Section 8 housing and welfare is kill...

Section 8 housing and welfare is killing Ozark.

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Small Town Mom

Enterprise, AL

#1 Aug 29, 2012
Section 8 housing and welfare is killing Ozark. All of the apartment complexes in town, as well as a great majority of rental homes are subsidized by the government. Landlords are all too eager to accept section 8 vouchers since its sure rental income in a depressed housing market.

Crime has always been rampant in the “projects” but has now started to spread out following the new array of section 8 rentals that have become available throughout Ozark. Maybe it’s me, but it sure seems like there are more welfare and SSDI recipients in the city of Ozark, than there are regular working people. Have you ever driven through downtown Ozark at 1030 am on a weekday? Take an hour from work and drive through town.. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll see.

Our schools are in a state of disgrace and are full of gangs, thugs and drugs. Carroll High and DA Smith are zoos, full of feral (free lunch program) children. Working parents that can afford it, either move to a better school district (Skipperville, or Rehobeth), pay for private education, or homeschool their children in order to keep them out of that toxic environment. Those that cannot afford it, pray every day for the safety of their children

Ozark’s tax base is either moving or dying out. Can you remember the last time you saw a working family with children move into your neighborhood? I can’t… Or, have you (like me) experienced the influx of section 8 neighbors? Not sure? On my street, they are pretty easy to spot. Lookout for the following: high volume of traffic or people loitering out in front of a house, excessively loud and obscene rap music (day or night), unsupervised semi clothed children playing (or riding big wheels) next to a major thoroughfare (day or night), yelling, cussing, screaming. When my new (section 8) neighbors (a convicted felon, his girlfriend their son, her four other children (from different fathers) moved in to the house across the street. They shared that they were really excited about having the opportunity to get their family out of the housing projects and away from the drugs, thugs and violence and move to a nice quiet neighborhood. Well, so much for that… Within a few months their old life (thugs, drugs, crime) followed them right into my neighborhood. All of a sudden, the houses on my street were being broken into; drugs were being openly used (and probably sold) in front of the section 8 rental, Ozark PD blue lights became regular staple as well as the occasional criminal trespassers on our property.

The city government is convinced that the solution to all of our problems lies in the building of a new high school… A new building will do little to attract new working families to Ozark until the city of Ozark addresses and terminates its dependency on Welfare recipients, Section 8 rentals and their pseudo economy.

Cutchogue, NY

#2 Apr 8, 2013
@ Small Town Mom, Your comments are very tacky unrealistic. Not everyone who has section 8/welfare or both is like that. You are stereotyping and being racist at the same time. The nerve of you to put everyone in the same box. I got rejected for an apartment because i have section 8. The apartment was in a nice area and the building was brand new. The owner turned his nose up when I told him I had section 8. He said "oh no, like I was beneath his qualification for an apartment". I just said "thanks", I walked away with the thought that he missed out on a great tenant. I am very neat and my apartment is well kept. I was raised by a mother who had impeccable taste and was very orderly. This was a year ago and I walked by that building a few weeks ago. Those "working class" people the owner rented to is definitely taking care of the place. I walked in the building just to look around and the hallway had urine in the corner and the elevator was broke. trash in the hallways and juice on the floor. Not everything working has "class". Be careful what you say because like I was always told "sometimes you can put your foot in your mouth". Like you just did.

San Francisco, CA

#3 Apr 20, 2013
lady its sad you even think like that because your kinda people are the main ones on welfare and section8. shame on you.....
Concerned Citizen

Baltimore, MD

#4 Apr 22, 2013
Your mayor, police department, fire department and chamber of commerce are killing Ozark!

Ozark, AL

#5 Apr 22, 2013
Sad to say but ozark is now nothing but a welfare city I wish I could afford to get out of this ghetto

Ozark, AL

#6 Apr 22, 2013
All the ozark officials care about is making sure the welfare population of ozark are allowed to run wild they dont care about the working class we don't get them enough welfare dollors
A little hurt

Burlington, IA

#7 May 9, 2013
I am about to be a newlywed, I am a veteran of the marine corps, I am a college student, I am disabled due to the military and genetic defect in my hip joint. My husband to be and I were seriously thinking of moving to Ozark or Sparta which can only happen with the use of housing assistance or va loans. I can not work and my fiance is struggling with finding work himself. And honestly I hope to god you won't be my neighbor. I do not want to raise my children around someone so heartless, rude and stereotypical and I thank god that the comments that followed your opinion were a lot more friendly and open. There are good and bad in all levels of society. I knew a man who made 175000 a year and got busted for stealing from a neighbor so just because we aren't rich doesn't give you right to judge us. We are not all like your neighbor.
A little hurt

Burlington, IA

#8 May 9, 2013
Yes there are a lot of people taking advantage of the system but people like me are legit and honestly trying to provide for their family on very little. That does not make me less human and it definitely does not make me a druggie or a welfare hoe. Some people just have children to get on welfare but not all of us. I was in the Military and I have tried to work but I cannot physically do it at the moment. I am working toward a degree and hope to find work that will be flexible with mine needs. That doesn't make me a mooching piece of crap. To think that so many feel this way about every person on welfare is appalling. I wish I could weed out the abusers of this service but sadly I alone can not. If you feel that ozark is nothing more than a welfare city that move. Do something to make yourself happy but please don't judge us all on the acts of some.
A little hurt

Burlington, IA

#9 May 9, 2013
I didn't realize this is a different Ozark. I am sorry for that but what I said still applies to the rudeness of people like you toward people like me

Enterprise, AL

#10 May 31, 2013
Well it is easy to judge. Let me say 1st I've retired here and on disability. I served my Country 35 years in the Marines and raised reputable children that own companies and recognized the USA and a Home Town Reputable God Blessed town when they see it. America as a whole is not the stereo typical 1960's Dolly Madison commercial any longer. However by Faith and Prayer and Neighborhood goodwill perhaps it could be again. Do you ( think ) everyone whom is on disability or section 8 wants to be?! That in itself is sickening. Yes everywhere in every State you will find considerable unemployment HUD needs as well as those mangled by war and the aging population. Lets start again by appreciating the good we see and sharing neighbor hood watches and consider that our influences can change and contribute to a better place where ever we live. If those that complain would begin by addressing their concerns with useful goals instead of pointing out disgrace and single minded lumping the entire town into it perhaps they would see the positive changes occurring. The economic growth and the consistently reliable retired volunteers and excellent church families remaining in and making Ozark their desired hometown.

Ozark, AL

#11 Jun 18, 2013
You are racist and its very sad!!What are you going to do when you get to heaven??You won't have any rasism and ignorant comments!Regardless of if you served your country or not that will not matter there.You better have fun now!kmsl!!
One Nation

Ozark, AL

#12 Jun 27, 2013
Small Town Mom....I work in the industry that disgusts you. I have this to say to you....I certainly hope you never find yourself in a finiacial nightmare.In this economy, at any given moment any person, regardless of race or standing can suddenly find themselves sitting opposite me at my desk. You are making unfair rascist have no idea what you are talking about. Typical bigot. You need to pray...alot. What Ozark needs in order to grow is to be rid of people who think like you. Im quite sure you will have a reckoning one day, as our God hates ugly. Get your heart straight.
Former Resident

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#13 Jul 24, 2013
I used to live in Ozark. I grew up living in the projects and my single-headed household received public assistance. However, I was taught to respect others, work hard for what you want and to always carry myself with sense of pride. Today, I am world traveled, own my homes(3), a business and have achieved many educational and professional accolades.
This is just my opinion, one should be very careful when publicly negating the importance of having a society that provides for the under-privileged, unemployed, elderly and disabled populations.

Phoenix, AZ

#14 Nov 22, 2014
Worried wrote:
Sad to say but ozark is now nothing but a welfare city I wish I could afford to get out of this ghetto
The landlord laws are whats killing ozark. We had tenants owe us $4000 in rent destroyed are home and stole our furniture and then were allowed to sue us because we shut off the water that was in our name even tho the lease said we dont furnish utilities. We went to court and all they got was a $2300 judgement that they will never pay. We have to take them to court again to get the judgement. While they get a free lawyer . We are strugglibg to clean up the mess.

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