Side effects to A.C.E. diet pills???

Breckenridge, TX

#365 Jul 2, 2012
i would like to know who ths distributes these so i can order please

Michigan City, IN

#367 Jul 3, 2012
i took a single dose of ace, and i felt like i had all this pent up energy that wouldnt get out of my body,and the whole time i felt dehydrated, i drank so much water i wanted to barf, but nothing could quench my thirst. it scared me enough to never try them again. the whole first day i was drinking and peeing, so i can see where the weight loss comes from. if i was u, just take a double dose of vitamin B and it has the same effect.

Dadeville, AL

#368 Jul 3, 2012
I love ace i have lost 11lbs in 1 month and i am a stay at home mom with 2 kids. It doesnt make me feel jittery or anything. After having 2 kids back to back ill try just about anything to loose weight and ace was the winner!!!

Sudbury, Canada

#369 Jul 3, 2012
Nuts wrote:
<quoted text>
Really? So you think there's an ingredient in there that's not listed on the package? Because there's NOTHING in the listed ingredients that would make you feel like that... Makes me really concerned about the quality of this product.
OMG..another wrong know-it-all! The ingredient Phenylethylamine HCL is a stimulant and it is listed on the package. You picked a great name for yourself...

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#370 Jul 4, 2012
Nuts wrote:
There's nothing in them except a little caffeine & vitamin B. They don't have any side effects & they also don't cause weight loss. So don't waste your money on this ripoff diet program!
They work very well I lost 30lbs in 2 months so you don't know whast you are talking about, you probably work for some other weight loss company trying to keep people fromtrying ACE because it works and you will not sell anything anymore.why don't you stop selling that and go to ACE instead?

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#371 Jul 4, 2012
There are no side effects othewr than loosing weight and your fat pants I buy my ACE from Embrace Your A.C.E. on facebook

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#372 Jul 4, 2012
Tammy wrote:
<quoted text>
OMG..another wrong know-it-all! The ingredient Phenylethylamine HCL is a stimulant and it is listed on the package. You picked a great name for yourself...
it is a chemical yuk. ACE is all natural no chemicals.
Taker for 3 days

Dover, DE

#373 Jul 5, 2012
So far my energy level is up...I have had a little stomach cramping and loose stool but I don't have a gallbladder and that might be the cause...I am going to try 1 pill a day for 60 days and then stop taking them. I just wanted a boost, I have been dieting for a while and had reached a platue. I have a friend that is taking this and she has lost about 20 pounds in about 30 days. If it helps me to reach that goal I will be extremly happy!

Rossville, GA

#374 Jul 5, 2012
Just be careful taking any diet pill. I had heart palpitations on A.C.E.

Paducah, KY

#375 Jul 6, 2012
Dave wrote:
<quoted text> it is a chemical yuk. ACE is all natural no chemicals.
Phenylethylamine HCL is NOT a natural substance and it is listed on the ACE ingredient list. This is why the FDA is investigating ACE...

Paducah, KY

#376 Jul 7, 2012
All fatties should eat them like tic tacs

Russellville, AR

#377 Jul 11, 2012
You are forgetting the last two (and most important ingredients) which are di-meth compounds like what used to be in cold medicines before people started using it to make meth
Nuts wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry, but it was all in your head unless you have super-sensitivity to caffeine. 2 ACE capsules have a bout as much caffeine as a single cup of coffee. There's nothing else in them that would in any way affect your energy OR cause weight loss. It's a rip-off...
A.C.E. Ingredients:
Vitamin B6
Cocoa Powder
Green Tea Extract
Geranium Flower
Natural Sourced Caffeine
ACE user

Draper, UT

#378 Jul 12, 2012
hello kitty wrote:
I don't drink any caffeine and I took one pill and got super dizzy and got a huge migraine! It was awful!
If you don't drink caffeine I can see how it would make you feel that way. I take one ACE every day and drink Coffee. It helps me stay awake and I have lost 50 LBS using it. It's probably just not for you. I know a ton of people that have used this product and have lost weight and helps them stay alert without feeling cracked out. It's all natural and my Dr. told me that it's safe.

Starkville, MS

#379 Jul 12, 2012
birdygirl wrote:
im sorry but this is just rude.. there are people who have medical conditions that result in being overweight. try walking when you have bone spurs on both sides of your spine that are swelling up and spasming out of control, so much for excersize, walking is hard enough. before you say something this rude, you should realize that people have medical conditions that will lead up to weight loss. luckily for me phentermine helped me drop kick off 60lbs, to gain just 10back in a year. i wish i could excersize more, im in so much damn pain all the time.
<quoted text>
I know your pain and the catch 22 you fin yourself in! I also have disc problems as well as arthritis in both knees and hips. But I have found swimming to be a great form of excerise! I haven't tried these pills yet, but am in the process of ordering them. I will keep you posted. Don't give up!

Clifty, KY

#381 Jul 13, 2012
I've tried ACE first time was about 4 mos, I lost nothing. I felt better, ate less, but no weight loss. Went to a dr. & took phentermine for 3 mos. lost 6 lbs & if I missed a dose felt like crap!!! So I've gone back to ACE. IF ANYTHING I at least feel good. Hoping this time I may even lose a little weight :) but I have zero bad side effects. And if I miss a dose I'm fine.

Wahiawa, HI

#384 Jul 14, 2012
Timmey wrote:
So what's the verdict? Is this stuff worth using or not? My wife recently started taking them and complained about having trouble sleeping. I tried one and it felt like I drank too many energy drinks. Is this just a glorified No-Doz?
I can't sleep after taking tje pills but I have beem taking them for three days now I don't eat as much have to make myself eat stomach hurts a little small headache

Wahiawa, HI

#385 Jul 14, 2012
Been taking ace for 3days now loss 5lbs have to make myself eat belly hurts a little have trouble sleeping so now I have to drink more water or drink V8 juice then I feel better

Belton, KY

#386 Jul 15, 2012
Sally wrote:
I know people taking this & if you go to the website it has a picture of the bottle & ingredients. Here is the list: Vitamin B-6, Chromium, Cocoa Powder, Spirulina, Green Tea Extract, 1,3-dimethylpentylamine HCI, Trace Mineral Complex, Phenylethylamin HCI, Caffeine (from natural source), Vanadium. Here is a link to explain what Phenylethylamin is & it's side effects:
Sorry, but these are NOT all natural ingredients! If you have high blood pressure or other heart conditions you should NOT take this, or if you take meds for those conditions. This is for people with ADD or Severe Depression, can be fatal! This has the same ingredients as Phen Phen did, remember, people died from that! Look up the last few ingredients, not natural at all. I hope this helps someone from getting sick or worse.
Your right I thought it was all natural until I looked it up and saw that it wasn't. I have Lupus and RA and since I have been taking ACE I have been falling lots I have to wonder if it is because of ACE. I am going to stop taking it and see if I feel better and if I do then I will link it to ACE. I think pills affect everyone differently.

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#387 Jul 15, 2012
wondering soul wrote:
What are they? Does anyone know?
my sister took these and nothing happened. waste of money.
ace user

Gillette, WY

#388 Jul 16, 2012
Wow, I am not an A.C.E. seller, but I am an A.C.E user. I tried things before ace, such as cutting my meals in half and i dropped pop completely and I always drink plenty of water, and I work out 4 days a week. Guess what people, sometimes things just don't work for everyone, I needed a little boost. So I thought what the hell, I have tried all other diets, and such, so I got a 60 day supply of A.C.E and the energy boost alone was a HUGE help for me. I weighed in at 190lbs when I started and before I finished my first bottle I weighed in at 171 lbs. Not to mention that had taken them into my doc, so that she could know what I was taking and she reassured me that there was nothing that could harm me in them.. .IT WILL NOT HURT MY LIVER or anything stupid like that. Sometimes just a slight energy boost can get your metabolism moving a little quicker then it did before. I wouldn't swear these were miracle pills, but for some, they do help, if you don't like them, then don't take them, but don't bash the people who are taking them and having some results. At least we are trying to get a little healthier.

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