I only have 2 questions

I only have 2 questions

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Belvidere, IL

#1 Jan 22, 2013
Nevermind all the bogus conspiracies. Let's ask them the questions we are unsure of. The responsibility for our childrens' safety from these forces against us ultimately falls into our own hands.

Never Forget

Fox River Grove, IL

#2 Feb 11, 2013
Thank you for your hard work.

Springfield, NJ

#3 Feb 20, 2013
LOL, what hard work did this guy do?? He created a blog that asked 2 questions, that's it.. How long did that take like 20 minutes?

I will say that those are good questions, I believe there is a logical answer to these 2 questions in particular, althought there are still LOTS of other q's that I ddon't really see there being any logical answer to except there being multiple shooters.

question 2: WTH are you talking about there was 21 safe from Ms. Soto's class of 16?? How could there possible be more safe from the class than there were students in the class in the first place? Where the hell did you get that piece of info from? From what I understand tthere were 16 students in her class, 6 that got killed, 6 that escaped and somehow ended up on Gene Rosen's lawn and 4 that must''ve remained hidden somehow.. Apparently the students that got shot came out of the cupboards they were hiding in, probably bc they didn't realize what was REALLY going down and loost their lives because of it; the others must've remained hidden.
As for the 6 that ended up on Rosen's lawn, there's 2 options. Either they didn't listen to their teacher and ran out of the school when they heard shooting in the class next door to theirs, or they waited until the gunman left and then went runnning..
If you're familiar with that area at all, which obviously all these idiots making videos on youtube are NOT, you would realize that Rosen's house is directly through the woods from the school. The road is a big curve and would be a much longer run down then through the woods. I'm thinking back to when I was little, I would've wanted to run sttraight into the woods,NOT down that road, in the woods you can hide much more easily. Also it's a straight shot to the road that Rosen's house is on.
I believe this is why the ended up on his lawn and not at the fire house.. THink aboutt it,, they run out of the school, probably throuh a side door and just run straight for the woods. If they kept running straight they probably ran right into Rosen's yard. As for Gene Rosen, something is wrong with that guy. He's obviously telling stories that arent true. I don't think he's an 'illuminati crisis actor' at all, I think he's a straight weirdo attention seeker who was looking for his 5 seconds of fame as the 'hero who rescued kids from Sand Hook'. Look how many interviews the guy did, obvious attention whore.

MY question is who the hell was this bus driver that was supposedly with them and who the hell was this guy that was 'speaking harshly' to them, telling them 'everything is going to be OK', according to Rosen. How does that make any sense. If the kids esscaped to the safety of a school bus, then why the hell would they get dropped off at some stranger's house? Who was this man that was with them? How did he already know what happened? Does this bus driver and man even exist? If you notice in innterviews he's constantly confusing the bus driver and the man, coonfusing he and she the whole time.
Watch his interview with megan Kelly from Foxnews. Towards the end she asks him how he got in touch with their parents. He says that the kids knew their phone numbers but they were all their home phones and no one was home. That makes no sense in this day and age. Everyone has cell phones and barely even use land lines, all the kids I know know their parent's CELL #, NOT their home phone. THat makes no sense.
He then goes on to say that the bus driver called her supervisor and got the kids conttact info, and he then says she called their parents "from an office, or something, I presume" Go watch the interview, that's not an exact quote but that''s exacctly what he says. Right there that proves to me that he's making shit up.. She called from an office or something? They're supposed to be in YOUR HOUSE gene! Where did this office that you don't really know about appear from. The guy is WEIRD.

Springfield, NJ

#4 Feb 20, 2013
Question 1: On face value it seems like a legitimate question, although I feel that there is a logical answer to the question of where are the crowds.
How big of a crowd do you expect there to be? What do you think it should've looked like?
have you ever been to the area? Do you realize how big the firehouse is? It's a pretty damn big building, one that could easily fit several hundred kids and their parents, especially with the fire trucks out of the building, which they were out of the building, parked right out front as you can see in the video posted by some idiotic woman claiming it's a movie set and that everything's parked to fit inthe shot, while also complaining that the fire trucks are blocked in. Well it wasn't a fire, the investigators, SP, FBI had to park somewhere and so did the parents. Apparenttly there was a long line of cars parked down into downtown sandy hook along the roads.
It also was freezing outside that day, do you expect hundreds of people to be standing outside so they can get filmed by the helicopter? Why wouldn't they wait inside?

What you have to consider here is the fact that this was a several hours long event and there's really only minutes of helicoptter footage. There is helicopter footage of VERY early on, there's to footage of the cops running around the building, searching the shed, chasing the guy into the woods and then there's no helicopter footage, that i'm aware of at least, until later on in the afternoon.
So when the cops were running around and cchasing the guy into the woods this is when the school was on lockdown and the kids were hiding. Remember the fact that almost everyone says the students were hiding for almost an hour, they were certainly hiding for a good while. We don't have an hours worth of footage from the chopper in the morning, we have like 15-20 mins max. THink about it, if there's more footage form the morning I would love to see it.
It looks to me like the SP told the helicopter to leave the scene when they were about to evacuate the kids. Most likely bc since this wasn't a drill, the evacuation probably looked like mass chaois, all these kids running to the firehouse with their teachers.
Personally I think that's the answer to why we don't see any sort of footage of an evacuation. I think they'r saving that little tidbit, that they told the new chopper to back off for a couple hours, so they can prove some of these conspiracy theories wrong. Now they can say 'hey look, these people are idiots, of course there was an evacuation, here's a few pictures of it, we told the news chopper to leave the area for privacy reasons for the kids, we didn't want people to be able to zoom in on the kids'. or someting stupid like that.
THe point being that there is a logical explanation for why there was no footage of any mass exodus from the school, the helicopter clearly took a long break from filming while this happened and the kids met their parents at the FH. It looks to me like the footaae is all from early morning and then later in the afternoon. I've seen NONE from around 10-noon which is when the evacuation took place and mmost of the parents were at the firehouse.

If there was 5 hours of continuous chopper footage of the helicopter hovering over SH from 10am to 2pm then I would agree completely, but that footage ssimply doesn't exist, not to my knowledge.
The video of ''crisis actors walking in circles around firehouse' is just so stupid it's unbleievable. It's shot later in the afternoon, clearly, this is after most kids left with their parents and it doesn't even ACTUALLY show anyoe walking in circles around the firehouse. They cleverly manipulate the footage so it looks like it kind of, but if you watch there is no one that goes in one side and then comes out the other door. Watch how they eidt the video, they freekin stop and start the video like 10 times so it looks like people are walking in circles.

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