Extra Security at Owatonna High School

Extra Security at Owatonna High School

There are 58 comments on the KAAL TV - Minnesota story from Nov 20, 2009, titled Extra Security at Owatonna High School. In it, KAAL TV - Minnesota reports that:

There will be extra security at Owatonna High School this morning. The precautions follow racial tensions between Somali and white students.

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law and order

United States

#1 Nov 20, 2009
You know the white kids are going to get all the blame for this while the Scumalians get off free.

Minneapolis, MN

#2 Nov 20, 2009
Yeah, I hate how white people are always being discriminated against and treated like second class citizens in the country they founded...wait.

Madison, WI

#4 Nov 20, 2009
The Somalian community should also address this problem internally. They need to hold a forum and reason with the troublemakers and tell them their behaviors are not acceptable.

In Rochester this morning there was a fight between African American students and Somalians at one of the high schools.
Maybe they need to question why they seem to get in fights against every minority group out there. Somali v. Whites, somali v. af ams, somali v. asians etc..
Hmm I see one common element...Somalians.
they came to America to get away from their war torn country, yet seems like they're bringing some of what they left behind with them.
If they suffered PTSD, then I suggest they seek some help.

Owatonna, MN

#5 Nov 20, 2009
Something needs to be done before some poor kid gets hurt bad or killed!

Big Lake, MN

#6 Nov 20, 2009
ay mr.LAW N ORDER and MR.Betteroffdead wat the hell are you guys talking about What do you mean white people always being discriminated they aren't the one's being blamed for this the Somalians are i don't kno why in the news it says 40+ somalians ganged up on 1 white student(it doesn't make sence) If the somalians were racist THIS HATE CRIME PEOPLE ARE SAYING WOULD HAVE HAPPEN LONG TIME A GO AND IT WOULD HAVE been more deadly 4 ex.. 2 years ago the somalians n the mexicans were fighting it was way more brutal than this current incident)more than 1 person was sent to the hospital and Not one article in the news or anyting but just because 1 person 1 white person gets hurts every news hears about it. how does that work im tired of white people thinkin they are more superior than every other race we are all human beings for god sakes we can die anytime its not even the students fault more so the parent because they keep scaring their own kids into thinking they are gonna get hurt and writing false comments on the net.

Waunakee, WI

#7 Nov 20, 2009
School authorities have to come up better ways to easy misunderstanding between studentds. for sure some kids are learning hate from home.
keep in mind what goes around comes around.
let these kids understand the importance of life, respect and above all harmony.

Eau Claire, WI

#8 Nov 20, 2009
hey i dont think this will stop if the school dont the kids come and go to one rooom and talk about this situition and let them know they all one nation and be friends or this wont stop for every if the school doesnt do that. i know my somalians boyz they wont mess with you an less you mess with them and this needs to stop asap or theirs is going to be more to come ya dont know play fare game with this white kids and somalianz and everything will be coool.

yo boi from stp stand up parkview hights what it dew

Kasson, MN

#9 Nov 20, 2009
Lazy, you don't seem to understand you talk about a fight 2 years ago between Somalians and Mexicans. Sounds like numerous parties involved on both sides. This fight on Monday was started when 20 to 40 somalians approached/attacked 1 student. I believe 3 of his friends had to step in to help and he still ended up in the hospital from his head being stomped/kicked. Also the day he read his paper he was approached/shoved around by multiple Somalians. He Had to be escorted out of school for fear of being attacked after being threatened. Seems to be a common problem I believe the fight on Wednesday was the same way numerous Somalians approached 1 to 3 students attacked/fought and the main target of the Somalians ended up in the hospital. What's wrong with this picture? Unfortunately someone is going to have an opinion against someone else no matter who it is. If this would have been reversed your community would have been up in arms ranting and raving that 20 to 40 white kids have attacked 1 to 4 Somalians and would have wanted something done ASAP to protect your children. The parent's of the students who have been attacked have every right to be upset there children were attacked with brutal force in a MOB like manor. There was a better way for the Somalians students to handle themselves and obviously they are not being taught this at home. Your not in a country where you are at war!

Faribault, MN

#10 Nov 20, 2009
That stupit bitch is wrong there was only 5 against 4. You people should have interviewed somali students . Racists Bitches
White parent

Faribault, MN

#12 Nov 20, 2009
OMG our kids are scared bitches someone help us.

Owatonna, MN

#14 Nov 20, 2009
There is no such thing as a "Somali Gang", there's as many white students involve too, so why have such a name for the Somalis
Racist runs the town

Mankato, MN

#15 Nov 20, 2009
Somalians bleed but who talks bout that plus schl didnt even send the somali student that was hurt to hospital. old ladies flicking off somalians, policy staring @ u, vice principle yelling @ somalians for no reason, schl saying over the intercomes "somali student and some of our caucatian students". Students asked for correction of words to calm down misunderstanding but officials did nothing about it. They have sick strategies which is to act scared, digrade ur religion/culture, and use their police fathers for intimidation. Somali teenagers have better common sense then all the racist parents running the town combined. All I can say to all races r please understanding the somalians r being held under strong racist thumb. Police were all over the schl today till all white students were on their buses or inside schl then left ouside which left the few somali students unprotected.

Ellendale, MN

#16 Nov 20, 2009
we people should have interviewed the somalis? I think many people have tried..

Ellendale, MN

#17 Nov 20, 2009
But they declined

Kasson, MN

#18 Nov 20, 2009
SOMALI SWAGGER, the fight's I was talking about was in Owatonna that is what the story was on. And if you believe the 5 against 4 thing you mistaken. They are interviewing everyone that is why it is taking so long for the school/police to do anything. It seems like their so afraid they might step on the rights of the Somalian student I think they forgot about the two students who ended up in the hospital due to head injury's.
Samiya, here is the definition of gang "a group of youngsters or adolescents who associate closely, often exclusively, for social reasons, esp. such a group engaging in delinquent behavior." The authorities watch whom ever is causing the problem(s). If a Somalian student was hurt why is it the parent didn't bring them to the hospital?? Tell me what type of common sense does a Somalian student have from the examples I'm going to give you. 1. In the lunch room two police officers were talking with a group of male Somalians and 1 tried to take the gun of the police officer. I'm not sure if they were doing it as a joke or not but what a good way to get shot. 2. Why is it that when your youth wash there feet in the toilet (ya I said toilet) that they can not use their common sense and wipe up the floor. 3. Taking a school lunch everyday that is free to them and throwing it away just to make the lunch people mad. 4. Just walking out into the street without looking. Hmmm could this be lack of common sense or maybe lack of Respect. You also say that the police stayed at the school until only a few Somalian student's remained. Why would they need to stay any longer?? Who do they need protection from themselves? Is it not bad enough you waste how much of our tax dollars!! I'm not racist I've actually never thought twice about the Somalian race until now. My children formed there own opinions. My child tried to enter school Thursday and was threatened. Now that's a ever lasting impression. Sorry for the old ladies flicking you off, may you cut them off. That seems to happen alot. I think the bottom line is RESPECT. Give it and you get it.
Racist runs the town

Mankato, MN

#19 Nov 20, 2009
One of the white boys that wrote the hateful paper n his parents decided to lie n get on OPP, which opp excepted and flew with it. The somalians have dealt with racist town since moving to owatonna so when the families r under investigation from the whole town, school officials, police, suspended, and have court date r they suppost to trust opp. Think about it, they can not b/c they r letting officialls do their work. Appearently this has been imposible for racist n noisy owatonna whites. Small towns gossip but funny how when all the real info comes out, it ll not match with racist/fake gossip blogs. I have to applaud somali parents for calming most situation by not stooping low n talking crap like racist white parets. Apple doesnt fall far from the seed. so, somali parent need time and respect b/c that what they gave u after all of the racism, true colors really come out huh. If owatonna wants compete with world wide then except difference or your economy s gona suffer. All of this comes down to respect, hope lots of parents and children take something out this experience or it will not get better.

Ellendale, MN

#20 Nov 20, 2009
Wow.. if they lie.. why is there a boy that is in the hospital suffering from swelling of the brain!.. Its not just this case that Somalis are out of control.. about a month ago a Somali went to the back of the bus, and punched a kid because he would not give him some crackers... Thats not acceptable..It would not be acceptable if i white kid hit a black kid for the same reason! They need to learn respect..
Racist runs the town

Mankato, MN

#22 Nov 21, 2009
Do ur research please before concluding whole community n am sure every somali boy that does anything s expelled, thrown out of the bus, or suid. this is how rumors stars. there r lot unequality so for respect for the parents n official ill keep it to point. know wat u r talking bout. but unlike white community we feel bad for whover got hurt on both sides. What a shame gohome. So start with respect the respect thing with ur self. thank you!!Sad b/c wat u just did s how racism spreads, by generalizing sooo much.

Ellendale, MN

#23 Nov 21, 2009
I never said that every somali boy does it.. everyone who acts like this needs to learn respect.

New Gretna, NJ

#24 Nov 21, 2009
Wow i did not realize based on these comments how many white self hating liberals are in this state.20 "somali youth" beat up a white boy and all i read on here is justification for their actions .Liberals like to give free passes to these somali kids.I am sure when the white youth in that school give them a response you libs will back the white students ,right ?I think not.Wankers

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