Did city officals do right in firing ...

Did city officals do right in firing OPD officer?

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OPD supporter

Central City, KY

#1 Oct 8, 2010
I think it is a damn shame that our city officals fired officer Coomes. Everyone can be a monday morning quarterback and say I would have handled this situation differently but Coomes did what he had to do to get a situation under control. if this inmate had managed to pull a officers gun and kill someone then we would all be saying why didn't they do more to stop him. I feel honored that OPD has officers such as Coomes on the force. I just hope when a dangerous situation arises that the responding officer doesn't have to second guess his actions thinking that he is being video taped. Officer Coomes, I commend you for your dedication and I wish you and your family the best. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
If It Was Me

White House, TN

#2 Oct 8, 2010
if it had been me, i would have cracked the guys head with my knight stick.

Owensboro, KY

#3 Oct 8, 2010
Maybe I don't have all the facts correct. My understanding was the officer handcuffed a prisoner and then proceeded to beat him? If that is the case, then yes, I wholeheartedly support his dismissal.
Mr Obvious

United States

#4 Oct 8, 2010
I'll chime in before all the druggy low lifes of Owensboro get in and post.

Could Officer Coomes handled the situation better? Yes. Should he have been fired over it? No.

The jailer should have not took the cuffs of the guy till the paper work was done, and he was ready to go back. That was the number one mistake. And I bet it won't happen again.

But the number one goal of an officer is to go home to there family at the end of there shift. Officer Coomes did that night. And if that means losing your job, so be it. Coomes did not charge the subject. The subject did on his own merit. If it were me, I would have been in worst trouble because he would have kissed the back end of my flashlight.

The City of Owensboro who still cease to amaze me in there decisions on running this city, made a bad example that day they fired Mr. Coomes. The message they sent was, if you antagonize the officer, then try to attack him, you can get him fired. Which is exactly what happened.

And please if you are judging from the chopped and cut video the news put out, do yourself a favor and go to youtube and view the entire 15 minute clip before passing judgment.
OPD supporter

Central City, KY

#5 Oct 8, 2010
It appears to me in the video that the inmate was being very uncooperative in answering questions during his booking and that his handcuffs were removed in order to get his cooperation. This was probably the only mistake that was made. Not enough to warrant an officers dismissal. I hope that these city offical's realize that they have probably ruined this fine officer's reputation and maybe his career. These men don't become police officer's for the money or the power, they do it in order to try and make a difference and to provide for their families.
Frank Castle

Owensboro, KY

#6 Oct 9, 2010
IMO cops should be allowed to beat the living hell out of anyone that has broken the law, so I don't think he should have been fired.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#7 Oct 9, 2010
[QUOTE who="go to youtube and view the entire 15 minute clip before passing judgment.[/QUOTE]

Ok, I went to YouTube. If it is there I missed it. Could some kind soul make a working URL to this video please.
Mr Obvious

United States

#8 Oct 9, 2010
KyUserGene wrote:
<quoted text>
Ok, I went to YouTube. If it is there I missed it. Could some kind soul make a working URL to this video please.
Westside resident

White House, TN

#9 Oct 11, 2010
The officer seemed to be aggravating the situation by ordering the inmate's cuffs to come off, then challenging the uncuffed inmate to stand up and fight. That doesn't seem like trying to control the situation. I'm not sure it's something to get fired over, but the officer did not appear to be without fault. Another issue he was brought before the commission on was "impeding an internal investigation." I couldn't find what that meant.

Perhaps that this was the second incident involving Coomes this year factored into the decision to fire him. He was reprimanded earlier this year for his gun going off while grazing a suspect.

The Chief of Police backed the City Commission's decision, saying he didn't believe Coomes' explanation of what happened. He knows more about it than I do.

Owensboro, KY

#10 Oct 12, 2010
opd does a sucky job at standing behind their officers.the officer should nopt have been fired.the guy was a punk so he got what he deserved.that is the problem today criminals have too many rights...
Blind People

Richmond, KY

#11 Jul 10, 2013
Sadly, if he had killed the inmate he would probably still have a job. I feel sooooo bad for this officer.
badbad cop

Hopkinsville, KY

#12 Jul 10, 2013
The police officer should have remained calm under the pressure...it's part of his job. He was antagonizing the man and basically poking, and egging the situation on. Sadly that's the kind of things that sick people do when they are in some power or authoritative position because it makes them feel good. I'm glad he was fired, he could of lost his life by being such a prick and abusing the authority that comes with his badge!!!

Owensboro, KY

#13 Jul 10, 2013
I am sure every piece of meth using dope head is happy to see this, but the fact is, junkies are human garbage

Owensboro, KY

#14 Jul 10, 2013
I am sorry to see anyone loose their job. But ....everyone knows you can not argue with a drunk and the guy yes was acting up. Yes the officer was goating him. I don't even think the guy was brought in by Coomes. He would have had not reason to even speak with him. A police officer should have better control over himself than to act the way he did. I know several people that were furious with the command of OPD and even the jailer for taking the tape to the police . I just said please watch the tape then let me know what you think. After watching it.EVERYONE of them felt like the whole thing was uncalled for. Honestly shocked them. Everyone knows everything down there has a camera on it. I don't know Mr Coomes but I do feel like he was wrong. What does concern me however is..... if he did this when a camera was on him. What had he done when there was no video..
konspiracy theoree

Richmond, KY

#15 Jul 10, 2013
They are always watching you!!! Plus .. Those Command people have a do as I say not as I do attitude ... I've personally overheard the former chief skeens laughing about the good ol days of beating up drunks .... Again I say .. Do as I say, not as I do attitude!!

Madisonville, KY

#16 Jul 10, 2013
One less 'hot head' to menace the citizenry of Owensboro, in my opinion. I'm sure there are good, upstanding law enforcement personnel out there. I've just never met them. On a side note, I am not defending the criminal element. They deserve what they get

Owensboro, KY

#17 Jul 10, 2013
As an policeman, he really should not antagonize a drunk. That makes him just as low as the criminal. Should he have lost his job? Well, that's debatable, i guess. But he was in the wrong.
konspiracy theoree

Richmond, KY

#18 Jul 10, 2013
They are watching you!!
ashley davis

Owensboro, KY

#19 Jul 10, 2013
i know my man shane voyles, the victim in this matter, is a little bit slow, but he did not deserve to be tased twice and slammed to the ground. he's an itty bitty lil guy and just a little poke would have made him sit down. im still hoping i get paid out of this incident.

Chicago, IL

#20 Jul 10, 2013
We need more cops like that to be fired. People who want to be assholes and instigate, and then abuse their authority by beating a drunk guy up when he obviously wasnt about to fight, but was jumping up in frustration, get what they have coming. It would be one thing if he looked like he was actually gonna make a move, but he was nowhere near the officers, and was being provoked when it it was obvious he was highly intoxicated. Then they tased him when he was already subdued, just because they were pissed off. Complete bullshit. Maybe more officers will think about beating the shit out of a guy and using unnecessary force on someone. Personally, i wouldnt have talked to any cops like that, but the cops should have had more restraint than that. The fat cop was just looking for a reason to jump on that guy

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