Aspen Dental reviews?
good service

United States

#22 Mar 25, 2013
I use Audibon dental. Never over charged me, and great service! Aspen sux!!!!!!

Anderson, CA

#23 Mar 25, 2013
Worst place in the world I am in debt $2, 500 for work I had done that im having to go to a new dentist to fix, on top of that they have done 4 fillings for me and 3 have fallen out in less then a yr and when I called to have them fix it they were gonna charge me for new fillings. And they have no I mean no people skills.
Satisfied patient

United States

#24 Mar 25, 2013
I went to Dr. Travis Wilson. His hygienist done a really good job. All I had done was a cleaning but was very satisfied.
good service

United States

#25 Mar 25, 2013
Fact is ANY place is better than Aspen, or the Freys!

Hopkinsville, KY

#26 Mar 25, 2013
Aspen is all about the money. They're a gimmick dentistry! I go to Travis Wilson, he's cheap, fast, good and honest. His main office is in beaver dam I think but he's here in owensboro every Thursday. He's even open on fridays where most dentists aren't. I'm very pleased with the work he did for me.

United States

#27 Mar 26, 2013
hahaha wrote:
Aspen is all about the money. They're a gimmick dentistry! I go to Travis Wilson, he's cheap, fast, good and honest. His main office is in beaver dam I think but he's here in owensboro every Thursday. He's even open on fridays where most dentists aren't. I'm very pleased with the work he did for me.

Like wow! I can't believe that! Not from what I've heard!!!

Hopkinsville, KY

#28 Mar 26, 2013
Well wrote:
<quoted text>
Like wow! I can't believe that! Not from what I've heard!!!
share with the class?

Independence, OH

#29 Jun 25, 2013
I strongly URGE anyone to NOT go to Aspen Dental. I went to have an abscessed tooth removed and ended up w/a full-set of dentures. Aspen Dental only does procedures for the money, they have no personal regard for you. They will empty your wallet, if they can. Aspen Dental in Parma, Oh. was the one that I went to. I was in pain and in a vulnerable position and the sub-standard, unprofessional, greedy dentist Dr. Mehboob G. Abdullah took advantage of it "ALL FOR PROFIT" once he found out about my husbands salary and insurance, without any compassion for the patient. I had 27 teeth pulled out at once and he didn't even give the option of going somewhere else to be put under general anesthesia. My 1st. set of expensive teeth were sabotaged, they weren't mine but w/my name on it (I wish I could prove it). They were way too big and distorted my face. He then had the gall to tell me that implants were my only hope. This to try and get MORE money out of me. I made a complaint to the Dental Board and had my 2nd. set finally done RIGHT "no charge". Please do your research on any dentist you go to see, to save your teeth!!! There is absolutely NO reputable, professional dentist that would pull all of your teeth out because you had an abscessed tooth, even if you do have gum problems. Professional dentists try and save your teeth, not pull them all out for PROFIT! I regret every day ever stepping into an Aspen Dental.
Keshia Basham

Chicago, IL

#30 Jun 26, 2013
They did a great job filling all my cavities. Of course I ruined them by eating too many cookies.
Ashley E

Lincoln, NE

#31 Jun 28, 2013
I scheduled my first appt. online so i didn't have to talk to anyone, and they called me THREE times to confirm my first appt. annoying, then i get there and they do 30 minutes of x-rays and i'm gagging the whole time.. they tell me i need a crown worth $1000, and have 3 cavities and need a cleaning, try to talk me into a whitening and a bridge.. they tell me at the end all this is going to cost me 10,000. NO WAY. they say they will work with me on payments and set me up for this CARE CREDIT card.. and go ahead and charged me for the work..THAT I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE APPTS FOR YET!!!! i did some research and found metal crowns are much cheaper and don't chip (compared to the ceremic crown they told me i needed for 1,000) when i went in for my teeth cleaning, i told them i wanted a metal crown,(its way in the back anyway) and they said NO ONE DOES METAL CROWNS ANYMORE.. i told them i found 3 other offices that DO METAL CROWNS.. they acted like they were shocked. i scheduled my visit to get my cavities fixed, and they called 2 times to verify my appt.. AND THEN 2 HOURS BEFORE MY APPT. they called to cancel because they had triple booked that spot.. I HAD MY APPT. SET FOR 3 WEEKS i canceled all my appts. and went in there to pay for my cleaning.. the girl told me she can't take payment right now because their computer is broken.. i ask her to at least tell me how much the cleaning was.. and she gave me the total of all the work they said i needed...i told her i canceled all those visits and was NOT PAYING FOR SOMETHING I NEVER EVEN HAD DONE. she could not help me and said they would credit back my care credit card!!!!!! how the hell can they even charge me when i was never even there for those visits!!!! i asked for my file to take with me to go somewhere else, and she gave me 2 little sheets of x-rays. when i know DAMN WELL THEY TOOK MORE THAN THAT!! this place sucks. and is bogus. i had a follow up cleaning scheduled that i was going to cancel, but then asked if i was already charged with it, and she said yes i was already charged for both visits because they are considered one service.. so if i don't go to the 'FOLLOW UP" THEN I'M SCREWED OUT MONEY FOR HALF THE SERVICES!!!!!!!

Bradenton, FL

#32 Aug 2, 2013
I had a crown fall out and saw an ad for Aspen Dental doing "free" stuff for new patients. It was $378.00 to glue the crown back on and get my first "sonic cleaning"; I qualified for Fortiva credit. The x-rays showed a black spot that the dentist suggested I go see an endonotist a specialist she referred me to. The specialist's got me Care Credit so the consultation fee was deducted from the $1100.00 root canal treatment; it's a little higher than a regular dentist for the part of Florida that I live in but an abscess was forming and he was surprised that I wasn't in pain. He was good and thorough plus did premed for infection and sent a report and post back to the Aspen dentist. The shocker:$1,497.00 fee for a crown! Extremely high priced as they go 599.00 899.00 and 999.00 in my area. I found no info about fees or anything on the Aspen home page and google plus phoned other dentists in the area. My crown is porcelain fused to metal as I made sure to ask the office manager before booking the 2 crown appointments. I cancelled the next cleaning as the Fortiva payment now doubled. Floridians-"stand your dental ground" with Aspen and no charges that you haven't had services for, ask questions and book only what's needed at the time-you can call back for another appointment. I know I was in a jam dentally and won't go back for any other dental work.

Phoenix, AZ

#33 Sep 13, 2013
Went there and they did the free X rays and exam. They said I had 11 cavities, 2 bridge work and several other procedures. The extremely young assistants did not know what they were doing, especially with the x-rays. When I was done they sat me down in a financial office and told me they could do everything for around $7,000.00. I swear I was in a car dealership buying a car and expensive options. I'm old school where you went to the same trustworthy Dentist all your life. I recently moved here and needed a new one. It's been a long time since I went but I didn't realize that these chains are really not medical but the glorified McDonalds of teeth.

Columbus, GA

#34 Oct 30, 2013
Awful!!! I went because I had chipped the crown on my front tooth and needed the crown replaced.

When I arrived, they told me that I was three days late for my appointment. Funny, because I had only booked the appointment the afternoon before. "Must be because you booked ONLINE!" said the receptionist, as if I had done something very deviant. I had booked online, but I had called the relevant local number to confirm the appointment.

Then the dentist insisted that I have a FREE mouth X-Ray. I declined because I have a thyroid condition, and dental radiation can worsen thyroid problems. They refused to even look at my crown unless I had an X-Ray so that they could see if I had "malignant lesions in my bones" or an "abscess in my jaw", or a "problem with my bite". At this point I was cornered in a very small room by three staff who were talking very loudly and condescendingly at me. I decided to leave.

A problem with my bite? BITE ME!!! Guess what, Aspen? I am in charge of my health, not you. I know what is best for me. Not you. Arrogant prats.

Owensboro, KY

#35 Oct 30, 2013
Aspen is good I've not had no issues with them and didn't charge me no more than they was suppose to Audubon sucks there dentures don't even make you look like your real ones were they look more like baby teeth and now since I went to aspen my smile is amazing :)
Aspen sucks

Minneapolis, MN

#36 Oct 30, 2013
They are a scam people, they will get you in there and work on your teeth and intentionally f them up so that you keep coming back. I had a tooth that needed a filling, they filled it up crappy and the next day my tooth breaks in half. Secondly they put a filling in my back tooth (a small filling) and it fell out and now I have a gaping hole in my back tooth that gives me extreme pain. I went to aspen only because I paid a large sum of money up front and was pretty much screwed from that point on. I remember going in one day and them saying they needed to look at all my work I had done because the previous dentist (switched dentists between my many visits) had screwed up everybody's teeth and they were fixing them all for free... Long story short I was gonna quit messing with aspen when the work i paid for was done but they drug it out for 2 years and by the time I was almost done my insurance had expired so they tried to say I owed them 500 bucks even though I paid like 6 grand up front for the WHOLE deal 2 years ago... DON'T GO PEOPLE THEY WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE
Aspen sucks

Minneapolis, MN

#37 Oct 30, 2013
And just for reference the tooth that broke was from a crappy 50 dollar broke all the way up to the gum so guess what the next option was??? a 6 or 700 dollar 3 tooth bridge. I felt like that sh#t was planned. and some of the other shady stuff like fillings falling out left and right just didn't seem to add up. It seems apparent to me now that they were doing bad work intentionally to make more profit, hell who knows maybe they secretly train there dentists how to f stuff up without making it look like it was intentional.
he she

Owensboro, KY

#38 Oct 30, 2013
I went to Aspen just for a cleaning and left with gender reassignment surgery! Wtf! Life as Rebecca hasn't been that bad though.....

Rochester, NY

#39 Nov 13, 2013
I went to Aspen to get a cleaning but was refused service when I didn't agree to their prescribed treatment so I walked out. Can't believe that a professional company would turn down a service! I wouldn't recommend them to ANYONE since we are the customer and should always have the final decision in our own health care. 11-12-13

United States

#40 Dec 28, 2013
Nasty staff. Very unprofessional when checking in.pc office...was told i needed a filling and also gum went somewhere else for second opinion and nothing all i really needed was a cleaning.. they are crooks and shouldnt be in business... never again.

Oklahoma City, OK

#41 Feb 9, 2014
I had the best experience I have ever had at a dentist in 65 years. Dr. Spears and the staff were amazing. She was kind and thoughtful. She was very professional and thorough. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone. The staff responded well to her. You could tell that each and everyone of them respected her. She was honest and made my procedure pain free. I never felt anything and her kindness made this visit a positive experience. I will never go anywhere else. It is very difficult to find a dentist in ardmore Oklahoma. However, I have found one and am completely confident that my dental needs are going to be met with competence and professionalism. I am grateful!!!

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