Side effects to A.C.E. diet pills???
Keeping it Real

Allentown, PA

#659 Dec 28, 2012
LoveMyACE wrote:
<quoted text>
Honestly, did you seriously read what you wrote "Yeah the VITAMINS in ACE won't hurt anyone but the other ingredients sure as hell will!"? ACE is only vitamins and natural herbs! This product IS SAFE!!!! I have checked it with 3 doctors and a pharmacist! Plus I have a customer who checked it with her pharmacist and doctor! We also have a distributor, that had it tested and found it to be safe as well! I refuse to argue with someone that contradicts themselves and doesn't have a clue to what they are talking about! I challenge you to take the ingredients to your doctor, before relying on your kindergarten level doctor expertise! The caffiene in ACE, if that may be what your are refering to when you talk about from the cocca powder. It is a natural stimulant, which your body matabolizes differently and saferly! The amount in the two caps is equivalent to an ounce of coffee! I can't say that you because I don't know you, but if you drink coffee or soda then you are putting stuff into your body that will do more harm to you than ACE would ever do in a million years! You body has to work harder to matabolize the sugar and caffiene...and many times doesn't...thats how you get overweight! Furthermore, ACE is a lifestyle change! Our company isn't here to just make a buck like some of the companies that just sells you diet pills.Our company not backs the product with research, it also gives you a trainer with exercises to change your life! And nothing against places like GNC, but do you think they really care if a product has research...or exercises to help? Hardly, they sell you the product and that is the end!
Your "company isn't here to just make a buck"?? Oh Really? How about ya read the testimonials on your companies web site.

10 extra house payments, hitting the 2 million mark, 3,000 in a month. If these are just the top level of the pyramid scam I'm curious to know what the actual company brings in. Keep spending the $$$$ for "all natural" that you could get in a vitamin store for $(of course that would be without the DMAA
Lost 30lbs

Saint Louis, MO

#663 Dec 31, 2012
Im a believer! My cousin lost a bunch of weight so I started it and went from 150 lbs to 120! Of course you still need to exercise and thats exactly what I did. I felt less hungry from Day 1 and as my appetite began to curb I developed better eating habits. Mostly I was just not stuffing my face whenever I had the urge to anymore. I had more energy than normal so I actually felt really motivated to do more, like exercise. I have found some people need to eat a hour or half hour before they take it. Sometimes people do get nauseous or feel too much energy if they take it on a completely empty stomach. You still need to have self control and the mindset your going to lose weight. The pill cant do it all for you.
Boxer Lover

Dayton, OH

#664 Dec 31, 2012
I took them for a few days with no apparent side effects then all of a sudden I felt awful. Don't know if it was the pills or if I was coming down with something. Haven't taken any for about 3 days still feel sick. What do you think? Should I try them again?
alot of flu bugs

Hazel, KY

#665 Dec 31, 2012
I would try again just to see. Alot of viruses going around at the moment.

Huntingburg, IN

#666 Jan 2, 2013
I came upon this site to research ACE and all I could find was negative comments. Some of the comments are from person to person beating up and threatening each other with words. I would not take anything on this site as remotely true as the information provided is absolutely biased by attitude. I sure hope that is not a side effect of the ACE.

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Salt Lake City

#667 Jan 3, 2013
yea wrote:
Headaches when you dont take them, backaches and much more. I believe people should follow the natural process.
I completely disagree with you; not sure where you are getting your info from. I have taken them for several months and experience no side effects. Maybe something else is causing your backaches but it is not ACE causing this.

Bartlesville, OK

#668 Jan 3, 2013
I am about to try this for the first time. I go pick them up tomorrow. I think its worth a shot. I have been tiny all my life and all of a sudden I have gained 40 pounds in a few months. Doctor has done all kinds of tests and doesn't know why. I have excercised, changed my diet but keep gaining. This is just another option. I genuinally came here for honest feedback from people who have taken this diet pill and have read nothing but adults pretending to still be in high school. This was just sad.
Renee Adams

United States

#669 Jan 4, 2013
I was reading some of the ingredients in the ACE. Silica, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate There was all kinds of bad stuff about these items. I looked it up cause ever since I started taking them my stomach is killing me I don't think that I can take them any more. The ones I looked up above did not have good things to say about them. They did count don't my apetite which I liked but my stomach is killing me.
Keeping it Real

Allentown, PA

#670 Jan 4, 2013
shannon wrote:
I came upon this site to research ACE and all I could find was negative comments. Some of the comments are from person to person beating up and threatening each other with words. I would not take anything on this site as remotely true as the information provided is absolutely biased by attitude. I sure hope that is not a side effect of the ACE.
One should NEVER research in a forum. Research on your own by googling (or any other search engine) each ingredient & go from there. I've researched them all and in many of my posts have supplied links if you'd like to back track and look for them. However, a forum is about as promising to get accurate information as Wikki is.

Lone Jack, MO

#672 Jan 4, 2013
Alexis wrote:
I thought "hey, I'll try this, since my friends are raving about it and have lost weight and look great"... granted, I am not a big girl, I am 130 lbs, but I am very short and should be ideally about 115. I wanted some more energy too with finals coming up. I drank the crap ton of water like they all say and I made sure to eat. I don't take any medications for anything. I don't have any medical conditions.
I took one pill on a full stomach and an hour and a half later I was banging on my neighbor's door so they could watch my son because I was light headed. I passed out in my driveway while they called my family and took care of my toddler.
My heart rate went down into the 40's, it was skipping beats, my breathing was shallow and I kept falling asleep and forgetting to breathe, and I was thirsty like crazy and kept having to pee. I lost two lbs that day from peeing off water weight alone.
I also wound up spending the night in the hospital because I got up to go to the bathroom (at this point my grandmother was at my house watching my son) and I passed out again... and when I got up off the bathroom floor from passing out, I passed out again. My blood pressure was 88/48 when I got to the hospital. My blood sugar was in the high 40's. This stupid pill bottomed out EVERYTHING and I am a healthy individual, I even regularly exercise!
Here I am two days later, home again, with the most horrendous headache I have ever had. It feels like my head is going to explode, I can't even turn my head. Eff you ACE... all natural my ass, if it had been all natural I wouldn't have been heading toward the light from taking ONE PILL.
There are definitely side effects, and they need to be listed along with contraindications. This is not safe for everyone. I didn't have much weight to lose, I just wanted appetite control/energy to get me through nursing school, and now I'm effing laid up in bed and I feel like I was hit by a truck.

It is not possible for ACE to make your blood pressure bottom out? I could see it going up but not down because the affects of ACE is a stimulant. Is it possible you had a virus or were ill?
Tricia Curtis

Mcalester, OK

#673 Jan 7, 2013
Ace says all natural..but is full of caffeine...if you are interested in an all natural weight loss supplement..please check out skinny can go to my website at
and join my weight loss support group of over 1600 people at

Here is a little info on Skinny Fiber
Skinny Fiber is a an all natural nutritional weight loss supplement with 3 plant ingredients and a digestive enzyme blend with no stimulants to make you jittery! You take 2 Skinny Fiber capsules with a full glass of water 30-60 minutes prior to your 2 largest meals. Skinny Fiber Pills works to assist in weight loss in 3 different ways. The first way is to suppress your appetite. The pills expand to 50 times their original size which allows your stomach to feel full so you eat less. The second way is it actually blocks fat absorption. It keeps new fat from forming so your body can burn the existing fat. The final way Skinny Fiber Pills work is by stimulating your metabolism. This helps you burn calories much faster and more efficiently. Because of its ingredients, it also helps cleanse your body of its toxins, flattens your stomach, and helps to eliminate cravings.

Tucker, GA

#674 Jan 7, 2013
love ace wrote:
I myself have took ace had no size effects what so ever and have lost over 40lbs I love it! But everyone's body is different try them for a little while see how your body will react don't rely on others opinion, it's all about your own body.
Wow thats the best and probably most helpful one ive read. Thanks. Its actually for my mom. I know she would be much happier if she could lose a couple of pounds. I want to find something good for her to try.

Oak Grove, KY

#676 Jan 9, 2013
I take phentermine And I have a side effect of trouble breathing Im not obese but I need to loose about 20 pounds in order to keep my eye sight because I have PTC. It's where I have to much fuild on my brain. But I wont take the crap again.

Cadiz, KY

#677 Jan 10, 2013
Anna wrote:
I am using ace if you start out slow, one pill a day then move up to 2 a day you shouldnt get side effects also you have to eat something and exercise for them to work if you arent eating its your body giving you headaches, cramps nausea, you have to eat something in order for your body to funtion right, its not from the pills! But I have been on ace ,3 months and lost about 42 lbs with eating lean cusines and yoplait light, oh and pickles lol oh and walking one mile a day so it does work!
I started taking ace 7 days ago i have lost 10lbs so far and its not from starving myself. i started out with taking one pill for the first couple days then went to two to increase my energy more. They do not curb my appetite though i have to do that on my own along with a strict diet and some exercise. its not a miracle pill it only works if u make it!!

Cadiz, KY

#678 Jan 10, 2013
Whoknows wrote:
Try excercise it works, instead of taking some pill which in my opinion is the easy way out!
Easy??? Its called helpful!! And if it helps i say go for it!!!

United States

#679 Jan 12, 2013
I don't sell these pills and I'm telling you they work. I've lost 6 lbs and today is the sixth day I've been on them. The only side effect I have has is dry mouth. Other than they, they really do work!

Erin, TN

#680 Jan 14, 2013
I have been taking ACE for 2 months and I have lost 31 lbs so far. I do however eat right and drink lots of water. I love taking it and I love how it makes me feel. The only side effect I have is indigestion. Other than that I feel fine! My husband has also been taking it and he has lost 29 lbs and he has no side effects. We have stopped taking it for a few days to see if the weight would stay off and it has.

United States

#681 Jan 14, 2013
Has anyone taken ace and been drug tested please someone answer this I have s drug test tomorrow and I'm scared
ACE User

Eugene, OR

#682 Jan 15, 2013
Sally wrote:
I know people taking this & if you go to the website it has a picture of the bottle & ingredients. Here is the list: Vitamin B-6, Chromium, Cocoa Powder, Spirulina, Green Tea Extract, 1,3-dimethylpentylamine HCI, Trace Mineral Complex, Phenylethylamin HCI, Caffeine (from natural source), Vanadium. Here is a link to explain what Phenylethylamin is & it's side effects:
Sorry, but these are NOT all natural ingredients! If you have high blood pressure or other heart conditions you should NOT take this, or if you take meds for those conditions. This is for people with ADD or Severe Depression, can be fatal! This has the same ingredients as Phen Phen did, remember, people died from that! Look up the last few ingredients, not natural at all. I hope this helps someone from getting sick or worse.
Seriously? Did you read th whole page that you linked to? Did you see how it's pedaling another diet pill? Did you also see that it clearly said that it's a derivative of chocolate and also produced naturally by the brain? And just an FYI, the packaging clearly states that you can't take it if you are being treated for high blood preasure, and the distributers tell you the same thing. I have seen numerous places on the ACE facebook groups where distributors were advising potential clients to take the ingredient list to their doctors before buying. I personally took the ingredient list to my doctor, and she cleared me for it. I definately prefer ACE to the prescription she had me on prior. Everyone is different, and nothing works for everyone. Why is it not ok for those of us it is working for to be happy we are losing weight and getting healthy? It's really kinda sad the way people on here are behaving.
ACE User

Eugene, OR

#684 Jan 15, 2013
I see a lot of negativity on this page. It's unfortunate that more people can't communicate like adults. Either way, though, the bottom line is that ACE works for some, and not for others. Some of us can take ACE without side effects, and some have side effects, as with any other suppliment natural or otherwise. Everyones body is different and will react differently to different things. Be an informed consumer. Do your research and consult with your doctor before you start taking ANY suppliment, especially if you have any sort of health condition. Any time you put anything into your body, you are taking a risk. Just look at the handout that comes with any prescription. They say that your doctor has weighed the potential benifits against the potetial risk of side effects before determining that this drug (whatever it may be) is the best course of treatment. You need to do the same. Take the time to review the ingredients, and google each and every one. If at the end, you feel that the risks outweigh the benifits, don't take it. If you feel the benifits outweigh the risks, take it. Simple as that. Just because you feel the risk is too high for you personally, or it didn't work for you, that doesn't mean that everyone who chooses differently is an idiot, and it doesn't mean that those of us for whom it works are liars. It just means we are different from you. That is no reason to be cruel. Please try to spread kindness instead of hate.

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