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Packing Heat

United States

#39215 May 4, 2013
Clear Channel has been the "BIG DAWG" in the over the air ways broadcast media for some time and they have favored the "right wing wackos" in their programing lineup for just as long. I'm happy to see that the chickens have come home to roost and I hope that maybe they will see that "left wing radio" can be a profit maker and reprogram shows that they carried in the past and bring some balance to the air waves.

United States

#39216 May 4, 2013
Maybe his illegal fling with pain killers (illegally obtained) may have dampened his brain a micro-tad. And here's a scary thought... Rush having sex! SCARY!

United States

#39217 May 4, 2013
This is by no means a defense of the guy in question. Sadly, this just means a lot of hard-working, talented people way down the food chain will be cut to make up the difference.
It doesn't flow uphill at Clear Channel or anywhere else.

United States

#39218 May 4, 2013
I do not disagree with your assessment indeed it doesn't flow uphill any where unless there is a blockage then with back pressure it will rise toward the top the point being that at places like Clear Channel the flow needs to end period and those talented and hard working people need to go to work somewhere else and if they can't find somewhere else to go then they should take another look at the GOP's obstructionist policy's supported by their network as being the reason they are lacking the opportunity to move on to bigger and better employment and reflect that the next time they vote
Dr Jones

United States

#39219 May 4, 2013
The main thing now is to remain steadfast. Eventually Rush’s excessive ‘salary’ will come into play. Eventually he will be asked to leave.

United States

#39220 May 4, 2013
Susan wrote:
<quoted text>
Hope you notice "justaminute" answered a post in reference to your response to "FAKE Donnie". Interesting?
Very enlightening...geez, probably hears voices all the time.

United States

#39221 May 4, 2013
Dr Jones wrote:
Boycotts Against Rush Limbaugh Thriving – Clear Channel Hit With Millions In Losses
Clear Channel, the parent company of nationally boycotted radio host, Rush Limbaugh, is feeling the Bain – I mean the pain. Yesterday after the stock market closed, the media giant released its 1st quarter earnings report, showing a tremendous loss.
Wall Street Journal, May 3, 2012: CC Clear Channel …reported a loss of $203 million, versus a year-ago loss of $143.6 million.(The Limbaugh boycotts began last year in the first quarter) Revenue fell 1.3% to $1.34 billion. Revenue from media and entertainment, the company’s largest segment, was down 2.2%, Operating expenses dropped 3.5%.
Clear Channel Media, is the vehicle used by private-equity firms Bain Capital LLC.
This is very bad news for Clear Channel CEO, Bob Pitman, and President, John Sykes. Surely while frolicking among their good will charities, taking in high salaries, and handing out massive Clear Channel employee layoffs, they saw this coming.Yet they allowed blatant racism, sexism, gay-hatred and bigotry to air on their 600 radio stations. I wonder if all the liberal friends of Pittman and Sikes know the two Clear Channel execs oversee right-wing extreme hate radio with not only Rush Limbaugh, but also Glenn Beck and Shaun Hannity. And I wonder if the hundreds of artists like Justin Timerberlake, Elton John, Pink, Taylor Swift, Greeday, Band Perry… know that, through Limgbauh’s ‘all American’ sister company, iheart radio/iheart Festivals, they are indirectly helping to support Limbaugh’s hate and lies? I would bet those artists don’t know.
They are aware just like they are aware of the misrepresentations and lies that are plastered in every media known to man from the progressive liberal, George Soros funded groups. NO new news there, princess.

The bottom line is as long as they are making money and their career is headed toward greater success your agenda isn't going to mean much to them.

Your post did say Clear Channels operating expenses fell 3.5% which is a positive for them. Silver lining?

United States

#39222 May 4, 2013
Handing 12 year old condoms and 15 year olds plan B without parental notification is a violation of the parents rights with their child. Parents are totally responsible but the "state" or the "government" is saying we know better and we don't care what your personal standards are we are going to allow little Johnny and Susie to order condoms online at the age of 12 for free. And since we've given your children grown up toys like condoms and let's suppose they used the condoms we gave them and experienced a tear or other questionable situation then little Susie if she 15 can buy over the counter without parental consent plan B the day after pill to get rid of any pregnancy.

What keeps a 12 year old who is receiving condoms for free online, to use, from asking a friend who is 15 to supply them with the morning after pill or plan B?

This isn't made up people it's real in The California Condom Project and is run by the California Health Council and is currently expanded operations to Fresno and San Diego counties.

The good taxpayers even afforded the delivery service to any 12 year old who orders condoms on the website.

Who was the progressive liberal commentator who was quoted saying "parents are going to have to get over the notion that their children belong to them." I think she is associated with CNN?

What would give a parent the idea that their children they are 100% responsible for belongs to them?

United States

#39223 May 5, 2013
Ex-Supreme Court justice has second thoughts on Bush v. Gore

By Mark Murray, Senior Political Editor, NBC News

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor expressed doubts that the nation's highest court should have ruled on the controversial Bush v. Gore case that decided the outcome of the 2000 presidential election.
"It took the case and decided it at a time when it was still a big election issue," O'Connor told the Chicago Tribune editorial board on Friday. "Maybe the court should have said,'We're not going to take it, goodbye.'"
The Tribune has more from O'Connor:
The case, she said, "stirred up the public" and "gave the court a less-than-perfect reputation."
"Obviously the court did reach a decision and thought it had to reach a decision," she said. "It turned out the election authorities in Florida hadn't done a real good job there and kind of messed it up. And probably the Supreme Court added to the problem at the end of the day."
O'Connor, who was appointed to the court by Ronald Reagan in 1981, was part of the 5-4 majority deciding to stop the recount in the crucial battleground state of Florida.

Conroe, TX

#39224 May 5, 2013
I would say better late then never, but in this case, we will be recovering from this debacle for decades to come!

was part of the 5-4 majority deciding to stop the recount in the crucial battleground state of Florida.

The day democracy died in this country...

If you can beat em... cheat em...

Conroe, TX

#39225 May 5, 2013
12/13 years too late.......Justice O'Connor.
Packing Heat

Conroe, TX

#39226 May 5, 2013
At least Justice O'Connor has the courage to admit a mistake. Al Gore would have carried Florida, had the standards applied by the Florida Supreme Court been upheld. There would have been no war in Iraq...saving our country 5,000 in war dead and about $2 Trillion. The only thing now is to learn from our mistakes and look to the future. Justice O'Connor has taken the first step.

Conroe, TX

#39227 May 5, 2013
GW Bush - The man that should have never been President, the man that Americans wish never was.

'nough said.

Conroe, TX

#39228 May 5, 2013
To anyone who has ever said "The Constitution is whatever the Supreme Court says it is", you got what you deserved and can never, ever say the election was stolen. The rest of us can speak on the matter w/o hypocrisy. That said, while those folks got what they deserved, the country did not -- a total debacle which I hope we can avoid in the future.

Conroe, TX

#39229 May 5, 2013
A new book soon? For the Bush library, no doubt. Will have to make some room, who gets pushed aside, Milne, Seuss, Sendak, or the Wily E. Coyote coloring book?

Conroe, TX

#39230 May 5, 2013
Do you think Gore would have done anything worse than the Iraq War Horror Show? How about the disastrous deregulation and Bush tax cuts? How about the explosion in deficit spending from balanced budget and surplus to $1.4 Trillion in annual shortfall? How about the fact that the entire country fell into free-fall under the reign of Bush (financial industry, automotive industry, housing market, skyrocketing unemployment)???

How about the possibility that somebody other than Dubya might have actually acted on the intelligence PRIOR to 9-11???

Defending GW Bush is a fool's errand.
Dr Jones

Conroe, TX

#39231 May 5, 2013
Reality of it is, this DID happen 13 years ago, and to cry over spilled milk at this stage is counter-productive. As badly as things went in the time since that election, now we have to pick up the pieces and move on.

Conroe, TX

#39232 May 5, 2013
Al Gore didn't lose. America lost when the Supreme Court took over and made a judgement on strictly political lines in a matter that was a state issue.

Conroe, TX

#39233 May 5, 2013
I just spoke to Miss Cleo....She said she got a message from the Great Beyond that Ronald Reagan has Second Thoughts about nominating Sandra Day O'Connor

Conroe, TX

#39234 May 5, 2013
mm, maybe we would have thrown all our forces into Afghanistan, ignored Iraq, and gotten Bin laden in 2002 instead of 2012....

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