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#2 Dec 8, 2010
Wow sounds like Bobby Lusby out of the Joint?

Eddyville, KY

#3 Dec 9, 2010

Louisville, KY

#4 Dec 9, 2010
Ok EMILY TRAMMEL ! We All Know Who Wrote This We Gave You A Place To Live And Provided For You And You Really Wanna Say Shit ! I Mean It's Completely Obvious Who Rote This , You Know Mike Has Been A Good Dad To Us ! You Know Damn Well He Has ! He Has Gave You Shit You Would Of NEVER Had ! So Get Your Shit Straight Before You Go On The Internet Runnin Your Mouth - I Mean Hell Your Pretty Good At That ! But Seriously Crack ? Dont Get OUR Family Mixed Up With You ! You Know Damn Good And Well That He Has Gave Us The Stuff We Needed And You As Well ! You Didn't Even Have To Say Your Name For Me To Know Who This ! And Your Really Gonna Bring Lyndsey Into This , I Mean Your Worse Then Her , So Next Time You Wanna Start Shit About Somebody Else's Family That Was Pretty Much Yours At A Time Revel Yourself ! K ? So If You Wannna Say Stuff About Me You KNOW You Can Say It To My Face , You Know My Number!- LOVE ELIZABETH LUSBY (:
Wade Stewart

Clarksville, TN

#5 Dec 9, 2010
Hell yeah Elizabeth, Mike has been good to you and dillon and dont let anyone tell you any dif. Mike is a good guy and as far as i can see a good dad also.

Louisville, KY

#6 Dec 9, 2010
Yes Wade I Totally Agree This Is Bull Shit ! Crack Really ? Ha ! Mike Has Gave Her Shit She Would Of NEVER Had I Mean Hell He Let Her Live Here Forever ! Mike Is The Best Dad In The World And If She Wants To Think Diff Let Her It Aint Hurting Us A Damn Bit ! Mike Has Been Here For Us And Zach ! He Has Done Everything For All 3 Of Us ! And She Can Take Her Nasty Ass Back To Deja Vu And Hop On That Strippin Pole !
Good Friend

United States

#7 Dec 9, 2010
You tell it like it is Elizabeth!!! I agree Mike is a good Father, Husband and Friend. He has helped alot of people in alot of ways. I for one will always be grateful for his kindness and his friendship. And as for him being on drugs thats the biggest joke that I have heard in awhile. You know some people just can't stand to see other people happy. And if this person doesn't watch what they say, they are pretty darn stupid cause they could be in alot of trouble with the law for slander!!!!!!

United States

#8 Dec 10, 2010
i know both emily and mikes family. everyone has a bad past..no one should be judged for it. things happen. i talked to emily last night after reading this and i really dont think it was her. things happen and things are said and done..people just need to chill. these things should not have been said about mike OR emily. they are both good people and these things are not true. Elizabeth, i know emily has done a lot for you and yes i have heard mike has done a lot for her. this is all nonsense and i think this topic should be closed...all of it should because all it is doing is causing rumors for owen county and these people. i know dillon and emily are fine and happy together now..i dont know whats going on with mikes family but im sure they are doing well also. just let everyone be happy..i mean why is everyone writing these things about everyone? especially this forum because emily and dillon are dating so she is around mikes family right? this whole website needs to be deleted.

Louisville, KY

#9 Dec 10, 2010
I Mean Really Just Cuz Her Life Sucks She's Gonna Sit Around Makein Shit Up About Other Peoples Family , That Draws The Line !
Zach McDonald

Danville, KY

#12 Dec 12, 2010
Wow. Its sad that you have nothing better to do than just get on here and try to start stuff and ruin other peoples reputation. my father has been there for me all my life, he has been a great dad to Elizabeath, Dillon, and me. He has given us everything we have needed and more. For you to say he is on drugs and is not a good father or husband is absolutely ridiculous. Sounds like you are the one on drugs, looks like you got messed up the other night and decided to get on here and bash the people you hate. I love Dillon to death, he's one of my best friends. Dad did everything for him, but Dillon made his own decisions. dad didn't make them for him, and if this is Emily, Dillon should dump your ass for saying that about our sister. Lizzy is a beautiful girl, and its sad you would attack a 15 year old, grow up. This whole thing is one big drug fueled lie, for your efforts you are awarded no points and may God have mercy on your sorry pathetic soul!

Sincerely Zach

Louisville, KY

#13 Dec 12, 2010
Awwhh Zach ! I Love Ya Brother (: I Totally Agree With Ya , I Know It's Emily All I Have To Say About Her Is She Better Not Come Close To Being Around Me , If She Wants To Act Like A Kid I Can Treat Her Like That ! She's 20 I'm 15 If It Floats Her Boat To Talk About Me That's Fine But She's Not Gonna Say Stuff About The Rest Of You All ! And For The Most Part Mike ! But Whatever , Karma's A Bitch . That's All I Have To Say ! Love Ya Bro , Call Me (:

United States

#14 Dec 13, 2010
who is this emily?
how is she related to mike, zach or elizabeth?
who who

United States

#15 Dec 13, 2010
Emily Nicole Trammel

how is she kin to mike and tammy ? zach, dilion or eliazbth
Bubba Ray

Danville, KY

#16 Dec 13, 2010
She is Dillon's girlfriend, she is a big drug addict.

United States

#17 Dec 13, 2010
are people still getting on here and talking about this? really? im tired of hearing about it all as a friend of emilys and knowing the mcdonald family. obviously emily hasnt retaliated so why do you all keep acting like children? this whole thing back and forth is drugs this, drugs that, blah blah blah... i was with emily and dillon the other night and this is the last thing on their minds, emily spoke with mike a couple of times and its cleared, its the family that needs to let it go because emily has. as for dillon, he is standing behind her all the way, told me personally that there was no way he was going to leave her because thats who he wants to be with. people make mistakes and according to emily she tried to fix it but this particular subject page about mike cant be deleted because of all the activity. and im sure emily/dillon had a rough past but she is doing great for herself now. i have known the girl since 5th grade and i have never seen her more happier or doing so great in her life. as a friend i can say that i am proud of her. im sure mike has made mistakes in his past also but people change and move on so maybe this bubba ray, elizabeth, zach, good friend need to also. call emily if there is any problem. she is always with dillon so talk to her about it then. according to her, other than mike, no one else from the family has tried to say any of this to her. she wont even get on this webpage because its all drama. she knows she made a mistake and she fixed it and is now done with this site and this all together. as a close friend of both emily and dillon i feel i have the right to stand up for her and clear this. im sure the "bubba ray" is elizabeth, i dont know. but let the girl alone. past is the past, no one can move on if they cant let go. i was with her at work when she spoke with mike, twice, everything is cleared and they both agreed on no problems between eachother. apologies were accepted. she respects mike and he respects her for trying to clear this but if the family keeps writing and writing when no one cares anymore but zach and elizabeth, then this about mike cannot be deleted.:) great day and God bless.
who who

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#18 Dec 13, 2010
what happen to the first post number 1 it starts with post 2

To Friend

Richmond, KY

#19 Dec 14, 2010
If I was Zach or Elizabeth I would be doing the same thing. That was a b*tchy thing to do, and they have every right to defend their dad's honor. Zach is a really good friend of mine and everytime I was around Mike he was extremely nice. He didn't deserve to have that happen, and if he did forgive her that just goes to show you what kind of man he is...
twisted angel
#20 Dec 16, 2010
wow u know it shocks me how they can judge somebody mike zach and lizzy r wonderful ppl and u have the nerve and say that.
twisted angel
#21 Dec 16, 2010
u know u all need 2 back off zach has always been there 4 me and his family is wonderful so look at ur useless lives b4 u judge someone elses.

Owenton, KY

#22 Apr 17, 2018
Everyone should read this!!! This is the sh*t!!!

Owenton, KY

#23 Apr 17, 2018
This is the stuff that stories are made from for the rest of their life!!!!

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