Dr. Olusola (SP?) aka wally?

Dr. Olusola (SP?) aka wally?

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concerned mom

Owensboro, KY

#1 Apr 25, 2011
Is he a good psychiatrist. Any opinions on this doctor?

Owensboro, KY

#2 Apr 25, 2011
Most people love him..I went to him a few times and think he is racist and an idiot!...of course thats just my opinion!
prefer to remain anony

Owensboro, KY

#3 Apr 25, 2011
Dr. wally is alright. I got stuck with this weirdo therapist that didn't need to be a therapist. Her name is Frances. If you get her go somewhere else. How she got licensed is beyond me. She talked about her personal life the whole time and told me the psych meds she was on. YIKES!!!!!!!!
good dr

Minneapolis, MN

#4 Apr 27, 2011
I have went to him for 5 years, he is a very good dr. i think, he scared me a little at first but then i got to know him, he cares about his patients, but is not the type of dr to goto just to get pills like some of these other drs are. he will not over medicate you.
i dont think so

United States

#5 Apr 29, 2011
My mom has went to Him for years till lately she sees a new one Wally is a quack ! He didn't help her at all took her money an pushed her out door like he had no time for her i would look around before see n him !!!!

Tomball, TX

#6 Jun 20, 2011
I have Been over medicated by him lol
He is always triple and quadruple booked for appointments so expect to wait!

he knows his medicine though and has helped me in some bad situations

Bad at record keeping...

Owensboro, KY

#8 Aug 11, 2011
1. The waiting room always smells really bad.

2. The black woman that checks you in is very rude. She yells at you and will ROLL HER EYES AT YOU. I don't know why he lets someone like that work for him.

3. The wait time is always hours. When I say hours. I have waited THREE hours.

4. I have a very good education but Dr. Wally talks to me like I'm a dumbass. I mean really condescending and rude. I have never had a doctor treat me the way he did. I'm a person not a dollar sign.

I looked around and found a decent psychiatrist out of town. DO NOT SEE DR. WALLY. He needs to see a psychiatrist himself.

United States

#9 Aug 16, 2011
He asked me what I wanted to do in life and when I told him he said I was drips and went on about how successful his life and his children are. He is really obsessed with himself.

United States

#10 Aug 16, 2011

Owensboro, KY

#11 Sep 22, 2011
concerned mom wrote:
Is he a good psychiatrist. Any opinions on this doctor?
If you're looking for a psychiatrist in owensboro then you will quickly learn there are only like 5 actually in the city which sort of amazed me for a city of its size - Wally is not necessarily an awful doctor - he seems to have wierd spurts - normally he will take the time to listen and actually act like he is earning his money - other times he is like people have said here, condescending and rude and very short attention spanned - but its kind of a mute point I learned just today during a river valley call regarding finding a new dr that he is moving to Tell City Indiana they said - I cannot however confirm this so by no means take this as an etched in stone sure thing - he will and in my case has over medicated before - by his own admission he has at least in my case - he seems to like to throw drugs at people then shuffle them off to one of his therapists - he has told me i wont be able to know if a drug regimen is working for 6-8 weeks but then changed that very regimen 3-4 weeks later - ummm, im no medical expert but shouldn't we wait til we know if its working or not before we change it - if you get a decent therapist you can seem to accomplish more by going thru him/her then you can by actually seeing Wally - but as someone here pointed out already - in my opinion if they try to assign you to Francis just say hell no and protest before allowing this - she doesnt need to be a therapist she needs to seriously see one - honestly I would be amazed to find out if she doesnt actually see one... Im not sure if ive helped or not but in my experience you have to judge this type of situation case by case - if he sucked trying to help everyone else but actually helped you then to you he would likely be a good dr correct? just be prepared to wait then wait then wait some more - try to schedule early in the day if possible because he stacks them in the waiting room without doubt but anymore what doctor doesnt.

Bowling Green, KY

#12 Dec 5, 2011
He has just taken in my wife @ Brentwood Meadows. He did seem to listen to me & he did call me as her last physc. did not even give the time of day. She seems better but time will only tell. We have been going thru her situation for a year & it is very discouraging to not have this better by now.

Russellville, KY

#13 Dec 13, 2011
He is a horrible doctor, he told my friend she would lose her baby and she didn't and he is a PSYCHIATRIST, I am surprised if anyone who worked for him was sane, I heard that he medicated half his Staff, screamed at them and didn't pay them right, so yeah if his Staff is weird, it probably is him rubbing off. He doesn't like women and is a racist, he thinks everyone is a drug addict and orders Kaspers's on everybody, and yeah that one woman who checks you in always rolled her eyes. IT did stink in the waiting room and I had to wait forever, and maybe that and his lousy record keeping is why he is not practing here ne more. Just sayin' he is all about his money and hisself.

Cadiz, KY

#15 Jan 19, 2012
I have some comments about Dr Wally: He has helped me to get relief from my depression for the last 8 years, finally got a correct diagnosis for me. I am an RN and could never have continued work without treatment. I realized that what Dr Wally needed during the appointments was a short, precise description of my symptoms, no more. He is not there as the therapist but as the physician who will help treat your symptoms so that you can have a chance of getting better as you work with your psychotherapist. It takes a process of trying different combinations of medications and psychotherapy to get better. It's not always an overnight thing either; it takes a while sometimes to get the results. Patients might go in and expect to be cured after a few months, but that may not happen. Be persistent; educate yourself on your diagnosis; be a partner in your treatment to the best of your ability; don't stop trying out therapists until you can find one you trust and can relate to. That way you can understand what symptoms you need to report to the doctor. This is the approach that works!

Russellville, KY

#16 Jan 22, 2012
Wendy you were a nurse so he listened to you, that is not what the other patients here are sayin, he dont listen. He was looking on computer and always showin videos of his son playin some instrument on utube like the cello or violin or something, that aint therapy, that aint, he shouldn't be getting paid to tell u what his family does, and if he is too busy to listen he sux as a dr, that is his job,u r in healthcare, so you got a diff experience then the rest of us, have an open mind, u know drs treat diff pts diff, he dont like the ones with problems or who aint rich, he dont like us..
Past patient input

Madisonville, KY

#17 Mar 9, 2014
concerned mom wrote:
Is he a good psychiatrist. Any opinions on this doctor?
known him since he started his practice. A patient of his fir 3 or 4 yrs. I told him several things repeatedly & every time I would see him he would say I should have told him. In short, he was confusing, contradictory, ego-maniacle, apathetic,, presumptuous, pompous, & never listened to me. I cried at one point & he brusquely told me to straighten up. I think people bore him. Good luck.

United States

#18 Dec 8, 2016
I need a good psychiatrist!? I am looking for a current#for Dr Wally. Anyone help new out with that, or the#of a good Dr?

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