Lawsuit Filed Against Department Of H...

Lawsuit Filed Against Department Of Human Services

There are 303 comments on the News on 6 Tulsa story from Feb 13, 2008, titled Lawsuit Filed Against Department Of Human Services. In it, News on 6 Tulsa reports that:

Read the lawsuit by clicking the link inside this story. Lawsuit Filed Against Department Of Human Services Posted: Updated: The lawsuit, known as D.G. v. Henry, charges Oklahoma's Department of Human Services ...

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Larry Banzet

Claremore, OK

#1 Feb 13, 2008
Rogers County DHS is the worst in the State. Children are taken away from families and family members can not see the children at all!!! Family members should be able to take care of the children like Grand Parents who love and adore thier grandchildren but they are placed in the care of DHS. This is just a racket to bring in federal and state funding to the County coffers when the families haft to spend thousands of dollars on attorneys and jump through the loop holes in order to see their grand children. I believe that in many case's children are being taken from families because they are to poor to fight the system. Just take a look at the web site started in Rogers County this stuff is really going on in our country today. In one case here in Rogers County DHS showed up at the Hospital because a woman was admitted for an illness, they found out she was in the hospital and showed up and asked for her labor to be induced so they could take her baby premature. A family member found out what was going on and stopped it. That lady moved to Kansas and later had the child. She was brought to court in Rogers County later thinking it was about getting her first child back from DHS and when she appeared in court she was asked where her new born baby was and was jailed for not telling the Judgew where the child was. This lady no longer lived in the State of Oklahoma but they wanted her baby anyway. She was jailed and later went to court and before going into court she paid for a court recorder to record the hearing but the Judge would not allow the court recorder to record anything said in the Court. She (Judge Post) later told Krystal Carman of the Claremore Progress (news Paper) and a gentleman named David Starkey who started the Grand Jury web site that if they reported anything about this she would put them in jail. True Story look up Claremore Progerss web site and see story for yourself. The Judge was Dynda Post

Thank You for your time and again please see the

Keota, OK

#2 Feb 14, 2008
I know of other forster parents that have NO business with children. One woman taped a two year olds thumb down with duck tape. to keep her from sucking it. dhs did nothing, the child was left with her. she belittles and mistreats the children in her care, yet she is still parenting.
we have made dhs aware of several people who need their foster care permit pulled and nothing has been done.
fingerprints, mug shots, and blood, hair, and urine for drug testing , back ground checks, are used by the casinos in neveda, before you can work for them.
Casinos have stricter codes for working, than what dhs and our school systems do for people in charge of our children.

“Caring father.”

Since: Feb 08

#3 Feb 14, 2008
My children were separated and placed in at least two different counties. Then my brother "volunteered" to be the kinship care. Note: it was he that filed the false allegations in McIntosh County. It was he that absconded with my children and their psychotic mother. The children would have been better in foster care. The extreme emotional and physical abuses he and his wife committed upon my children are almost unspeakable. Then he wanted visitation rights! The filed three protective orders against me at a cost of more than $10,000 in legal fees. On January 16, 2008 Judge Dean EXPUNGED and SEALED these PO and my record is clear. They had planned on going to McIntosh County and asking for full custody in the divorce case. Judge Dean one up them, he placed a second legal caption and therefore made the Public Order a final custody order in the divorce case. The best the children's mother can accomplish is a modified visitation. Though she must first realize that she gets visitations. Last report she was under a recommendation for inpatient mental health care.

My attorney, the Haslam Law Firm, is days from filing litigation against these officials that wrongfully took my children and held them for over twenty-eight months.

It is my belief that if a parent involved in a DHS case would file a copy of my Public Order in their case, proving that DHS can, and does error, they may win their case. At the least the credibility of the DHS personnel would be questioned. One Rogers County father had his judge, Erin O’Quin, recuse and withdraw, just because he hired the Haslam Law Firm. He now has a Mayes County judge assigned to his case. This father has not seen his children (ages 3 and 5) for over 8 months. The mother was CONFIRMED last year by Creek County DHS to be sexually abusing the same two children. Judge Erin O’Quin, on advisement of Rogers County DHS supervisor Bergdorf, placed both small children in the care of their mother. Please keep this father (E.P.) and his two small children in your prayers.
I care 2 little 2 late

Muskogee, OK

#4 Feb 15, 2008
What happened to the two posts made on Wednesday 2/13/08 at about 4:30pm, mine and a worker's from DHS defending their professional position. This employee had the audacity to say that "blown placements" are not uncommon due to the bad behavior by the children. It's no surprise to me, after my girlfriend, who is a "DHS disaster case", was handcuffed and taken from school in Seminole Oklahoma, right in front of her classmates at the age of ten! That was gross, and DHS can't understand why the children behave badly? How about the concept that maybe children upon reaching the age of self-identity also feel indignation and have no way to be heard or respected. This kind of frustration leads to depression, according to the research. I have seen this very same methodology applied to adults by the legal system, and by DHS as well. Being heard is a fundamental concept humans need in order to feel validated as a person, which some agencies refuse to give to people, starting with the very young, often by parents too. I honestly believe that more intelligent men understood this about two hundred years ago and we have failed to respect their wisdom, much like our own children will do in adolescence. This is what happens when a society puts the elders out to pasture and fail to listen to them as well, myself included. Nevertheless, any agency that thinks it knows better than the rest of us, and seeks to homogenize society at the expense of natural diversity (for good reasons) better be prepared to suffer the consequences for their arrogance - If only we could high-jack the money from their private bank accounts instead of from the taxpayers, as usual, say about $412.00 per month per employee for six months? That's fair i think.
Kathie Briggs


#5 Feb 15, 2008
To many children have been failed and we need to demand change and that is what this lawsuit can bring. It shames me that Oklahoma is number one for child abuse and neglect deaths. They were put on notice years ago that there was a problem and the numbers show there is no improvement.

I lost my granddaughter, Kelsey Briggs, after months of documented abuse and several court hearings. She was placed back in the mothers/stepdads home and was murdered four months later. Her spirit had disappeared and her physical condition was declining. This was brought to the attention of DHS several times. They saw her on a regular basis, but yet did nothing.

We have to help the children that still live in fear and still have a chance. We have a group that actively works to bring awareness to this growing epidemic. I invite you to be a part of this group. We have a kickoff rally at the Capitol on Feb. 21st at 1:00pm on the first floor.

If you have a story you would like to share feel free to post it. Many people are coming forward since the lawsuit was filed. It seems we have only touched on the problems. We have to many good people in this state, including DHS workers and foster parents and they need the changes so they can properly care for the children.

United States

#6 Feb 16, 2008
my brother and sister were raised by the system right there in tulsa county. we were all put into state custody in 1981.we were molested and abused. my sister grew up to be a street person suffering from severe mental illness, and my brother killed himself right there in tulsa in 2002. he was only 28.some system, huh?
harvey phillips

Oklahoma City, OK

#7 Feb 16, 2008
my kids are being taking from there father untill there 18years old i pay (593.00 a month) and they are very scare of being in DHS CUSTY !
Grandmother Sis

Dyersville, IA

#8 Feb 17, 2008
With the lawsuit against the DHS. My one comment is How Many Native Americans are under Custody of the DHS. That the Indian Child Welfare Social Services of the Indian Tribes in Oklahoma don't know about

If DHS has Indian Children in custody, have they notified the Tribes, that they have them?

Can you or at least someone answer this?

United States

#9 Feb 17, 2008
i think we should all stand up and be accounted for and take some money from the already corrupted system. what do you all think?? make them pay us back for messing up our minds when we were kids.
harvey phillips

Oklahoma City, OK

#10 Feb 17, 2008
I think the system needs new judges that will stick up for the system and kids !
Jeremy Hoar

Oklahoma City, OK

#11 Feb 17, 2008
Grandmother Sis wrote:
With the lawsuit against the DHS. My one comment is How Many Native Americans are under Custody of the DHS. That the Indian Child Welfare Social Services of the Indian Tribes in Oklahoma don't know about
If DHS has Indian Children in custody, have they notified the Tribes, that they have them?
Can you or at least someone answer this?
Thanks for bringing this up. My wife was in the system from about 4 to the age of 17. She's part Pottawatomie Indian. She and her sisters never knew Any of her Aunts and Uncles and still is trying to re establish ties with them. She also didn't know she had a lawyer the whole time until she'd been released into the CHUBS program at 17 1/2 (Thank God!). Anyway, I can't answer but, I'm sure this is another statistic that will take awhile to figure out.

“Caring father.”

Since: Feb 08

#12 Feb 18, 2008
Point of fact. My children's attorney was listed as a "friend" or attorney of one of the plaintiffs in the DHS lawsuit. On our upcoming litigation, she will be listed as a defendant. Had she ever spoken to the children and followed their request it may have saved them 28 months of terror. This attorney knows who she is, knows that my attorney has had a grudge against her for years in failure to represent her clients. Take the case of Jacob. Jacob was going to testify in favor of his father in Tulsa. His attorney failed to pick the 15 year old up for court, then lied to the Tulsa judge that Jacob was unavailable, yet wanted his father's rights terminated. Jacob's case came up in our case when Haslam made a written motion to disqualify the children's council. Judge Erin O'Quin, great legal mind that she is (not), denied the motion.

Watch out Rogers County! The Haslam Law Firm is days from filing litigation against you. We are still gathering complaints for the Rogers County Grand Jury Petition. When we get finished there will be a whole lot less corrupt officials in Rogers County, they will be residing in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections!( )

If anyone needs a COMPETENT attorney contact Don at

Williamsburg, IA

#13 Feb 18, 2008
OKDHS workers hide behind state laws that keep individuals from filing lawsuits against a worker for doing their jobs and making mistakes.

Those same Workers then DO NOT follow the Oklahoma or Federal Laws. They think that they are above the law. OKDHS workers believe that they are all powerful and all knowing. OKDHS workers believe that they can pick which laws they want to follow today and then next week they pick a different law they want to follow. They routinely violate parent's and children's civil rights with no worry of being held liable civilly or criminally. Depending on the way they feel that day depends on which law or policy they might or might not follow. The OKDHS has their own rules also known as OKDHS POLICY they don't think that any of those rules or policy apply to them.

OKDHS as individuals and as a whole wake up every morning thinking oh I don't want to worry about following the laws, or the 10 commandments. I bet that number 9 never cross their minds.

Number 9.

"Do not bear false witness against your neighbor"
One must not bear false witness in a court of law or other proceeding."

Williamsburg, IA

#14 Feb 18, 2008
Try reading some of the policy of the OKDHS. Their own rules that they don't follow.

“Caring father.”

Since: Feb 08

#16 Feb 19, 2008
Has anuone read what the Rogers County DHS director stated in the Sunday Claremore Daily Progress?

I am emailing her story to everyone I can, including Howard Hendricks, Area V director and so forth. In the past two years I have gathered a collection of many DHS email addresses. Have also emailed a copy of the story to my attorney,

This should prove useful when we call Ms. Box as a witness in the Hall v Henry, etal case soon to be filed......

I am a man of my word, Ms. Box, and I promised you that I would get custody of my children and raise them off the interest from the money YOU gave us! Please cc my attorney the next time you wish to be the Spokesperson for DHS! Again thanks for the assistance.

“Caring father.”

Since: Feb 08

#17 Feb 19, 2008
Client Testimonials

"Wow!!, Don Haslam is an awesome attorney. Arrogant, conceited and proud. But, a Pit-Bull in court. Treated my mother with the utmost respect, but went after the State’s witnesses with extreme aggression. Well worth his fee!”

James A. Hall, Rogers County client

Williamsburg, IA

#18 Feb 21, 2008

“Caring father.”

Since: Feb 08

#19 Feb 21, 2008
Anyone wishing to speak with me, please feel free to email me at If you will email your phone number I will try to return your call during the children's nap time.

Jim A. Hall
Battered Men of Green Country
Isnt fair to childeren

United States

#20 Mar 13, 2008
I am a 31 yr old single mom with low income back in 1997 the department of social services started in on me im not well educated and dont know where to turn about my problem with them so i read this site and was wondering if anyone could give me advice.I been dealing with them from 1997- present (2008) This has been rediculous and they been harassing me for all these years i willing gave my childeren up in 2000 because i was to my whits end the social worker i had didnt help me but just made things worse for me untill everything went down hill and they broke me since then i have had savere depression,anxiety and see a therapist on a weekly basis.Now i am 31 and my son gotten takein from his father and i am capeable of takeing care of my son and they are still giveing me a hard time.I been threw alot with them to takeing my rights away without my knowning to them trying to brive me now i am sick and tired of the threats and what they are putting me threw i need to fight this my childeren since they have been out of my life been threw sexual and physical and emtional abuse.
I need some help on gettin on the right track to make the people that are hurting my kids pay instead of makeing a single mom with low income pay for something that she didnt do.


Miami, OK

#21 Mar 14, 2008
My family was failed by OKDHS. I had two children that were taken by DHS. they pressed criminal child neglet charges against me and agrred that if I "stipulated" to the alligations, They would drop the chares. I call that legall blackmale. I was young and my attorney failed to tell me what stipulated ment.(ageeing with the alligatios) When they felt that the alligations made weren't going to hold any truth, they made up new alligations. That only prolonged my childrens stay in DHS custody. After a period of time I had another child that was also taken from me right out of the hospital. I fought tooth and nail to get my children back and so did my parents. I never won the battle because I couldn't afford a good attorney. They have since then been adopted and I pray that someday my children will come and find me. I fought for 2 years and with a corrupt system and I believe that my court appointed lawyers was corrupt as well. I lost my babies to this awful Government funded program.

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