I live next door to a severely abused animal. I have asked Rogers County Sheriff to come to the aid of this animal. When they look at the condition of the animal and the health hazard of this animal standing in his own excrement. They find a bowl in the pen and say there is nothing they can do.
I need help. This starving dog has gone uncared for in freezing winter suffering increasing as another Summer approaches. almost die from exposure to the elements.
Tacorra Hills is in Roger's county on highway 88.
Making this situation worse is my neighbors are Hoarders. I need suggestions help for this animal who can not speak for himself. My neighbor has threatened me for asking them to please stop this abuse.
Roger's County Sheriff said I can spend my own money to hire a lawyer and file a civil case. My only recourse spend my own money and time taking neighbors to court? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.