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Essex, MD

#77 Feb 6, 2012
Again, wrong company review.
This is America Van Line page review not American van Line. Nationwide and America Van Line are the same companies just different names
Kym wrote:
I'm sorry about your experience with America Van Lines. They screwed me too and all of lamps were broken, my big screen TV broken and various other items damaged. and they came up with mysterious "weight" charges and held my stuff ransom until it was paid (700 dollars). Its sad there's no standard to be upheld for moving companies and little recourse for consumers. I feel for you....
UOTE who="Kiran"]I had used 'Nationwide Relocation Services' to move my household items from Texas to California. Turns out they used 'American Van Lines' to deliver the items. Its been more than a month that American Van Line has taken my household item from my previous residence. They promised to deliver within a week and now I have no news on where my stuff is. I am told each week that they will give me an ETA the following week. I have called them every day for the last week and I have not once been able to speak to the dispatcher, whom the customer care people keep forwarding me to. The customer care dont have any clue about where my stuff is and what is the status (dont know what they are there for). I keep getting transferred all over the place but never get to talk to anyone nowadays. I have gone ahead and bought some new furniture because I dont have any hope that these guys will ever bring my stuff back. There are no laws in this country to keep tabs on these unscrupulous people. I have a two year old daughter sleeping on the floor. I hope this never happens to anyone else and I hope anyone who reads this stays clear of these folks..
Shawne Slaughter

Chicago, IL

#79 Jun 7, 2012
WARNING - do not say you were not informed. DO NOT USE AMERICAAN VAN LINES - MC294798 // DOT614506. I have had 5 corporate moves in the last 10 years. I understand that sometimes things go wrong but I was not prepared for my experince with American Van LInes. I worked with John Nettles. He promised that my items would be picked up on 2/29 and delieverd on 3/2 ( he said this was a short haul - Lousiville to Chicago). I got a call on 2/28 indicating indicating that pickout would not occur on 3./ Then on 2/29 the driver called to tell me that he was an hour away. My items were picked up and I proceeded to Chicago. 3/1 was not going to happen. By 3/7 I knew I was in trouble. By 3/15 I was starting to believe that I would neer receive my items. I called everyday (except Sunday) from 3/1 and was told that no further information was avilable. I finally received my household goods on 3/19. The driver showed up in a full tractor trailer although Chicago ordiances does not allow this. Also - the company had charged me for a short haul truck. My dining room table top was smashed, holes in the side of my dresser, broken lamps. I submiited a claim for the damages and for the lateness of the delivery. It was then that I learned that Colinal Van Lines actually did the move. My household goods had been sitting in Lexington, Ky waiting for a truck that was bound for Chicago. My claim amount for everthing was 450.00 (I spent more on alternative living arrangements. At one point I even contacted move rescue to assist me. LISTEN TO ME - DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR THEIR AFFILIATE COLONIAL VAN LINES - IF YOU DO - YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY REGRET IT - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Richmond, VA

#80 Jun 18, 2012
FRAUDS! & ridiculous customer service! Reporting to BBB & blacklisting them so military personnel does not use them
Damaged Goods

Denver, CO

#81 Jul 5, 2012
I trusted this company with my move from DC to Colorado. The contact in charge of my estimate forgot to add 30 boxes to my inventory, which meant I owed several hundred more dollars. The movers who picked up my things threw and kicked boxes. The movers who dropped my things off did not carry boxes as they should; ie when the TV with the "Team Lift" sticker was carrid haphazardly by one man. The movers who dropped off did not give a day's notice, and then did not show up on the day he scheduled. I have over $2000 worth of damage to antiques and family heirlooms. Boxes were broken and completely crushed. Boxes marked fragile were destroyed. The furniture the company wrapped was broken. Instead of taking complaints at the company site, complaints are directed to a third-part claims company. Resolution seems to be a long and complicated process. This company will abuse your trust. Better to pay more money to a better moving company. I wish I could go back in time and do that.

Tucker, GA

#82 Aug 30, 2012
Wow, I wish I would have saw these reviews before I decided to go with AmericA Van Line. I used them to move from Maryland to Georgia a month ago. The rep was great in the intitial processes and the crew that came to pick up was good (atleast at the time I thought so). I recieved my Load in Georgia at the beginning of August. My entire King bedroom set is ruined. The bed rails were not completely taken apart or packed correctly, they are all broke! I am sleeping on just my box springs and mattress. The footboard has huge scratches in it. My double dresser has water damage and chunks of wood missing and the knobs on the nightstand are broke! How you they mess up the entire bedroom set?! THis set was only 4 months old before the move, in tip top condition. Also, they packed a floor lamp and when I received it, it was in several pieces, it had been completely crushed. Disassembly and Reassembly are a part of the estimate, but upon delivery NOTHING was reassemled. Oh and Finally, I called them to request the claim forms about 4 days after I received my load and I have yet to receive a call back. Everytime I call they are super busy and I have to leave a message. It has been over 2 weeks! I WILL NOT RECOMMEND AMERICA VANLINE SERVICE TO MY WORST ENEMY!!

Santa Cruz, CA

#83 Sep 5, 2012
I engaged this company to execute a move from DC to California, with extremely disappointing results. I will try to summarize the issues I faced/am facing, in the hopes that one or all will help someone else avoid a nightmare experience of their own.
1. My scheduled pick-up time was pushed back by two hours, and I was given less than twelve hours notice of the change. When I called my service rep Kisha to ask why the time had been changed, she said "You're wrong. I never agreed to that time. I would never agree to that time."
2. At the time of pick-up, I was presented with a blank "estimate of charges" form to sign. The men who performed the pick-up service could not answer questions about the form, but wouldn't take my things until I signed. This form is basically a blanket authorization for additional charges/changes to the original estimate.
3. After pick-up I heard nothing from anyone at the company for nearly two weeks. When I called Kisha to ask about the status of my delivery, she offered to give me the delivery driver's phone number to coordinate with him.
4. The delivery driver did not speak English. I was able to determine, by paring the conversation down to yes/no questions, that I could expect delivery in 5-7 days. I asked Kisha to confirm what I'd been told, and she said that delivery would occur the next day. I arranged to be home during my first week at a new job, only to wait in vain for delivery. I left a voicemail for Kisha to ask what had happened, and never heard back.
5. Delivery occurred one day later, four hours after the agreed upon time. The two men who arrived to perform delivery had very thick Russian accents. Communication was basically impossible.
6. Extortion. After quite a bit of back-and-forth with the delivery men, I determined that they wanted to collect the balance of my account AND and additional $300 for "Shuttle Service." While my contract did have an as-needed provision for that service, their truck was parked approximately 75 feet from the door of my home. When I told them I wouldn't pay the additional charge, they put me on the phone with their equally unintelligible Russian boss. He informed me that if I didn't pay, they would drive the truck one mile from my home and unload my belongings on the street. I told him to do that, at which point he decided that $225 for a "Long Carry" was more reasonable. As there is no after-hours support available from the America Van Lines home office, I was left to negotiate with these extortionists on my own.
7. I agreed to pay the additional money (with the intent of disputing the charge with Kisha on the next business day), after which the delivery men left for one hour. When they returned, they unloaded my belongings onto a sidewalk, directly under the spray of a sprinkler.
8. Many of my things were damaged - a dresser, desk, bookshelf, and ironing board - and several boxes were soaked with water or crushed from poor handling.
9. My next call to Kisha resulted in her offering to inform her manager and get back to me. Neither happened. When I followed up with Kisha the next day, she transferred me to a man named David who asked "What do you want?" I explained what had happened, and he told me to talk to Customer Service.
I am currently in the process of filing a claim for the value of my damaged property, and am also attempting to find resolution with regard to the extremely poor customer service I received. My experience leads me to believe that both efforts will be frustrating, and that neither will be fully resolved.
America Van Lines is, at best, a collection of incompetent and unconcerned individuals who are incapable of professional service, follow-through, or doing right by their customers. At worst, they are extortionists, gladly willing to hold possessions hostage in order to squeeze out a little extra profit.

Tuscaloosa, AL

#84 Oct 10, 2012
INeverComplainAb outServic

Wixom, MI

#85 Nov 13, 2012
I had a terrible, terrible experience with American Van Lines East out of Tampa as well. They charged me double, they refused to accept a credit card as payment, they were unbelievable rude on the phone, they lost and damaged items and they refused to take any accountability for it.
Anita F

United States

#86 Nov 29, 2012
I just wanted to advise of a couple disturbing things about the company's team that came to my home to pick up my furniture in VA. Two members of this company's team were perfect gentlemen and very courteous. The foreman however kept pushing for favors. For example, "you take care of my team, I'll take care of your items. You know what I mean?" I thought he wanted me to write nice things about the team, which I did as they were very professional during the packing and loading of my things. Boy was I wrong! What he really mean't wasn't realized by me until he came back after reviewing the cubic feet of all the items which he stated was 600 cubic feet, which I couldn't verify since I had another company delivering some items and couldn't leave the apartment. This I find unbelievable, since I didn't have all that much. He even stated he used more materials than was estimated. Again, I didn't believe it as I counted the number of rolls of tape that was used and boxing material (minimal). He then asked if the destination could receive a 53' foot truck. I said I was told that my items were being delivered on a 26' truck. He stated he knew of no such thing and that I'd be lucky to see my things on September 5th. I was shocked, but then what could I do? Then after I paid the bill in full the foreman stated, "okay you take care of my team." I said the best I could do was provide him a check for $50.00 as I only had a $20.00 bill. He was not happy and asked me to go get some cash, more than $50.00, as he didn't have any means of cashing a check. Then he went to get Edward Lamont Jackson, of whom I wrote the check too. I felt threatened as I was really concerned that my belongings would be destroyed or damaged because I didn't provide a tip larger than $50.00. Even though the paperwork stated gratuities were not mandatory, I felt seriously threatened to provide one.
When my furniture arrived in San Diego, CA I was charged an additional amount over $500 that was not identified nor suggested at the time that I decided on this company. These unidentified costs were a total surprise. Luckily for me I had the ability to pay. Not many would. My furniture was damaged, which I relayed to the "survey team." Who by the way didn't care. I notifed not only my relocation organization (federal government) but any one else who'd listen not to use this company. My furniture has been damaged, which needs to be corrected. I have placed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau in Maryland and filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs. If you are relocating, buyer beware!

West Hills, CA

#87 Jul 29, 2013
There does seem to be some confusion over the name. I did actually use America Van Lines from Owings Mills, MD. I wish I hadn't.

The basic gist is that they lost 2 boxes and a poster tube, plus they broke quite a few items along the way. For what I paid, I would have thought they'd take better care of my belongings, or got it here quicker than 3 weeks. After dealing with the claims department, the refund isn't anywhere close to what it should be.

I'm not exactly sure what was in the missing boxes, but even if it was rolls of toilet paper, it was worth more than $0.60/lb. The poster tube had painting reprints that cost at least $100. My broken coffee table was another $60. All the drinking glasses, vases, serving dishes, plates... none of it reimbursed because we packed the boxes ourselves.

I understand you can't guarantee the integrity of what's inside the boxes if you didn't pack them. Hopefully you can see these pictures of the boxes as they were delivered:

Crushed, bent, torn open to the point where my belongings were falling out. Frankly I'm surprised there wasn't more broken stuff! I've never seen things in this condition, never had this much damaged in all my moves combined.

At least $300 in lost and damaged goods, your outsourced claims department tried to give me $39. After further complaining, they said they can extend it to $89, and acted like it was a gift. Plus I have to get it notarized, so subtract $10 for that. All the legal jargon removes any responsibility from your company, and makes that $89 (actually $79) absolutely final. And what choice do I have? Either take it, or get nothing.

In the end I'll get 25% of what that stuff was worth, all because your people can't keep shipments organized or handle the boxes properly. They even tried to bring in 4 boxes and a table that weren't mine, luckily I was checking off the tag numbers as they came in the door!

I could have opted to have your people pack and unpack it, but I'm betting that would have cost a lot more. Check the pictures and try to tell me nothing would have been broken. Should I have paid for more insurance to cover the things YOU LOST??? Yeah you've got your fine print to shield you, and I'm sure you don't lose a moment of sleep with your crappy business practices. I'm hoping this serves as a warning to others.
Laurie Hughes

Dallas, TX

#88 Aug 23, 2013
They arrived at my place in Washington DC to move my Stuff to Texas. Made me sign a whole bunch of paperwork I did not understand as I suffer from a mental disable and I am was told my stuff would be moved at 43 cents a pound and $1600 and I paid them $1600 then they got all my stuff on the truck and wanted a extra $503 in Dallas.I told them I no way to pay that. I never agreed to that at all I even asked the BBB to help me and the movers sent my stuff to Texas over the weekend to arrive when they know I have NO Money!!! These people refuse to work anyone and I am contacting the Maryland AG to see what my Rights are about getting my stuff back from them. They lied to me. They promised me 30 days of Free storage and sent my stuff knowing I was broke and had NO money...criminals....I did pay $1600 in advance and I got the worst service you can imagine . All I was a bed and boxes a very small move. I will speak to Folks in MD about this company.

Minneapolis, MN

#89 Oct 11, 2013
AMERICAN VAN LINES EAST, located on Trask St in Tampa is, by FAR, the most deceptive and immoral company I have EVER dealt with. I am in the process of filing complaints with BBB (they are not members of, OF COURSE), the attorney general, every moving website that refers people to them and any one else I think may be able to help. It's too late for me, but I hope that I can help someone else avoid the horrible experience that I dealt with. Hanno & Josh...I am not really sure how you sleep at night. Liars...that really sums up AMERICAN VAN LINES EAST

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