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Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#1 Sep 19, 2011
YES Lundy did use Dead Sheriff Bill Croimie's name in 2003 I never said to either him or Michael Dehm in 2003 when the Marla Miller get out money out of Oswego plan was in motion. I NEVER said his name. Lundy then and I don't give a rats ass right now about what "rights" Lundy has in this because of my postings about what REALLY went in 2003 to 8-17-11 in Oswego and how it all became the deadly story it is..THIS INFORMATION IS ALL TRUE and the only way I can get MY side of the story out. So from the his use of Bill Cromie's name whom he knew was dead. Just like Wallen dropped a "$700.000.00" tag on his dead to me also then. Then on 4-12-09 Lundy not only does not give a dam again BUT then later tries to incriminate me in the Lindsey issue...well that was pretty clear that's what up from the start of it...Like he was going to finish it NOW he outs clothes and HE DID at the Oswego Thrifty shop knowing what Maegan Buck had done to me in 2007 we talked about it.I had to call him...and then he does this and puts me in the same position himself again and HE ID DO IT.

Now that is a lot of balls for a cop who was claimed to be marked as the "7th Star Of Orion." He knows I don't silence on any of this and that is why the Fulton Health Center and Dr Carlos Dator are in motion with that part of it now..."They" what use now him as the stud? It's all a sick dirty military joke that cost at least 13 people their lives.

Now Beverly brags on "your mother said you won't win" Like i said Beverly is one of her recruits and her daughter the one they have to clean up from head to toe like her mother -who I think all have given up on is "He" and they "good woman" version of sick military "trying to help" joke by a serial killer.

Now the one part of this "HE" and "they" also "reverse" from Silence of the Lambs is where Hannibal "profiles" BUFFALO's why Clarice goes to see him....The FBI could NOT figure him out...the issue is like that in this of how "they" set Jackie Lundy up to be the first Gosek link when I'm the one who gave that info not knowing my sister Chris Bower was involved in this "THRILL OF THE KILL" already.
See it was a serial killer "profiling" a serial killer..for the FBI and in this that's why "HE" and "THEY" had to "reverse" the issue that a "sexual Predator" as I was claimed to be could not "profile" another sexual predator" mayor Gosek although I already had and that's how it all came about from what was already in motion in 199 to 2003 to later to even 8-17-11 WILCOTT. THE DEADLY BILL FACTOR'S WERE IN MOTION AGAIN...and here comes a Lundy link again...

HUNTERDON, NJ 4-5-07 is why THE BILL FACTOR himself commented "they are just gonna get the two guys who did it" in 2010...this was AFTER his CHRIS T MAS TIME comment "Someone believed my story and bumped a few cops off because of it " "That's all it was." To his later "they are gonna wait till she gets the weight off" Starts feeling good about herself" "They they're gonna do it to her." THAT was THE BILL FACTOR himself again and I documented this postal wise....not having a clue what was about to happen these last few months in my medical back then. The numbers, the dates and other info was NOT set by me. IT was deliberately set by DR Carlos Dator of Oswego Hospital and The staff at the Fulton Health center. The FBI knew all along as well as state ROGUES and of course the FULTON PD.

While Beverly still parades how powerful the INCEST QUEEN of the story my mother is in all of this with her INCEST community...still in motion.
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#2 Sep 19, 2011
The third as in Joe Wallens "they do things in 3s' form 2003 "Bury the lying bush" plan is in motion the First FEDERAL AGENT in HUNTERDON COUNTY on 4-5-07 to make the mental link to Charles Runges 4-8-04 "they" will kill Erin Maxwell clue link.. The issue of laying my father's name on all the clues like Lundy a link to almost all BUT he did do things to make it happen MY father just ran his mouth like the be all end authority and the technology did the rest....through psychology and of course the Scumbags who work for "they" like those in his trailer park right now...While Dorothy my mother and Lundy waited to collect their "gain."

Now Dorothy put out the words last night just this same way that "They are gonna calm down those Fulton cops" who were talking last night about how they knew the scumbags were on me with the technology and eves dropping...
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#3 Sep 19, 2011
My DRs name link to my mother and a GEORGE LUNDY...and Estelle sat at the computer and set the appt date that is the "line up" to Angie's birthday who showed up last night to out of the BLUE and off the casino we went ..."they" are up to something again,....You can also tell by the way Beverly runs her mouth again...

Fulton cops made an appearance in the area and by the time I got the casino the "they" issue was already being made about it...

Yes I know something s up my son had an issue with them also...Somethings in motion.

If someones "out to get" Lundy... He sure is helping it along...
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#4 Sep 19, 2011
Personally I can't think of a better match for him the swan than Lundy.
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#5 Sep 19, 2011
The only people who got "set up" in this are in their graves.........and I'm sure a community like Oswego County and New York State has more "set up"s planned.
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#6 Sep 19, 2011
Oh and yesterdays surprise visit to the casino was on 9-18-11 that's THE DEAD BILL FACTOR and of course the soldier (19) in "reverse"

Like my next Drs appt (battle of TROY to Achille's money heal "fall" clue link-my mother again) at the Fulton health center is 10-6-11 at 10:3 so the date mine up with "TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR ANGELA BE (THE) NET" (my life clue link) who just was on her way to the casino last night after not having been there in a while. You see who "they" kill? the TIME is 13 "zero's mean nothing." Like the last printed TIME on the deadly 12-5--9 casino AKA my parents cell phone number "game" 10:03 -13.

Lundy is not saying he got set up Lundy is saying he set it all up...Like Estelle saying she's trying to help...yes her husbands old dept.

Now they could have or she could claim they set that appt time in the computer they do things like that. While she is supposed to according to Maegan say that is the time that came up on it..

After they kill me off they work on my son's "suicide" the talk is in motion again. So my family can look good without protest OR the BIG cops who want the story finally show..That's what is going on..

Then all the gimmie gimmies come to "help" themselves. Hell some of them are already out...
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#7 Sep 19, 2011
"HE" still carries on about my diet. The "HE" and "they" protective shield. Force you onto food stamps then bitch about the food you eat Yea these cops are tough boy they can hit you as long as your back is turned or you or they have you controlled as in you you can't fight back's like being in prison being the Prison of FULTON, NY in Oswego County while the Wardon stands over the top watching you all in he yard kill each other........
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#8 Sep 19, 2011
There was not a sound last night from any of the casino employee's NOT even a peep from any of them and I had my recorder going again too in front of all of them....NOT A PEEP.

it's all just "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" ask Dorothy my mother, "HE" and "they."
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#9 Sep 19, 2011
Estelle isn't going to fire anyone because her staff is trying to kill someone what is wrong you people??
People don't get fired for that ask the hamburger kid he's been warned at least 6 times in front of me..........
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#10 Sep 19, 2011
No they will not protect the staff at the Fulton Health center with they did it in the computer you till have many other issues like the 4-12-11 sleep study "trick" appt and the 1-5 11 appt date (11-5 ZODIAC birthday the Black Widow) issues that was leading to Larry Conlee they "anagram" to Larry O'brien the 3-21 Silence of the lambs ZODIAC.

There is no there info BUT "perfect" COINCIDENCE" info.
Lets get this straight

Baldwinsville, NY

#11 Jul 27, 2012
Lunatic you need help major schizophrenic I'm guessing really I'm thinking this lady needs help
Diana Vickery

Syracuse, NY

#12 Aug 6, 2012
Lets get this straight wrote:
Lunatic you need help major schizophrenic I'm guessing really I'm thinking this lady needs help
WOW that is one of the most powerful counteractions ot all of these FACTS I hsve ever seen...really...eyeroll

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