Heroin Overdose

Saint Louis, MO

#1 Apr 23, 2013
Well,another person died in Pacific, from a Heroin Overdose,last week. A beautiful young lady,and Mother of 3 small children. Her name was Danielle. I hope who ever sold her the stuff,gets Hung ,from a High,high,tree. Enough,is enough.

Hillsboro, MO

#2 Apr 25, 2013
nearby wrote:
Well,another person died in Pacific, from a Heroin Overdose,last week. A beautiful young lady,and Mother of 3 small children. Her name was Danielle. I hope who ever sold her the stuff,gets Hung ,from a High,high,tree. Enough,is enough.
I agree with you to a certain extent. With that being said, she chose to use Heroin. She was not totally innocent in this and was obviously a unfit Mother if she was addicted to Heroin.

I feel sorry for her poor children who will grow up without their Mother because of her selfish actions!
so sad

Chesterfield, MO

#3 Apr 27, 2013
Daniellle who??
nomore dope

Sedgewickville, MO

#4 Apr 27, 2013
The people selling the scrap should get no less that life in prison with out the possibility of parole. But chances are that the individual that sold the dope will get away with it of just get a slap on the wrist. Ain't it crazy though you kill somebody or molest a child or rape somebody you get 5years to wait to do it again. But get caught selling drugs to somebody that they made the choice to buy and do and they get locked up for the long haul. I guess it's better to rape and kill than to sell somebody drugs.
that guy u kno

Sedgewickville, MO

#5 Apr 29, 2013
Using think the drug dealer that sold the drugs did any wrong. My reason is as follows. Danielle knew that heroin is bad for you and kills you and that she had children and knowing this she decided to do the drugs. Why should the drug dealer be charged for Danielle mistake. And don't get me wrong I knew her personality but I don't feel bad for others screw ups and then try to put it off on someone else. And if people were honest about the drug problem they would do away with pharmaceutical companies and get rid of everything from aspirin to Zoloft. Just sayin the companies that make pharmaceutical drugs never get charged with murder they never get shut down they never go to prison. So I challenge anybody to give a real reason why the drug dealer should receive more than being sued just like the pharmaceutical drug companies.
Hang em High

Saint Louis, MO

#6 May 9, 2013
If it wasn't for the Drug Dealers, they wouldn't be able to choose,to kill themselves.
Without the Devil(Satan),there is no Sin. This Heroin, comes from Afghanistan,and it's the home of Islamic Terroists,where it's grown. So they're killing us,in more than one way.
Here say

Saint Louis, MO

#7 May 9, 2013
I heard the dope came from a little white boy-Chris Johnson.
dirty dope 101

Eureka, MO

#8 May 10, 2013
Damn another one dead over that shit? Ya, seems the po po prolly bangin it themselves. The cops don't do a goddamn thing unless it's someone who hasn't done a goddamn thing to deserve it. Three names and your set free is the word on the street. Seems like a very respectable scene to be in. lol. But i hope those kiddo's don't get punished for their mothers selfishness. sad sad time we all live in.
p town

Ashburn, VA

#9 May 19, 2013
I agree with "that guy u know" wether your drug dealer is Bayer or Mike jungle the guy that sole this woman the drugs. One devil is as bad as the other. I don't agree with the quote Islamic terrorist who produce the drug or should I say Mexico where America's herion really comes from. But let's just pretend that hang email high knew what they were talking about at least they have a reason to sell a drug that may be causing a problem. These people don't want to make dope that kills people they just live in a third world country and need to care for there families. So I don't think they are the bad people although the drug trafficking rings that press the poppy farmers are bad people. But wait does that also mean that pharmaceutical companies are just as bad for pushing vicoden and other opiates. They are the gateway drugs of herion just like cigarettes and boos are the gateway drugs that lead to other drugs. I feel the real gateways are formed on a ground where you can freely purchase these things and its ok so what could really be wrong with pot oh wait we were lied to pots not that bad for you what's that you say I can just buy it without prosecution in some states guess crack might not be that bad after all I mean how do I know I haven't been lied to about that too. just sayin. Oh and it's not the drug that's bad just the fool that goes overboard. Cause in England a pharmaceutical company produces heroin under a brand name with no more abuse than any other opiate. Point is its the alcoholic the pothead the trailhead and the junkie that are the problems. Cause anybody with comments since knows these things are bad for you who is really dumb enough to do something that's bad for you and then blame somebody else. So if I went out got me an order of dope got high and dead over something I knew was a bad idea to begin with its my fault. And that's why life insurance won't pay out for a suicide ie drug over dose plain and simple.
Mr Fields

Park Hills, MO

#10 Jun 7, 2014
If you want your friends or loved ones to stay away from heroin ..please do not allow them in the company of mellisa cole. She hides as a church goer but never proven by police where one of her alias address but she supplied my son for months and we lost evan to an overdose. I was told by my son's friends that she is now living in the area..we have to visit his grave and she lives and continues to push this on other children. Stay clear of this violent drug dealer. Parents check your kids friends and beware and take notice of this name. She moves alot and changes her # due to other criminal activity. Dont be fooled like my son. Shes a black widow in disguise.

Detroit, MI

#11 Jun 17, 2014
Almost everyone here sounds like an idiot!I lost my kid brother to an od &@last count over 20 friends & kids I knew from school Ive been affected by this epedimic more so than Probablly everyone posting.I grew up in a surrounded by this stuff yet I'm not strung out on heroin or selling this stuff nor am I throwing stones or placing blame on anyone else.My kid brother wasted his life with a needle from walgreens & the boyd he got from the.dopeman.If I was to blame the person he bought it from I would also have to blame the person who introduced it to him,the person who took him to buy it, the.com pany that makes the dormin it's cut with the clerk that sold it,walgreens for the selling the needle & the company who made it & the list could go back all the way to creation!
The blame isn't on some so called black widow or the guy that sells it or the country it comes from which actually the majority of it comes from Asia,there not alone in it.But the people croping this stuff are dirt poor farmers it is our western which fuels it without us there's no them.It sucks your kid died but it was him who was responsible for his death,not to be cruel but it was & it has to be hard to accepect that it is & I am sorry for your pain.If it makes you feel better by blaming someone else than do so.But if you wanna help out someone face the facts& help out another parent that is about to loose a kid by opening there eyes. It's not like they say on tv 1 time & your a junkie...no you can true enough die the 1st time or you can live to be 60 & shot dope for 40 years.The 1st time a person does heroin 1st thing there gonna do is puke there then gonna either mentally want it agian & risk there life but there not physically going to be hooked.The problem is once someone is hooked your hooked & you just about gotta be rich to get off of it.The withdrawl can kill a person & when that person says I don't wanna die I don't wanna hurt my family I just wanna get clean they call around to find out there really is no rehab no place to wing them off of it safely so they go get high to In irony try to stay alive & it usually ends up killing them.
Then what happens?Parents&friends go get a bunch of shirts made & go hold signs&go on walks...why not pool all of that money together & help the next person get off of it?If each person in the Greater St.Louis area that has lost a loved one from this plague give 20 bucks a month they could run a Damn rehab.Its not the devils fault if you wanna blame anyform of religion for heroin & the children,moms,dads,brothers &sisters aunts uncles etc for doing dope & dying you(which you really can't) would be better off blaming GOD & here's why if you wanna get anal & p!$$ some people off is..........GOD CREATED THE WORLD & ALL THAT IS IN IT IN 6 DAYS...THE POPPY BEING PART OF THIS WORLD...GOD IS ALL KNOWING SO HE.KNEW WHAT WOULD COME FROM THIS CREATION

Detroit, MI

#12 Jun 17, 2014
& GOD GAVE MAN FREE WILL IN THE GARDEN OF EREN WHEN MAN BIT INTO THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT & EYES WERE OPENED & HAD THE KNOWLEDGE OF RIGHT FROM WRONG.&If you know your bible & I mean really know it, not the white washed American version you know GOD let us free on the world to do as we choose.So ITS NO ONES FAULT BUT THE PERSON DOING THE DRUGS.Sure if they wouldn't of made that left they might not of even been introuduced to the drug but that person didn't put a gun to there head to have them do it.
Again it's sad that so many people die on this stuff but the same plant that makes this makes medicine that helps cancer Patients & people in severe pain to be able to live & yes a lot abuse it but a lot don't& the same thing that causes death improves life.That being said I can say what I think & everyone else what they think but someone's still gonna die today from this epedimic & someone is gonna die 100 years from now on it like they did 100 years ago.
Mostly when kids use this stuff there's mental issues,there's problems home,it can be a loaner that wants to fit in our slip deeper away or a popular kid that wants to stay cool.Nerds,jocks,skaters, gamers, farm boys city kids thugs &nice guys.Noone is safe.My best advice...hang out with your kid as much as u can check there phone,know where they are warning signs are called warning signs for a reason.I hear about someone I went to school with od every few months most of em get high nod out&choke on there own.puke...most of em were the cool popular kids in school.I wish I could help more I can beat your kid if u catch em on it but inless your getting them help right after I beat em there gonna run out & get high again.

United States

#13 Jun 29, 2014
Its not drug dealers faults, honestly it's not. It's the way people use that drug. If you do it, then use common sense. Plain and simple.. if you cant use it right, then dont use it at all.

Troy, MO

#14 Jan 17, 2015
It's all the hookers that roam Pacific's fault

Saint Louis, MO

#15 Jan 18, 2015
Boogaloo wrote:
It's all the hookers that roam Pacific's fault

Troy, MO

#16 Jan 18, 2015
I do. I have a life with all the hookers.

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