constantly threatening to take her away
You are so wrong he does no torment her or threaten her I can believe you would even write something like that Carol, Brandy may tell you that but that is not so, and I know this for a fact, Why dont you people leave people alone, dont you have enough to be concerned about and not bashing other people!

Erin, TN

#132 Feb 20, 2011
that is he does not torment her and I CANT BELIEVE you would even write something, I know you are Brandys Great Aunt, but you have no business bashing him!

Erin, TN

#134 Feb 20, 2011
stop wrote:
hes really sick leave him alone. not his fault a skank is all that would have him.
Why dont you stop it yourself, I know who you are, and Josh is not REALLY sick! and the girl his is with is not a skank, dont you people have something else to be concerned about?
I will never forget KJ

Central City, KY

#135 Mar 8, 2011
I can't believe josh's mom is even taking up for her son. Considering, isn't she the one that started a petition to free his brother Michael and in her stament that michael is in jail for being wrongfully accused of a crime his brother commited. I was there Nov. 12th 1996 and I knew all three of the people involved in the murder and I knew the person they killed very very well. I hate even being on here reading about you to be honest, you belong in prison with your brother and the third person that was #2 on the petition list to "free" your brother. I know we are taught that we should forgive, but I haven't, even though it has almost been 15 years. you haven't changed and don't care if you do because you, your brother and Chad took someone away from me that I think about everyday.

“The Truth Will Set you Free”

Since: Nov 10

Paducah, KY

#136 Mar 14, 2012
joshua carper wrote:
<quoted text>yoho, you cant reveal your self. you got something to say be grown about the situation and reveal your scary ass
glad to hear you're doing well. this is rex's daughter, valva's ex. Hope life's treating you good
KJ 4 life

Murfreesboro, TN

#137 Apr 20, 2012
joshua carper wrote:
everybody keeps saying dont anybody know about my son, but i do. i did not sign my rights over get your fax straight. im not scared to reveal my name on here, i mean yall talk mad stuff on here about everyone under the sun but you re too big of a cowards to put who youre. i messed up in the past but now im on track so dont be a hater cause someone changed his life around. you talking about ashley being trash, well if i knew trash looked as good as her when i was chasing you supposedly good girls i would have been dating my trash can. to all you cowards out there in paducah you need to get a life. people calling me a murderer, but i never killed anyone. the true murderers are you girls out there aborting kids, you know who you are
We know the truth Carpp...John gold..lone oak manor..yea i know ur secrets homey..Paybacks a beetch
You wanna know

Salem, WI

#138 Jul 26, 2012
I have a child by josh Carper. Lied and said he wasn't the father. Married someone else and they adopted the child. Even took the child out of the country for a while just to keep that family away from my child. My child is successful gorgeous and brilliant.they will never know him or his family.

United States

#139 Dec 20, 2012
Josh Carper in nothing but a murdering sntich

Paducah, KY

#140 Mar 26, 2013
Josh Carper should have spent the rest of his life in prison,even if he wasn't the one who actually pulled the trigger he didn't do anything to save KJ's life when he had every opportunity to drive straight to the hospital but instead left him in the trunk of a car to die ! he's as guilty as his brother. He wasn't out a year or so when he landed his a** another 5 year sentence for beating his ex's a** and several other charges escalated from there..Karma is a b***h...

Noblesville, IN

#141 Aug 28, 2013
He is not with some chick named Ashley...he been seeing some blonde in paducah....and her name isn't Ashley... Brittney , brandy , breanna.....i hear she is married ....something like that. But dang why can't everyone just leave the guy alone for real!

Noblesville, IN

#142 Aug 29, 2013
well wrote:
He is not with some chick named Ashley...he been seeing some blonde in paducah....and her name isn't Ashley... Brittney , brandy , breanna.....i hear she is married ....something like that. But dang why can't everyone just leave the guy alone for real!
her name is brandy, not the one that has a kid w him but anyway who really cares!

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