Is This Fraud?

Management at Tech Ridge Office Park Tulsa led the Villas at Yorktown apartment manager, and the lead engineer for Tech Ridge, to believe that he was a full time employee. Because of the false information provided to the apartment manager at the Villas at Yorktown; (a faxed document verifying the employment of the lead engineer) a one year lease was granted. Because the employment of the lead engineer was ended the previous month, does this false information amount to defrauding the apartment manager. The employment of this engineer was said to have ended in Nov. 2012. The faxed document, verifying his employment, was sent on Dec. 20, 2012. Also, during the period from Nov.2012 through March 4, 2013; a period during which the engineer was on workers comp, the manager at Tech Ridge continued to handle doctor reports, that the engineer was required to provide to the employer and workers comp. insurance. At no time did the employer indicate that the employment of the engineer had been terminated. Did the management of Tech Ridge Office Park defraud the engineer, by not informing him of his employment status, and acting as the employer by handling the medical records.