Side effects to A.C.E. diet pills???

Eau Claire, WI

#389 Jul 17, 2012
momma wrote:
<quoted text>
how do i inbox you my address? I wanna see what this hype is all about:)
True change does not come in the form of a pill! It comes in the form of changing tour habits and unless you are ready to do this then you will continue to try these "MAGIC PILLS" on the market that NEVER helps anyone long term! To change your life you must change your choices! Not take a pill!

Fort Riley, KS

#390 Jul 18, 2012
Google the ingredients...

United States

#391 Jul 18, 2012
Day two and still feel normal will see in a week.

Prattsburgh, NY

#392 Jul 20, 2012
My husband and I started taking them memorial day. We each only take one a day and my husband has lost 18 lbs and I have lost 12 lbs. We feel great! We are both in our 60's and want to lose some lbs. I felt a little acid in my stomach the first week, but just drank more water and I feel great. It works!!!!!

Prattsburgh, NY

#393 Jul 20, 2012
ace user wrote:
Wow, I am not an A.C.E. seller, but I am an A.C.E user. I tried things before ace, such as cutting my meals in half and i dropped pop completely and I always drink plenty of water, and I work out 4 days a week. Guess what people, sometimes things just don't work for everyone, I needed a little boost. So I thought what the hell, I have tried all other diets, and such, so I got a 60 day supply of A.C.E and the energy boost alone was a HUGE help for me. I weighed in at 190lbs when I started and before I finished my first bottle I weighed in at 171 lbs. Not to mention that had taken them into my doc, so that she could know what I was taking and she reassured me that there was nothing that could harm me in them...IT WILL NOT HURT MY LIVER or anything stupid like that. Sometimes just a slight energy boost can get your metabolism moving a little quicker then it did before. I wouldn't swear these were miracle pills, but for some, they do help, if you don't like them, then don't take them, but don't bash the people who are taking them and having some results. At least we are trying to get a little healthier.
Well said!!!!

United States

#394 Jul 21, 2012
I just started taking the ACE capsules and can honestly say that this is the first time in a while that I can actually say I feel better! I have energy to get work done I felt too bad to do. I already lost 7 lbs in the 3 days since I started but I am sure that is fluid that I needed to get off anyway. I am not jittery at all as I have been with other diet pills.
For those of you that had side effects it could be that your body is different and your having reactions or you are feeling a change in your body and you are afraid it is for the bad and not the better.
I liked the product so well that I have given samples to my daughter and it is working for her also. I had a headache at first myself but after I drank more water, it went away. I did notice that my sneezing spells that hit in the morning and late evenings stopped after I started taking the ACE so that alone is a BIG plus for me while gaining much need energy.
Maybe try taking it longer than just one or two capsules and see if the side effects go away. They could just be cleaning your body of toxins, which is what green tea helps to do.

United States

#395 Jul 21, 2012
Lol. They dont have anything better to do w there sad life. I happen to be around paducah, ky (im from mich tho) i didnt come on this page even knowing it was from paducah. I googled ace and this came up! Its not meant for you to sit on your butt an eat everything you want. You gotta eat right and exercise! I have not tried the product but will probably be trying it. Before you call me an ace drug dealer, i do NOT sell it nor o i even know a person that sells it an have not had someone try to sell it to me. Ive lost 60 lbs on my own by eattng right and swimming. Looking to see if it will work to add in losing more.
Angie wrote:
probably for the same reason someone from michigan is on here....i was searching for info on the pills and found this site....just because they posted on here doesnt mean they are selling it,why are there so many hateful "non users" of this product on here? Geez....whats that saying..."dont knock it till you try it"?....and why am I not surprises that someone from kintucky is talking about their boyfriends exwifes drug dealer? And parole thats some south for ya<quoted text>

Channelview, TX

#396 Jul 22, 2012
Mallory wrote:
Slander.. Just because maybe you sell ACE does not give you a right to be rude to Nikki. This is my second day taking them and I feel bad like I am having bad nausea. I understand that your body may have to get use to these pills but gosh my stomach is killing me. It does make you not hungry though. But, everyone reacts to diet pills different. I know these are "natural" but everything has side effects!
Girl, I am going over these comments because I have been on ACE for a handful of days and I have gained and feel horrible. I am crying partly because of the extreme weight gain that seems to be excessive in such a short couple of days. The first two days I felt good and was excited. Commented on the fb page and ended up getting friend requested by the ace person. I do not feel good at all. And I will quit these tomorrow.( not intending on taking another) I feel crazy, nauseous and disgusting. The fat on my hips is huge and super hard., I have never experienced such a reaction. Also tried the Pom drink. Disgusting and made me feel weird as well. Today has been the worst. I stay clear of pyramid schemes so, bye bye ACE.

Paducah, KY

#397 Jul 24, 2012
I don't take ACE anymore, but I once did. I was blown away by what it did. I drastically lost weight (5-10 pounds the first week) without changing my diet. I stopped taking them because I hate how they make me feel. Caffeine gives me panic attacks in general so ACE had a similar effect. I wouldn't be surprised if it gave someone heart problems, but as a neutral opinion, you do lose weight...
Sandra Walden Evans

United States

#398 Jul 26, 2012
acedietpill wrote:
<quoted text> Get a life and quit trying to screw up other people's lives, America is obese and ACE is the answer to millions of people.
. Well put! Sooooo true! I have lost 60 lbs on ACE and feel better than I have in many years!!!
ACE user

Kelseyville, CA

#399 Jul 26, 2012
I have used ACE for about 4 months and its the best thing i could of did. i lost over 32 lbs and my thyroid has almost became normal because of it. It has stopped all my cravings for sweets and made me crave water like our bodies need. I love my ACE and before any of you go and criticism this product you should research it first. It does wonders for people!

Franklin, TN

#400 Jul 28, 2012
ACE user wrote:
I have used ACE for about 4 months and its the best thing i could of did. i lost over 32 lbs and my thyroid has almost became normal because of it. It has stopped all my cravings for sweets and made me crave water like our bodies need. I love my ACE and before any of you go and criticism this product you should research it first. It does wonders for people!
Maybe YOU should do some research. ACE makes you crave water because it contains a synthetic stimulant, 1,3-dimethylpentylamine HCL. All stimulants give you dry mouth, ask any meth addict...

1,3-dimethylpentylamine HCL is the scientific name for methylhexanamine or DMAA. DMAA is a potentially dangerous stimulant that is banned by most sports agencies. It's illegal in Canada. Two soldiers died last year from heart attacks after using products with this SAME ingredient. It's now banned from sale on all Army bases. And there are numerous lawsuits currently against products containing DMAA. Google "DMAA lawsuits" for more info.

Louisville, KY

#401 Jul 29, 2012
DMAA is mainly banned due to the edge it adds to an ATHLETES performance. Not everyone is an athlete, so side effects are to be expected. Yes different types of that drug are available in many products, and some people have reported serious side effects relating to the heart, but the majority do not experience these more serious side effects. Consulting your doctor or a pharmacist is the best way to find out if there are drug drug interactions that could lead to serious health risks.

Stimulants can cause headaches or insomnia, which is where I would suggest if you are on this product to take it as directed by a doctor or pharmacist. Let them know your goals with your weight loss and ask them their opinions. I myself take a pre-workout gym product with similar ingredients and will tell you if you take a product with DMAA in it, you typically want to do it 30 minutes before a workout and you need to drink about 80-100 ounces of water throughout the day to flush your system. Taking a caffeinated product close to bedtime is a bad idea in itself though. Also continuous use of a product with DMAA is a bad idea, typically a good idea to set up a 4-6 week cycle where you are on a product then cycle off an equal amount of time.

You can't just take a pill and expect it to lose the weight for you though. You have to eat healthier and exercising is the best way to lose the weight. Not all products work the same for everyone as many of you have said. I do not have any overweight issues nor have I researched this product, but I do know the best advice you will recieve is from a dietician or pharmacist, and if you have concerns you should start there, NOT on Google. Hope this helps some of you with concerns.

in doubt

United States

#402 Jul 29, 2012
love ace wrote:
I myself have took ace had no size effects what so ever and have lost over 40lbs I love it! But everyone's body is different try them for a little while see how your body will react don't rely on others opinion, it's all about your own body.
How long did it take u to lose this 40 pounds? I need more than 5 pounds a month.
Keeping it Real

Allentown, PA

#403 Jul 30, 2012
ACE user wrote:
I have used ACE for about 4 months and its the best thing i could of did. i lost over 32 lbs and my thyroid has almost became normal because of it. It has stopped all my cravings for sweets and made me crave water like our bodies need. I love my ACE and before any of you go and criticism this product you should research it first. It does wonders for people!
There is absolutely NOTHING in ACE that would change the function of your Thyroid one bit. If your Thyroid is Over/Under active it's due to a chemical imbalance whether or not it's creating enough or over creating of said chemical. Your weight does NOT effect your Thyroid, however your Thyroid can affect your weight. I'd recommend some research on that for you, because losing weight will do nothing for your Thyroid.

I have researched the ingredients, each & every single one. By research I don't mean going to the page & seeing what's in the product. By research I mean going to at least 5 different medical pages for each of the listed ingredients & learning about them. It took about 15 minutes for me to find what I needed to know about the product.

United States

#404 Jul 30, 2012
aamidri wrote:
I've been taking them a week now and im an emotional mess!
Very moody and irate, completely out of character for me.. but my biggest concern is my feet, hands anc face are swelling? Anyone know what's up with that? I take them withh plenty of water (5, 16.9 waterbottles a day, some days more)
Help? Anyone??
Omg! I have not experienced the swelling thing...BUT the "emotional mess"....YES I HAVE!!! I am extremely moody and was accused of being "Looney" I cry a lot and get REALLY down to where I start doubting me being on this earth!!! CRAZY! I have also had lower back aches, headaches,(if I don't take a pill) and take several naps throughout the day. The first week I took A.C.E. it gave me tons of energy and felt like I could do ANYTHING then after that it has been emotionally challenging!!! I have lost weight on it. Starting weight was 207 and I now weigh 186 and have been on it for a month now. I am going to stop after the last 4 pills are gone. I can't handle the emotional side effects it has given me and don't wanna end up being suicidal. Every one has different reactions to things and ot just DOES NOT do well with me.

Newark, OH

#405 Jul 31, 2012
all a.c.e. is doing is making ur stomach hurt which keeps u from eating. why pay for it....if u are going to do that have some self control and just starve ur self. save some money! I was over weight and i ate very little for a couple of years and lost a bunch of weight. but have realized by eating healthy and exercise helps. and if u have med. conditions that keep u from exercising i recommend speaking with u doctor for his or her advice. not purchasing something like this.(weight lose takes time and if it is easy and fast it wont last, just going to gain it back) unless u are one of those people that can eat everything in the house and stay thin, ur gonna have to work for ur weight lose goals....and let me tell u when i say is alot of work if u are over weight and its going to take time. I was 5'4 @ 230lbs that is over weight and been working to lose for 5 yrs now weighing 158lbs i still have plenty to lose. but i have had to change my whole life style to get where i am today. Eating right, exercise, constant meal planning, drinking water rather than diet soda(doesnt matter...soda is soda) WORK WORK WORK will payoff in time!!! good day to everyone.
ja momma

Chattanooga, TN

#406 Jul 31, 2012
dude inspirational diet... you're dumb. forreal. ya damn idiot. before you go quoting the bible maybe you should change you language sweet heart.

United States

#407 Aug 1, 2012
I am going to be trying these out.. I have heard alot of people are having good luck with them!!

Columbus, OH

#408 Aug 4, 2012
Ive been taking ace for 2 months and ive lost 40lbs! These pills are great and i have no side affects! With every other pill ive tried, i always have got the jitters and felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest. But none of that happened with ace! These pills are great!

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