Who is the Mccarty boy?
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Morehead, KY

#1 Jul 12, 2012
Who robbed the McDonalds worker in Mt. Sterling? He is from Bath CO.
I Know

Prestonsburg, KY

#2 Jul 12, 2012
Jordan McCarty.

Morehead, KY

#3 Jul 12, 2012
who are the parents of this child?

Morehead, KY

#4 Jul 12, 2012
does it really freaking matter what there parents name is or what he did or if its any of your buisness?
someone closer

Morehead, KY

#5 Jul 12, 2012
wtf wrote:
does it really freaking matter what there parents name is or what he did or if its any of your buisness?
jordan is a young guy and has never been in truble and i dont understand y they want to know his family ? does it really matter ?
someone closer

Morehead, KY

#6 Jul 12, 2012
all i ask for is god to take this back and let it be a dream !!! thats all i want and i will be happy and i just ask for no one to talk bad about him :(. please and thanks just wanted to say something before it got out of hand ...

Mount Sterling, KY

#7 Jul 13, 2012
We have a huge drug problem...some people will say there is no mention of drugs in this case....90% of all robberies are drug related....i hope he is one of the 10%....maybe he will have a chance for a brighter future.....Dont judge all parents for their kids decisions....we all have done things we shouldnt have reguardless our upbringing.....SAD

Clay City, KY

#8 Jul 13, 2012
So Sorry to hear this. Was it armed robbery? Maybe they will go easy if its not and first offense.

Olive Hill, KY

#9 Jul 13, 2012
It was armed. He followed the worker to the bank and put a gun to her head and took the money bag. Sorry if he has never been in trouble but that is no excuse. Every action has a consequence.
I heard

Morehead, KY

#10 Jul 13, 2012
I heard he has a baby on the way. Lets just pray this poor boy gets some help now and can get his life straightened out so he can be a father someday.

United States

#11 Jul 14, 2012
How do they know it was him? Did they arrest him at scene or did someone "identify" him. This just doesn't fit his character- I have known this little boy since he was about 8 yrs old & it just doesn't add up to me?
Dont Understand

Morehead, KY

#12 Jul 15, 2012
The news said they were able to identify him on the camera at the bank. I am with you "someone", I have known him for years too & this is so unlike him. But when people get on drugs they will do anything to feed their habit. Lets just all pray for this young man, his family & unborn child. They need all of the prayers they can get.
someone closer

Morehead, KY

#13 Jul 15, 2012
yes pray for his family and his wife! he was never in truble before ever not one time an yes ever one has to pay the consequence but everyone that has never been in truble before should at less have the sec. chance! like "repubnolonger" said i hope they give him a drug rehab center to choose from in court .. my prayers are going for that!
he wants to be a great father to his child trust me i know this man every well and he wants to be with his child very badly !
Praying For you

Hiawassee, GA

#14 Jul 15, 2012
Jordan is a kid, someone that would harm no one. He wouldn't still a piece of bubble gum. He would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need, that was his problem, he thought of others before him self. Jordan was always a great man of God and i've watched him pray at the alter many of times for our community and the drug problem. He never was a partier, worked for everything he has. I mean come on, the boy has held a consistant job for 3 years and went to college at the same time, that's more than what most of us can say in this community. Especially him coming from a broken home and paid for it all himself. Let God be the judge here, he knows the situation and he knows Jordans heart. Jordan has many people that care for him and think alot of him. All I can say, is Jordan will be praying for you and God Bless you all.

Bellevue, WA

#15 Jul 16, 2012
why did he have to steal and hold a gun to someones head? what if your family member was on the other side of the gun? not judging but stating facts.

Mount Sterling, KY

#16 Jul 16, 2012
This forum brings up the question...WHY....why did this happen to a YOUNG man that seems to have everything in his favor....WHY....why didnt someone see this comming...and... WHY....why did he do it....new forum soon...

Mount Sterling, KY

#17 Jul 16, 2012
My heart goes out to his family...my heart goes out to the person that was tramatized from the robbery....there are more than 2 people that have had their lifes changed forever...we HAVE lost control...WHERE DOES IT END!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Yeah

Morehead, KY

#18 Jul 16, 2012
Um last I knew he has had about 3 jobs in the past year. So no he hasn't been able to hold down a job. "Someone Closer" must be his wife the spelling gave it away. Whatever happens to this young man is in gods hands now. The law does not need to just slap him on the wrist though because that will not teach him anything. He needs to serve some time & go to REHAB. If he isn't willing to admit he has a problem then rehab wont fix him. Have been through rehab with my sister twice and she is still on the crap. He is still young and can get his life back on the right path and hopefully learn a big lesson from this mistake. Prayers go out to his family and the family of the woman he done this to.
someone closer

Morehead, KY

#19 Jul 22, 2012
for one i am not his wife! and 2 i am a very close family member to his WIFE ! and how can spelling give it away when many one can spell something wrong everyday or just miss up! lol funny.... and "oh yeah" u can keep ur prayers to ur self bc i dont want anyone that talks about my family and then turns around and says prayers go out to his family ! u either talk about them or pray for them not BOTH! just say... oh yea if i was his wife i wouldnt live in morehead lol...
Getta Life

Morehead, KY

#20 Jul 22, 2012
......Some People have no life. Smh.

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