Review: HR Staley Agency

Review: HR Staley Agency

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Sr Consultant

Endicott, NY

#1 Jun 11, 2013
I was referred to this company by a auto dealer. The whole experence was horrible. They were rude and condescending on the phone. They botched up my policy five times, and incorectly billed me. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND PICK A REAL AGENCY
The real Sr consultant

Endicott, NY

#3 Jun 18, 2013
Oh and by the way did you notice that person did not have the courage to mention who they were, I told you who I am. The truth is powerful, so lets ask this person who they are so we can figure out if they paid their insurance bill or were a bad driver or one of the ones who took a policy then withdrew the money out of their bank account and got cancelled for non pay, come out of the curtain and tell us who you are so I can tell the people the real situation.

Nathanial E Robertson, Jr
Perfect 10 Marketing
and Sr Consultant Hr Staley Agency

Horseheads, NY

#4 Jun 18, 2013

Just a suggestion but imho the proper response as a business owner would be to tell the person in question that you are sorry they felt they had a bad experience with your company... and that you would welcome their input so that you and your organization could learn from any mistakes that may have made so you could provide better service in the future...

It's just a suggestion...
Ruth Pac

Buffalo, NY

#5 Jul 17, 2013
I sent all my info to this agency waaay back in June to have insurance for July 1. got the runaround for weeks. Finally July 10, I went to an agency and signed with them. On July16, I get a bill from an ins. co. and I was signed up for automatic payments. AFTER I told them no auto payments. The declaration page had mistakes on it. I called and talked to Heather to cancel with them - and she became verbally abusive to me on the phone - screaming at me. This is a professional woman? And she REFUSED to cancel the policy that was shoved on me. I yelled back at her THREE TIMES to cancel the policy and she refused. I called the company direct and they are NOT happy with Heather Staley.

She tried to lay a guilt trip on me because one of her workers is a relative of mine. So? The work I wanted was NOT done, it took over a month, and I STILL don't have insurance cards. It does not take a month and "hours of work" to get car insurance. It only took 30 minutes when I took my business elsewhere.
Ruth Pac

Buffalo, NY

#6 Jul 17, 2013
and I will not be anonymous - Ruth Herr Sippel Pace -
I will not be screamed at on the phone like I'm a dog - by a professional.
It does not matter if a relative of mine works there or not - I'm a customer and what I wanted was not done - despite me trying for a month. that's unacceptable.
If you don't do what your customer wants you to do - you run the risk of being fired. And they were. end of story. Learn how to do the business insurance, AND learn how to treat customers.- I admit that I yelled - but AFTER Heather started screaming at me, refusing to do what I directed her to do.
Any professional woman who screams on the phone like that - to a customer - needs some anger management training.
I was thinking, this is going to a business phone call - just say, I'm not happy with this policy you gave me, I went elsewhere, just cancel this one. NO - it turned ugly real fast - and I was left dumbfounded, actually shaking! A professional businesswoman, screaming at me like that? She's lucky she's in a different city than me - cos I would have called the cops on her for verbal assaulting me like that. Can you imagine if this happened in person? I'd would have called 911 right away.
get some professional help Heather.
Ruth Pac

Buffalo, NY

#7 Jul 18, 2013
I find it interesting that Mr. Roberston, instead of doing what Michael suggested - using a proper business response to a disatisfied customer - resorts to "bullying" techniques, which bears out the truth in what that customer and myself said about this agency - rudeness reigns over there.
For Mr. Robertson to bring up the customer's "past" - speculating if that person did "bad" things, like not paying their bill, or being a bad driver, is a bit like blaming the victim of a crime.
I did nothing wrong - except agree with my relative to find me cheaper insurance - my rates soared after a car accident on April 26, 2013 - when a careless driver slammed into me, and totaled my completely paid for 1995 Voyager. Our replacement vehicle, a 2010 Dodge caravan is financed, so we have to have full coverage now.
My relative said she could fit me out with a policy and it took her over three weeks. This is not acceptable. It is irrelevant if it is my relative - she could not do the job. And I specifically said I can't have automatic payments as I get paid every 2 weeks. I said this to her on the phone, she said ok, but then I was assigned to automatic payments.
One of the things that Heather screamed at me when I told her this - "maybe there was a misunderstanding."
Maybe, but there were TOO MANY misunderstandings.
I was a potential customer of this agency. I was not given, nor seeking for, preferential treatment because my niece works there. As a customer, I expect to have good service, a good product, and a helpful attitude when problems are brought to the attention of the workers.
I called my niece several times during the past month with questions, never given a satisfactory answer. At one point, she didn't check her email for over a week. Supposedly her laptop has a virus - are there no computers in Staley Agency office for her to use?
And when I call the boss with my concerns and decision to take my business elsewhere, I am screamed at, bullied, told that no, she will not cancel the policy that I do not want, my relation to one of her employee's thrown in my face.
If my niece or Heather want to succeed in business - they'd better get on the ball.
Ruth B. Pace - Ruth Herr Sippel Pace on facebook.- I sign my name to this complaint/review.
Ruth Pac

Buffalo, NY

#8 Jul 19, 2013
and the finger pointing starts.
The Staley Agency is now blaming Harleysville Ins. Co. because they routinely redline residents in Buffalo NY as deadbeats.
I don't give a rats rear who is at fault. I sent all info on June 7 - she received it on June 9. I was given a choice of NYCM or Progressive. I chose NYCM. Then I' signed to Harleysville - no explanation. Phone calls with questions were answered with "I don't know." No follow up phone calls with answers to my questions.
Time was running out. Geico was going to cancel me for non-payment on July 10 - so I went else where. I didn't want Geico anymore and wanted another ins. company. I had NO policy paperwork, no insurance cards from any replacement company.
When I finally got paperwork from Harleysville, July 16 and 17 - I see mistakes, I'm signed to automatic payments when I specifically said I didn't want that. And Heather's name was on the declaration page. When I call that person - Heather - I'm yelled at like a dog.
Face it Staley Agency - YOU f'ed up. YOU screamed at a customer on the phone - instead of asking, "what can I do to fix this mess."
NOW I'm getting answers - the time to give me answers was a month ago - and I stand my ground - it does NOT take a month and hours of work to place a customer with car insurance.
One of the choices I was given by Staley Agency was Progressive - I am now a Progressive customer via an agency 2 miles from my home - and it took her only 30 lousy minutes to do it. And I was given an immediate insurance card. And I already got my policy paperwork from Prog. yesterday in the mail.
Everything was botched from day one via Staley Agency - and I still have to make sure that Harleysville doesn't take $$$ out of my bank account. I don't have time to correct other people's mistakes and shoddy business practices.
Ruth Pac

Buffalo, NY

#9 Jul 19, 2013
and before I'm labeled as a dead beat - I didn't pay my Gieco bill on July 1 because I was tying to get another company.
I was paid up to July 1 and instructions were given to start me up on July 1.Geico gives me a 10 day grace period before they cancel me. As soon as I had Progressive in place, I returned home and called Geico and explained that I was now with Progressive and I was canceling my policy with them. I also asked how much did I owe them for the 10 days of coverage (July 1- 10) that I received during the grace period.
I was actually due a refund - because I had overpaid in May and received it within a week.
I understand the practice of redlining - Buffalo IS an economically depressed area, but if Staley Agency had previous problems with them WHY would they write me up with them in the first place and NOT advise me of what was going on.
It was the delay and keeping me in the dark and then finding out mistakes when finally got the paperwork that led me to my decision to FIRE this agency.
As to Heather screaming at me - well, as I said before - she's dam lucky she's like 300 miles away from me. Try that crap to me in person, and you might get your face slapped.

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