Mount Sterling, KY

#21 Sep 29, 2008
oh really wrote:
I thought Raina was an excellent mother to both her kids and didn't do pills.Shows ya how much I know.
you shouldn't believe everything u read on here for all we know they both may be really good parents just problems when they were younger I don't know either of the two, but whatever it may be its not for us to judge
oh really

Morehead, KY

#22 Sep 29, 2008
Candi,you are right.

Lexington, KY

#23 Oct 1, 2008
allen may not be that bad but his so called wife is nothing but a pill head. she has stolen from her own mother to support her habit. she is nothing but scum. she will not work she sits on her butt. she lives with her mother because she wont work to get her own place. i have nothing for her.maybe one of these days she will get whats comin to her.allen would be doin better if he would file for a DIVORCE.the company you keep gives you the name you pack and tammy has givin allen his. you never heard anything about allen until he married a loser.
justmeinpeastick s

Dawsonville, GA

#24 Oct 1, 2008
i for one was left out on this, i didn't know he was married..........oops
sweetie pie

Winchester, KY

#25 Oct 1, 2008
I used to know Allen I have not seen him in years,You people are so mean on here sometimes.How could you people actually set there and say someone has Aids when you dont even know.How would you like it if someone got on here and said you or your own husband had something like that you would not like it.Why does everyone always have to bring up the kids in these forums I mean they are just sweet and innocent little children that can not stand up for themselves some of people shjould be ashamed of yourself!Get A Life! and like Thumper said in Bambi "If you cant say anything nice than dont say nothing at all"
Amber Lucas

Danville, KY

#26 Oct 1, 2008
hey hey its me again...
i agree with sweetie pie..
this is so stupid. tammy is a wonderful
person she has done many things
for me and allen. but i mean
what would i kno righ im only allens
lil sister... lol
former citizen

Mount Sterling, KY

#27 Oct 4, 2008
i myself know tammy and she may be a pill head but she would give the shirt off her back to help someone if they needed it. I think these types of pages should be focused on people who are really hurting other like all the children who are sexually abused and no ONE is doing a darn thing but letting the criminals back onto the street see the post on dean goldie

Lexington, KY

#28 Oct 6, 2008
if you think tammy would give you the shirt off from her back your crazy. everyone knows her and knows better than that.she is nothing but a pill head.if you think tammy is so good than you should start readin the court news she how good she is. she is nothing but a 2 faced b!!!!. i wouldnt help her. maybe this time she will finally get whats comin to her. what kind of person steals from her mother to support there drug habit,because thay are to sorry to get a job and support her own habit.if tammy does something for you watch out there will be a reason.she does nothing from the goodness of her heart she has no heart.there has to be a reason why allen stays with her, he either loves her or he is dummer than he!!. i bet that she dont love him theres a reason why she has kept him around this long.maybe because he does work some and thats money for her nose.

Morehead, KY

#29 Oct 6, 2008
Tammy Lucas

Olive Hill, KY

#30 Oct 6, 2008
This is Tammy and yes I used to have a drug problem, but I have gotten clean. No I have NEVER stolen to support the habit I had, certianly not from my mother. Allen and I have been married for 2 years so all this childish shit on this site is stupid. I don't know why people can't just leave us alone, we are happy and in love.So people just need to get over it and get a life, and stay the hell out of our lives.

Alto, GA

#31 Oct 6, 2008
I know from a while back and you didnt seem to be a bad person then. I know allen cause i went to school with him. He was a grade below me though. He was always a good guy. People just get on here to put someone else down when they have nothing better to do. They are just jelouse and dont want you all together. I have went through this but it wasnt on this website. but the moron i was with believed everything they heard and now we arent together. So dont let this get to you all.

Olive Hill, KY

#32 Oct 6, 2008
Yes Allen was a good guy. I haven't seen him in years though. I hope he is doing good.

Lexington, KY

#33 Oct 7, 2008
we all know that your not clean your just suppose to be clean to keep from gettin in more trouble than you are already in.people would stay out of your lives if you could stay out of everyone elses life. if you think that this site is so stupid than why waste your time on here dont you have anything better to do yourself.dont get on her and act like you do no wrong you no you have and that you try to act so innocent when everyone knows you,what and WHO YOU ARE.

Cleveland, GA

#34 Oct 10, 2008
Sieara wrote:
Yes Allen was a good guy. I haven't seen him in years though. I hope he is doing good.

Oh yeah Sieara, we know just how "good" you thought he was..........

...Can I borrow a cup of sugar..........
hot and wet

Cleveland, GA

#35 Oct 11, 2008
i heard he would steal the quarters off a dead mans eyes dirty no good pot smoker

Mount Sterling, KY

#36 Oct 11, 2008
who cares

Mount Sterling, KY

#37 Oct 13, 2008
all of you need to shut your mouths if i knew who you were i would stomp the dog crap out of you...tammy is a great person she has always been good to me...given me a place to stay if i needed it and taken care of me when i had blow off she nor allen are doin drugs everyone has a past that's why it's a past...i bet none of you all are perfect and have done wrong doings to ppl you know and love...they are doin great now they both work and are livin a clean and sober life so get off topix and get a life and quit puttin down other ppl the only reason you all do this stuff is to make yourselves feel better when really you all are the losers...tammy i love you and miss you

Morehead, KY

#38 Oct 14, 2008
I saw Tammys name in the Mt. Sterling paper for selling pills? I dont think that is innocent at all. They both do them. So why hold up for them. They need help, but dont want it. They just like doing their drugs.
go away

Morehead, KY

#39 Oct 14, 2008
people just get a life.

Lexington, KY

#40 Oct 16, 2008
idk who cares is but your not tellin the truth about tammy.she is a pill head.neither her or allen is clean,they want people to believe that they are because they hope that it will keep tammys out of jail.if she dont get what she deserves she will be doing it again.i myself have kids and want people like tammy off from the streets. lets see how you feel when they sell drugs to your kids!! how can you people get on here and hold up for someone who is a drug dealer.maybe when your kids get hooked you wont think so much of TRASH!!!!I may not have a perfect past but one thing i can say is im not a pillhead or a drug dealer.who cares you must be someone who was buying from them!!!!

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