Ozark Police Officer Suspended After ...

Ozark Police Officer Suspended After Subduing Child With Taser

There are 94 comments on the 5News KFSM story from Nov 18, 2009, titled Ozark Police Officer Suspended After Subduing Child With Taser. In it, 5News KFSM reports that:

An Ozark police officer has been suspended with pay after using a Taser on an unruly ten-year-old girl one week ago, and could face criminal charges.

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Just an observer

Lowell, AR

#82 Nov 23, 2009
I have a 10 year old daughter. I expect I can handle her with ease, but, thats also because she is a good child. She has had a spanking or two, but nothing warranting tasering a child. HOWEVER, I have also been witness to some outrageous acts by young children who were not given the proper discipline. Think of it this way, have you ever tried to capture or catch a cat or dog that doesnt want to be captured or caught? Things get dicey real quick. Now take a child who is NOT wanting to be "caught" (for lack of a better word) and is kicking, screaming, punching, scratching and all in all whaling on you. A short "drive-stun" (as was explained she was given) appears tolerable to an intolerable child. Society today is giving the law-breaker more freedom and imposing more restrictions on those whom we ask to protect us. I remember a line from the movie "Die Hard"; "You won't shoot me" "Why not" "Because you are a policeman, policeman have rules!" Sad to say, but is coming more and more that way of life now adays when the criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens. If the officer had man-handled her, he would have been in trouble for man-handling a child. You people will complain about anything.

Mississauga, Canada

#83 Nov 23, 2009
Nice to know you compare children to "animals". Movies are not real life. Lack of leadership/improper or nonexistent police training seems to be prevalent and the cause of this disregard for human life. You would think most people who want to change the system for the "better".
dont let idiots be cops

Conway, AR

#84 Nov 23, 2009
Well, shortly after that he also tased a woman at the jail he believed to be pregnant. They later made her take a pregnacy test that was negative but he still tased her for not wanting to go to her cell while he thought she was pregnant! Wow he has some great judgement calls!!! Way to go Mr. Bradshaw!!!! Guessing you should resign before they throw your *ss in the slammer! Maybe you will me some people you have arrested!!
A Christian Friend

United States

#85 Nov 24, 2009
This is one of the saddest thing I've ever seen -- not the unbelievably cruel and immature actions of the mother and the police officer, but the unbelievably cruel attitudes of the people who endorse such meanness. I am a very small women, yet I never had to use deadly force to control little children (or children of any size, for that matter.(... and yes, it has proven to be deadly force according to the result of a recent autopsy and medical examiner's conclusion in Fort Worth, Texas.)

I realize I'm "casting my pearls before swine" in that the kind of person who feels this is acceptable is also the kind that feels that a child "kicking and screaming" should receive the DEATH PENALTY or execution, decided upon and administered by an employee of the local police department, as the price to pay for failing to obey (if the act had indeed resulted in death).

Remember, though, God is watching you!

Lawrence, MA

#86 Nov 24, 2009
ok, a ten year old is unruly and a POLICE OFFICER has to tase her to get her under control. Bob, "respect law enforcement cause they might someday save your skin." This guy obviously couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag - I defend law enforcement too but this guy has no business wearing a badge. And if you disagree with that you are both womens groins.
Bob-O wrote:
The kid kicked a cop. Wither its in the groin, balls, shine or whatever. Its called Assaulting an officer. That's a crime in itself. Doesn't matter the kid was 10. The mother of the child gave permission to use the taser the guy was doing his job. Growing up i was taught the following things: Listen to the parents or accept the punishment, respect law enforcement cause they might someday save your skin. I was lucky to have PARENTS meaning people who discilipine me when i needed it and not people who want to be my "friend" and in the long run unattentional spoiling me. When did it become the norm for adults having to worry about taming unruly kids for fear of "child abuse" and "being to harsh" Bear in mid there are people out there who are abusive to kids and are harsh yes. I'm referring to the non **** holes who still have to worry about such titles. Or i could be wrong......

Mississauga, Canada

#87 Nov 24, 2009
The child was in her own home, no witnesses other than police officer & mother. How do you know they are even telling the truth. An adult male who bullies woman & children cannot be believed. A mother who thinks nothing of her child's wellbeing cannot be trusted & doesn't know the true meaning of being a "mother" and should forfeit that right permanently.
Ozark-Grandmothe r

Ozark, AR

#88 Nov 25, 2009
Kerry wrote:
I think that the media feeds the frenzy. This article talks about how Tasers pierce the skin and such. BUT the officer did not shoot the pins into her. He just placed it against her back and stunned her. Sure it's terrible that it was done, but I can't imagine what the media would've done had the officer broke her arm or separated her shoulder. Police brutality!!!!!!!
People hear what they want to and don't get all the facts before they spout off! And anytime a cop's involved they just rip him apart. That is until they are placing a 911 call needing their help!!!
Maybe the father of the child should contact PETA. They fight against stunning animals ,because it is inhumane.They could probably get more action than the Police!!!
Ozark-Grandmothe r

Ozark, AR

#89 Nov 25, 2009
I just cant believe that we will let this happen to our childern!I don't know any of the persons involved, but it is a shame that we protect animals better than we do our kids.If you stun an animal or hurt them, PETA will stage a protest to protect the animal. Maybe we need to hire some of the staff who work for PETA to protect our childern that live in Ozark.

Brisbin, PA

#90 Nov 27, 2009
I believe the officer should lose his job and be jailed for child abuse.
I agree, But across this country corrupt cops are getting away with murder.Did you know the f.o.p. is pushing to make it a crime to video tape police/pigs arresting people, Because most depts are so filthy dirty they dont want civilians to have video of them breaking the law. remember like the bros/cops say video dosent lie.


#91 Nov 28, 2009
I am french and find itvery surprising that parents should call the police fot educational problems. This should lead the police to call social services, obviously this mother needed professional help. Not talking of tasing the child: this is a criminal behaviour a form of torture. I hope this child will get the help of a lawyer ; she should be placed in a safer environment.

Mansfield, OH

#92 Dec 2, 2009
Good should have tased the girl with the full hit. I bet she will listen now. Kids have no respect these days. The parents are not good parents if they cannot control her. I think the officer was in the right. Hope he gets to keep his job.

Springdale, AR

#93 Dec 2, 2009
I am thankful the officer has been fired, therefore he will no longer be allowed to harm young children.

Thank you everyone for weighing in on this topic, because it is only public opinion that got this matter resolved.

For me personally, it is refreshing to see posts from people all over the states and in other countries that care about our local children.

Let's keep this young girl in our prayers for a happy and successful future.

United States

#94 Dec 2, 2009
I have a 10-year-old daughter,and frankly, I would be appalled if my child acted, even remotely, like that!
I agree with several of you who say that the mother is partly to blame because of her lack of parenting skills. It's not the parents raising the kids nowadays; it's televisions and friends who are bad influences. Consequently, the kids don't get the positive attention and good, parental interaction that is required for a healthy relationship or mental stability that can lead to a healthy adult life. However, most parents MUST work two jobs or more to make ends meet; therefore, there is no real time to parent effectively.
As far as the girl not having a "weapon," her legs were the weapons. It would be considered the same for a "real" criminal regardless of age. What happens when she is 15 and brandishing a knife to someone at school? Yes, she will be older, but the fact that she should know how to act (again, if she were parented correctly)and just doesn't do so, isn't going to mean anything to the person she's waving the knife at or the school administrator who is having her taken away by a school resource officer.
Now, granted, the police officer should not have been the person to put a naked girl into the shower, and he should not have tazed her, but where was the dad at this point. Let's not forget the one who was the first to speak out against this. Where was he? How come the mom didn't call him to help her out with their unruly child? That child is part his responsibility, too, regardless of their divorce.
This girl should have been taught to respect her elders. That is a MAJOR issue today. Kids used to do what their parents told them, but because people are either too busy or too lazy to parent their children effectively, the respect and manners fall to the wayside and the kids are allowed to run amuck. Additionally, kids aren't made to earn anything - it's always, "give me what I want - now!" Did you notice a 'please' in there anywhere? That's what it's like today.
I am so glad that I have instilled in my child the proper way to behave. At least, I know there's one child in this world who was brought up properly.

Mississauga, Canada

#95 Dec 3, 2009
Excuse me! Legs equals a knife. I have a child and have worked three jobs to support her. Get off your "high morals". You are comparing this one incident to "everything that is wrong in life". Get real! The parents are divorced, the mother has the child. Guess where the father is? He most likely only has "vistation rights". The mother is at FAULT. NO IFS AND OR BUTS! The mother made the "conscious decision" to call her boyfriend and attack her child with her blessing. SICK.

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