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my two cents

Mayfield, KY

#131 Aug 23, 2012
Nunya wrote:
<quoted text>
I know someone who was caught for illegal drug possession but was let go the next day.
That's how the McCracken County Justice system works... Let the real offender off the hook..
look at the Pennyrile Narcotics Task Force map why is Ballard and McCracken co not listed?

New Market, MN

#132 Oct 4, 2012
sanderson awarded custody to a mom that almost killed her 2 kids in a car wreck because she was doped on pills and passed out at the wheel its def wrong and far from being over

Paducah, KY

#133 Oct 4, 2012
Sanderson, is a PIECE of work that is for sure... SMH

New Market, MN

#134 Oct 5, 2012
i think she got paid off...

Paducah, KY

#135 Oct 5, 2012
Born in the USSA wrote:
Judge Sanderson's Husband is Neil Archer - McCracken County School Board Chairman, Vice President Arch Environmental, President Arch Aviation LLC, Chairman Paducah Airport Corporation, Arch & Sanderson LLC.
Don't forget that Sanderson/Archer/Newberry owned land for the new highschool
Newberry selling land to the county is a conflict of interest. What a joke! Prefer to be merged in to one governement, we know that the city has always passed an audit.
My opinion

Murfreesboro, TN

#136 Mar 22, 2013
You should be looking at the Property Valuation Administrator! That woman is nutty! Every time I have been in there she is in a different mood. Good as gold one day then mean as a snake the next. Smart ass! Smells very bad as well.

Paducah, KY

#137 Mar 22, 2013
what ever wrote:
Don't know to much on the corruption in McCracken County Court house as I live in different county but I had to go there recently on a business matter my question is do they search the whole county to find the rudness people to work there. Most Rude why? arent there friendly people in McCracken County who nees a job????
Yes there are, however when they go to work there they become rude quickly.

Paducah, KY

#138 Mar 24, 2013
ANY and ALL forms of government are corrupt down to the core, if the people get a handle on this corruption they are gonna run us ALL over and take every last dollar we have , all to pay for there b.s. and pensions that should have NEVER been promised out

Milton, WI

#139 Mar 24, 2013
upset wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree!!!! What happens if someone or some couple doesn't ever attend the "transition" class? I haven't been and neither has my soon to be ex-wife.
She won't sing off on your on the paper and will not be final until u take class..

Hermitage, TN

#140 May 6, 2013
agreeable wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes there are, however when they go to work there they become rude quickly.
the women that work ther are overbearing nosy ass people that thinks they are special when they are just workers like everyone else they think they are special most of them don't even know what they are doing ,just got a job because they know someone ,,,,and love to gossip about personal information
in the know

Greenbrier, AR

#141 May 6, 2013
has illegitimate child with prominent local lawyer who is about 10 years her elder.

prior marriage to lawyer who had know cocaine habit who died from overdose.

married up in economic ladder to local businessman to promote her political aspirations.

long standing affair with lawyer who regularly practices in her court.

goes to St. Louis B-ball game for 40th B-day with intent to sleep with a player- and does.

And we all let her Judge our lives?????

Paducah, KY

#142 May 7, 2013
non profit = pays no taxes, what do they do with the money? everybody that does anything gets sent to crossroads and is owned by sanderson

Utica, KY

#143 May 9, 2013
monday night court house time 6:00pm. you may finally see van in a true light.

Nashville, TN

#144 May 9, 2013
Who is the lawyer she had affair with

Utica, KY

#145 May 16, 2013
check out the new topic, poor van
Snake Plissken

Hopkinsville, KY

#146 Jun 22, 2013
I worked part time (my job provided health insurance though) but was a stay at home dad for my daughter's first 4 1/2 years.I changed almost every diaper and gave almost every bath and potty trained her as well as taught her just about everything she knew and witnessed every accomplishment she ever made.On the advise of shitty lawyer Tod Megibow,I had my ex served with divorce papers. Megishit told me that if I left the house without my daughter it would be viewed as abandonment,so I had my daughter when the papers were served.My ex then filed a false EPO on me in an attempt to steal custody away from me. A police officer told my family and me that we could have no contact with my ex or that I'd go to jail.I knew my ex wanted to see our daughter and even went to Megishit's office several times to arrange something-- but he hid like a coward in his office and even canceled appointments I had about the issue.When we walked into court, I got ambushed and was told that I wouldn't let the mother see our child! I was then told that I wasn't the "primary care giver" (It had something to do with the fact that our child's paternal grandmother helped me keep an eye on her) even though I'd been with our daughter every day of her life since she'd been born.Sanderson called me "an overly involved father" because I climbed into the tubes at Chuck E. Cheese and awarded custody to my ex because of it!She then said that I "wasn't earning my income potential" and threatened me with jail time if I didn't make more money and fast!Now my ex hasn't improved her financial situation in 13 years! My ex had told me about the physical end sexual abuse suffered by her siblings and her at the hands of her "parents." I was afraid that if my ex got our daughter, she'd take her around these horrible people and something awful would happen and it did. When my daughter told me that my exes "father" had touched her inappropriately 3 times, I went to court-- on 3 separate occasions as they happened. I subpoenaed Wal-mart for the surveillance tapes but they were "accidentally" erased! Sanderson made me undergo a psyche evaluation (which I passed) and told me that if I came to court again on this issue or any other-- that I'd lose visitation! She's a giant worthless piece of shit that helped to allow my daughter to get molested. She wouldn't even hear the evidence that I had to support my case.
To top it off, my ex worked for Neil Archer-- her husband. I lost this case well before i ever stepped foot into her courtroom. I fired Megishit and hired Vicki Holloway because she said that Sanderson should recuse herself because of the conflict of interest. After being hired, Holloway then refused to ask Sanderson to step down based on the fact that she "had other client's that had to go before Sanderson and she'd hold it against them. Holloway used up my retainer, moved he practice without telling me, and dropped me as a client. I then hired Amy Hogancamp from Neely and Brien. She too stated that Sanderson should recuse herself, but phoned me terrified saying that when she mentioned having Sanderson recuse herself-- her bosses threatened her with immediate termination!
Then I began hearing stories of Sanderson's past history and her hatred of men and how it taints her decisions. Also heard something about her drunken, topless table dancing at bars among other things. Throw in the new McCracken County school property that she sold with Neil Archer on the board-- and she's the one in charge of making these types of judgment calls when her own behavior should be called into question?! She should not be in any position of power to judge anyone else's behavior when her own is so suspect.
There's a lot more to this story, but I'm running out of space. I have no record of any kind-- not even a speeding ticket! I thought I was a boy scout but left the courtroom portrayed as Hitler! Needless to say, I sat there in shock time and again at her extremely harsh rulings against me.

Chicago, IL

#148 Jun 25, 2013
It's a dang shame

United States

#149 Dec 8, 2016
Things never change!

Paducah, KY

#150 Dec 8, 2016
Honest wrote:
One of the county attorneys takes payoffs from the clients of certain attorneys to get cases dismissed.
a pile of money and your done with cross roads i know first hand i had the pile back years ago when i needed it
we also have some criminal unions around this town too

Indianapolis, IN

#151 Dec 9, 2016
Sanderson was the best.she sees threw the bull of want a be fathers. You will wish she was back real soon.

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