If you post a post on here useing someone elses name in the title. you are very bored and that person must have really got to you if you can make time out of your day to tell the world something about a person that is probaly exagergatted times ten. so this is really a site for people who hate seeing other people do them. and wants others opinons on them cause they really care about them and dont say they didint when on you if you have to hide your name on here and wait around to see if someone else will try and agree with you about this person to make yourself feel good and make the other person look bad but the person your trying to make look bad has already made you look bad thats why you post a post on here to try and make the other person who already made you mad look like a dumbass and you think your right cause an anonymous person is agreeing with you about someone you have so much jeousley for you to post a post on here. my conclusion is this site is for people who are clearley jealous of someone else and want to bring them down cause thier happieness is killing them but are obvilously worried about them cause obvilously thier on your mind an awful lot to post a post about them