Lyndsey Lynch
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Lexington, KY

#1 Dec 8, 2010
i feel so sorry for ryan slone. they get into a wreck, lyndsey takes all his money from the insurance company, drops out of school, gets a fake ID, models for fake photographers, gets a boob job (by the way i heard they were hard and didnt look as good in person) and just parties 24/7. its not jealously hunny but something good with your money instead of spending it all on turing yourself into a slut. you have the potential to actually be somewhatr pretty but you have completely destroyed yourself. do you have any respect for yourself? you screw everything, you fall in love with every guy that gives you attention and you covered your "model" body with nasty tattoos. dont get me wrong, i love tats..i have a good amount (for a girl) but lyndsey are a girl! so quit covering your arms and everything like a guy would...its not pretty! everything on you is is your personality. the only reason everyone "loves" you so much is because you have money or you have screwed them. your nasty hunny..i thought you were a child of God. i mean, you are an mma get half naked for a living, you post your naked pix on facebook..yea u have a nice figure..too bad its all are just completely fake. deep down nobody really likes you..this is where money and sex come in. you are 18 years old lyndsey..not 21 or whatever you are telling ty wilson so you can work at zazou or and jona arent anything but sluts..every girl you come in contact with becomes a whore just like you. its sad. i once asked someone if you still lived with ashley true in a house you had rented or whatever with your wreck money and they said yea she does...i asked why you didnt live with your family still to invest in your money and actually do something with your life and i thought it was weird that you and ashley lived together..then they told me "sluts tend to flock together" well duh! should have known...a week later, i saw on facebook a picture of lyndsey and that same person hanging on eachother. i confronted that person about it, they said "are you stupid? she is easy and has fake tits..helps she has all the money, wouldnt you hang out with her?" i said no not really..she seems so fake id probably end up killin her by the end of the night and they said yea thats why you screw her then go on with it. just pretend to be her friend." poor lyndsey, everytime i hear your name there is some slutty stopry behind it..are you happy with this nasty fake life you live? who are you really under all the tats, fake tans, fake hair and fake tits?

Owenton, KY

#2 Dec 8, 2010
She is absolutely disgusting. It makes me sick just looking at her.
Wade Stewart

United States

#3 Dec 8, 2010
are you guys serious??? your really sitting on Topix talking shit. Cant we all just get along? Shes a cool chick and who cares whats shes doing? Live and let live. do what you do and live your own life.
Love one another

Georgetown, KY

#5 Dec 9, 2010
Damn.. so much hate over one girl. I dont know her myself so I cant say anything.
Lyndsey lynch

Detroit, MI

#6 Dec 9, 2010
I Think your pathetic, you sit down an write a whole story about my life an you don't know shit about me... Yes I got fake boobs but nothing else about me is fake..... I love my tattoos.... They make me who I am... They don't make me trashy!!!!! Ryan Slone? Really? I took no fuckin money from him or his family.... I got money to pay my 500,000$ medical bills... If u got shit to say, say it to my face.... Instead of writing it on here.... Thank you Wade... Ur a sweetheart
Lauren Brooke

Oklahoma City, OK

#7 Dec 9, 2010
this is ridiculous don't you have time to blog about something worthwhile and not dumb shit like this? I think its pathetic you divulge this much effort into finding info and stalking one person. Everyone does what they want... we should give props to the people that do things they enjoy and make them happy. Why do you waste your time? Everyone has their opinions, but you need to draw the line at defamation of character. I'm sure there's plenty of people who think your disgusting.... like ME! Suck it up and complain about something else like starving and homeless people or our economy but i'm sure that would take too much brain power for you to try and think about something with you pea brain. grow the fuck up and do something with your life instead of get on the internet and bash people. Ridiculous....

Shreveport, LA

#8 Dec 9, 2010
she's trash. that's all she's ever been in the past and all she will ever be in the future

United States

#9 Dec 9, 2010
Ok I'm a Slut? If u know anything about me u would know I am not a slut. And lyndsey is a very sweet girl she has a big heart and doesn't deserve people talking crap about her. U need to think about other ppls feelings before posting this stuff that's not true. Worry about ur own lives and we will worry about ours. Bless ur heart ...that's all
Kristi Corbett

Detroit, MI

#10 Dec 9, 2010
First off lyndsey had to drop out because of the accident an second she did not take one dime of ryans money so you really do not need to be running your mouth about shit you know NOTHING about. Also, lyndsey ashley and Jona are no where near being sluts they are all great people who have hearts bigger than they are. Whoever has time to write this whole damn thing really needs to get a life. Whoever you are must be really jealous that she has a modeling career and u don't. Tattoos or none she is still a gorgeous girl and doesn't deserve the nasty UNTRUE things you have said.
Whitney Lyons

Louisville, KY

#11 Dec 9, 2010
I mean who in their right mind has enough time to sit around and think about how this girl lives her life? By the way it is in fact her life! Obviously your no better than you think she is! Get a life, please. I mean I used to not like the girl but damn shes never done anything to me and I decided to grow up and not listen to all the rumors and judge the girl by actually meeting her, and talking to her. Why dont you try the same thing?
Lauren Brooke

Oklahoma City, OK

#12 Dec 9, 2010
ashley a slut? lol.... wow u dont know shit. and i know how lyndsey is beneath all her "fake" stuff... shes a extremely caring person who goes out of her way for anyone... says a lot about you all you do is go out of your way to talk bad about people.

Clarksville, TN

#13 Dec 9, 2010
who in owenton have lyndsey and ashley not slept with? having sex with multiple guys and not even dating any of them makes you a slut
Kristi Corbett

Dallas, TX

#14 Dec 9, 2010
You obviously don't know what your talking about cuz thats not true.
Wade Stewart

Clarksville, TN

#15 Dec 9, 2010
You guys wanna talk shit about Lyndsey being fake but you guys are on here talking shit under a shady FAKE ass screen name, come on how much faker does it get?
whats not true

Clarksville, TN

#16 Dec 9, 2010
lyndsey was having intercourse with nathan carter and called him austin (austin lawrence) she wasn't dating either of them...slut.
ashley went to prom with glenn smith, after prom gave justin toole a b.j. and then slept with taylor g. she wasn't dating any of them...slut.

United States

#18 Dec 9, 2010
Haha this shit is funny!! Really ppl don't have anything better to do than run their cock suckers?? Obviously you have your own personal problems. You talk about others to make wat you do not look bad please get a life. Why you worry about wat others do?? Are your really that nosey? Your one of those ppl who must know everyones business! Your really doing your homework aren't you? Haha love it! You make me laugh.. shit talkers all the way!!!

United States

#19 Dec 9, 2010
when and where did this wreck happened at with ryan and lyndsay?

was they hurt badly

United States

#22 Dec 9, 2010
Idk about her habits or if she even has them! But she's hot as hell that's forsure!
iwounderwhothisi s HMMMMMM

Louisville, KY

#23 Dec 9, 2010
Really people like to talk shit and have no idea what your taking about. Think you know it all do you? Well then why don't you call Ryan or Lynn up if you have the balls and get the truth. Lynn never took Ryan's money; that money was used to pay for her doctor bills and besides it's none of you business what she used her money on anyways. What does it matter to you? Why you got to hate on someone who is a very very sweet girl and would do anything the world for anybody, I love Lynn. She has the most beautiful eyes, perfect smile and great personality. I'm happy to be her friend that really knows her and so many more. So what if she looks good and goes and has modeling pics. She one of the most beautiful girls in Owenton top 5 at lest. Sound like someone is jealous and needs to back off. Oh there is a such thing called karma and better believe I'll be praying for it on the sorry lil bitch who wrote this retarded piece. Wow I feel sorry for you, better hope Ryan doesn't found out who this is cuz it wont be very pretty. You seriously have some issues. Get you story straight before you start shit that you can't handle. King Kong ain't got shit on me.
Lyndsey Lynch

United States

#24 Dec 9, 2010
Trash? What makes me trash? My tattoos my fake tits? Lots of people have tattoos.. Yeah I have them on my arms. So fuckin what.. Lots of WOMEN do. How is the rest of my body fake? please explain.. I think its hilarious that people in owenton are so miserable an so jealous of other people that they get on here an run there mouth about people they have never even talked to in person! Because half the people that run there mouth about me has never really talked to me. U go by what you hear. An most of the shit people love saying about me is fuckin all lies... If this is who 5 people have told me it is. Ur the nasty 1. Yeah I am a AAMMA ring girl. An I do get n a bikini. U STRIP! That's fuckin nasty. I walk around a cage a hold a sign. I don't shake my "ugly hard boobs" n peoples faces! Your the one not going anywhere fast. Why don't u take ur drug money an start doing something with ur life. Stop stripping an making a fool of urself bc I heard u aint to good at what u do! An ryan slone? That subject. Wow. He was driving entirely way to fast. I broke my pelvis n my back. I was on bed rest for 2months. I couldn't even get ur to use the fuckin bathroom. My mom had to put me on a bed pan!! I went threw a livin hell!!! That nobody but true friends an my family knows anything about. Yes I got pain an suffering money. But none of it came out of the slones pockets. I couldn't do that to them. "Hunny" nothing u said bothered me. Ur nothing!

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