Those Eyes, that Smile,
Stay with me Awhile.
That hair, That Grace,
You make my heart Race.

The Voice of an Angel
The Composure of a Dove.
Carrie you truly Were,
Sent from Above.

I'll Remember you Always
I'll Cherish you Too.
I Hope you can Love,
As I can love You.

I'll Hold your Heart Dearly,
Like No Other Man.
Our Goals we will Conquer,
God's Will is our Plan.

Step Out with Me,
Give My Heart a Chance.
We'll Marry and Love,
Forever Romance.

I'll Stand By Your Side,
I'll Never Stray.
Carrie My Love For You,
Makes Me this Way.

We'll Start out as Two,
God Will make us One.
I Know in Your Heart,
You'll love my sweet Little Son.

We'll Raise a Family,
I'll Always Care.
We'll Have a Baby Girl,
With Ribbons in Her Hair!

We'll Attend Church on Sunday,
The Children's Ball Games,
Our Love will grow Stronger,
Our Hearts Never Change.

Trust Me my Darling,
Reach Out to Me,
Iíll Show You how Love,
Is Really MEANT TO BE!