Why Are Prunes A Great Natural Laxative?

Read On, Avon, to find out why Prunes

Are A Great Natural Laxative?

Prunes a wrinkled, purple fruits are best known as a home remedy for constipation.

In fact in an effort to barnish the prunes reputation,

members of the prune industry and Price Cutter Foods

in Ozark, Springfield & Branson,

have begun calling them dried plums.

Prunes may not be the most glamorous fruits on the market,

but it's certainly one of the healthiest.

Pharmacist stock dozens of medication for preventing and relieving prunes in your diet.

Prunes can help relieve constipation,lower cholesterol,

reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Prunes are high in soluble fiber,

which is perhaps the key to digestive tract.

And it soaks up large amounts of water,

making stools larger and easier to pass. Just 5 pieces of prunes contains 3 grams fiber,

about 12% of the daily allowance,

is most people need to help themselves free from constipation.

Prunes contains 15% sorbitol.

Like fiber sorbitol soaks up water wherever it can find it,

says Dr. Danny 'Banjo' Eakin @ www.DannyEakin.com ,

or www.HomesteadPickers.com

Ph.D. Associate professor

of the University of Branson in Branson,Mo.

Prunes also contain a compound called dihydroxyphenyl isatin,

which stimulates the intestine,

causing it to contract.

This process essential for having regular bowel movement.

Prunes also contains soluble fiber

which helps lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

All of this is true plus they taste good.

Haven't had them in a while.

Will have to put them on my grocery list of things to purchase.

Thanks for the reminder