One side says...GEORGE LUNDY/ORION .....

One side says...GEORGE LUNDY/ORION ...The other sides says

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Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#1 Sep 13, 2011
The overall impression of former Oswego Chief of police in this George Lundy is that he wants some omney and i have a direct impression of him on that myself based on what he said to me on 4-12-09 in his driveway.

First YES did request him on my Facebook page after teh troment of the "nightgown" I just went through the low cut one inthe front that is claimed he set at the thrifty shop for me...I BELIEVE BEYOND ANY DOUBT THAT HE DID.

NOw to begin this in 1999 the same time Oswego County Sheriff Bill Cromie died an oswego woman I rented off then Lorinda Fullington beagn to tell others of Lundy's personal interest in me. To the point where she set out by "stalking" him to get his attention focused on her...Now this info came to her from her sister Carol Barker who worked at the Sheriff's dept.

I would NOT meet George Lundy unilt 2003 during the marla Miller /John Sullivan ot feraud the Ciy O fOswego out of some money in a bogus injury claim that dragged on by Sullivan's refusal to give in for almost 2 years. During this time many harassment issues and other threats were now directed at me. Including Terri Gorman's asking one of his own relatives to fire me then also. There was also much talk about John Sullivan then also for m that same circle of people.

Now in 2003 when I met Lundy He gave me the following warning while he was on duty and we talked about the civil rights violation -the cop I did not know was dead. The acitivity going on linked ot the Sheriff's Dept inthis and the knowledge that maral Miller now had my current medical information of which Lundy put the NAME "Mike" to it then.
The words that came from is mouth were this "They're gonna put drugs in your car" "They're gionna set you up" "You'll be another one that mysteriously dies in police custody." Well becuase of my family's INCEST involvement in this with many ROGUE cops all the way the FBI they finally took my Jeep.

NOw I would see "MIKE" on 5-13-05 here in Oswego as he stood behind my Jeep and promoted my death. His words were in response ot a female who accompanied him. "Mike is this what you do for a living?" "MIKE I don;t like this" "Shut up" "Don't say my name" "You should hear what this scumbags family said she did"

As for the time I spentt with Michael Dehm and George Lundy on this issue my life got even worse and maral and John never stopped their doings.

Yes I met Oswego's Joe wWallen and listened tothe 3 men who sat inthe back room that day calling me down and talking about my father's and brother's work history?? While Mara was the topic and Iknow now Marla Miller was up to be a "gain"er in this out of Owego's pocket.
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#2 Sep 13, 2011
My intetnion in all of this is to find out what George Lundy is really doing..The nightgown was the last straw placed at the Oswego Thrifty Shop pn 8-17-11 a date that links to Lorinda Fullington also and the 1999 activity through a relative of hers I met then who died on this same day while the Thrifty shop and other activity took place.

I had talked to Lundy my self in 2007 Oct. about a similiar issue being staged on my by Meagan Buck who lived above me -she's also a strong military connection. It was about a similisr Lundy Love charade she ahd put me through that had now effected me at my work. That is when I first to his daughter Danielle and then jackie who later called me.
Now I was NOT happy about this issue and belived the info they had provided to me about Maegan Buck and I knew she was NOT realted to him as she had claimed him to be her UNCLE,-now that's an important issue now linked to two dead men in this my own UNCLE George who died on 6-27-10(dead sheriff's date)(11) and Robert Levea(11) the 4th member of the Fulton Levea family to die in 2 years on 8-11-10 <-THE BILL FACTOR'S birthday( The MILLENNIUM ZODIAC had struck again)

The 11s are how these two men's death's link to the 12-5-09 casino (cell phone)"game"

I'm angry that george Lundy did this to me and the harssment again I had to go through based on the plan to make me belive he is coming ot help me...He placed those clothes to make himself look good hoping to crawl into bed later with the swan- the dirty military joke.

The placement was based on this Dr Linda TROIA<- name link to TROY who is my NP at the health center in Fulton. Her name is a solider link and the issue under which DR Carlos Dator botched an accurate assement of my heart testing at OSWEGO HOSPITAL under the warning to me that "they told him to set those numbers" as he had my brothers birthdate recorded in my med. info 110/80. While snickering as he commentsd on both side of the issue of which he had full knowledge..he was laughing at the scumbags and Dr Troia who also made the comment "Yes they are doing something to to you" BOTH of these comments were said.
Troia is the TROY link to a soldier named Achille's the clue link to my pothers 9-12- mobil "fall" for a "sue" issue to show Marla Miller how "to do it right"
My mother's presence is in every BAD aspect of this story just like Lundy's
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#3 Sep 13, 2011
My mother's presence begins on 4-8-04 in the MV104A NEW YORK STATE POLICE report in the TIME just as the theme of Utica Police officer Thomas Lindsey's does on the 3-29-05 ALLSTATE damage report caused by my sister who hit my parked Jeep in "reverse."

The TIME of that report set by the passenger WILLIAM(THE BILL FACTOR) Supple and Officer MD Biederman ("Beat her man till she needs an MD" was 10:52 am that when "zero's mean nothing" becomes the AGE clue to the shooting of FEDERAL AGENT Barry Lee Bush on 4-5-07 my father's birthday(THE MILLENNIUM ZODIAC)by his own man only the second of this nature in the 99<-year history if the FBI.

The first of 3 law enforcement officer's to die that month 2 linked to all of this of by the hand of their own men while in the line of duty..
Their names and dates and ages and locations and many other clues tell the story YOU all take part in.

Now the use of my medical care to kill me is why I believe Lundy set that those clothes in the thrifty shop for an image of himself as "trying to help" <-Those people are very deadly in this...of which he clearly is NOT.

The swan and her mother are trying to help of which BOTh of them are in it solely for the image after my death and the "gain" they get from it now...the new lines are "we dont know why she's doing this to us"" OH YES YOU DO. if anyone else is tries "to help" we may all end up dead.

Now in 2009 Lundy had made a few more appearances after our disagreement on 4-12-09 in his drive way. He showed up on Co RT 85 just after Tom Phelps(very close to my father's) death with the Kayak's on his car roof just as Maegan said he would in 2008.

Then he drove by with a female who played the my mother illusion from the passenger seat of his black police unmarked. They were playing mind games now this becomes the CHRUCHILL issue on 8-17-11 that is also part of my Facebook page becuase the talk about it was to strong in 2008.
"WINS NOT ON CHURCH HILL" see it all looks like Lundy is trying to help and even the info of his death in this is very strongly "encrypted" he would be the 3rd GEORGE. As Jow Wallen said in 2003 "They do things in 3s." Three children,3 April 2007 cops....Yes there are many 3s.
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#4 Sep 13, 2011
Now on 4-12-09 Lundy spoke these words to me in his drivway and I don't care who he lies to about it HE SAID IT and this is my only way to fight back.

"You're gonna show me that pussy" "You're my little money make now" Does that sound like the words of a man trying to charm a woman?
No that sounds like a man out to make money for all the wrong reasons and he's playing now as an image at the Thrifty shop. YES GEORGE LUNDY said this to me YES HE DID.

I'm dead he moves in amd meets the swan who's also a military link. Who now claims to not have known anything about any of this until her dirty mother who was recruited by mine told her...I dont believe a word of it and her mother now claism she will pass a poly graph- daughter--sure she will they need her she is the twisted ending to the the Silence of the Lambs version "they" wrote this who;le story of death on --she is "they" finale. My death is to result for her new postion inthe story as the swan who blooms with the story and the soldier...
**I noticed last night a similiar features beteeen her and his current GF who's name is shouted out many times in the CROSBY HILL TRAILER PARK to toement me about all of this.

They are just wating out my death through the Drs they have recruited inthsi to pull it off and Dr Carlos Dator is one of them and he joins the protective "WALL OF GREENS" "they" created all this death on to protect themselves.

GEORGE LUNDY has done nothing BUT lie to me since the day I met him in 2003. He even used a dead sheriff's name to play out his games...and now the nightgoen... after the last issue I had with him was over this same nature...what's he gonna do now attack those two women through scumabsg who ARE telling the truth....he wants money so bad tell him to come after me..I dont care how much le lies ot his G/f...there is a swan waitng to replace her
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#5 Sep 13, 2011
So some of the kids who stand around here in Oswego just like they do at the trailer park in Volney and shout out all kinds of harm directed at others have now admitted that my mother was the one sending them out to say certain things..
This does NOT change in nay way the issues that went on between me and Lundy face to face and his upper hand out of it may be the the "keel over" plan they have including my own mother on my life inthis DR DAtor is her Dr. and the Dr who did all her care on her "faLl" injury....her plan to fianllky be rid of my father the man who wronged her all her welfare life may now be in motion(she had them do to me what she had done to hersefl by choice all her life by having kids to collect welfare when my father ran out her several times) after all 1205 is their cell phone number that became the deadly numbers at the casio of the vicitm's "they" chose to kill in this. The numbers and all the other DIMAGGIO baseball clues are a "perfect" clue guide to how it all "adds up like a score."

Charles from Charles Runge who cut me off in his oncoming lane on 4-8-04 where the "perfect" clue links ot "Bury the lying " Bush beagn with the execution of FEDERAL AGENT Barry Lee Bush took place...My mothers birthday of 10:25 is the TIME on the report in "reverse" the 10:52 is the link to 1-52 his AGE the next clue lead "they" wanted me to follow. To the ages of the 3 incl. me who were involved. 56=1 41=5 and 71=8 That's how you get the widow of Geroge Levea's BIRTHDAY 11-5<MILLENNIUM ZODIAC clue just as my mother's birthdate is...the 5-8s of the Mother's day theme of George's death based onthe 1960 year and 8-2-08 and 8-6-08 he dies on...that became Fultons cops Ablegore ,Blazinski and Percival issue ons 8-6-09 with my sister Christine Bower whom they protect.

To the DEADLY BILL FACTOR himself 8-11 <- BILL VICKERYS birthday ans he is they version of THE MILLENNIUM ZODIAC and the reason all these people are dead. MR NOVELIS - Novel is the plan. He is th eisseu of the "stament " and the BIG lawyer I heard him brag my self about in this and he set it all in motion in 1994 by false claims and lots of acting...

They all knew and they made "gain" on it.
They are wating my death out.....and who's going to stop what they do next this community this county?? Your the joke of the story to "they" and this I know too..
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#6 Sep 13, 2011
Yes this is the part whree my son now avoids me the hope I will die and will live with regret having done it ..That's all part of THE THRILL OF THE KILL" "They" my family used him so bad in this story and placed fear as the weapon..."if your mother's dead you have no one if you turn on us"

My sister's Angie Vanburen and Chris T mas Bower had no interest in any of their children until someone said "MONEY." You know my mother was "game."

Yes George Lundy took part in this as well as Fulton Gary Pervical and Mike Blazinski and Tom Able gore and Joe Arigo and a few others...Not mention those in the Oneida Sheriff's dept and FBI and of course STATE POLICE...

"Hun they may call you crazy but look got blasted for it."
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#7 Sep 13, 2011
The deadly game was played at the Turning Stone casino on 12-5-09 my parents cell phone number link to my mother who gave me the winning number anbd was so uset when I did not chose it just as she was when I declined the next BIG money off er in they " incest THRILL OF THE KILL"

I was forced into it during the summer of 2009 when Lundy beagn to make strange appearances after 4-12-09 and then the black unmarked drive by with the my mother the use of Thomas Lindsey the slain Utica Police officer badge number on 7-7-09 in the New York State Lottery win 4 4963 on the day they shut my POWER off-the clue link to the shooting of Deputy Bernard Gallow in Cauyga County at 11:17 pm and other 12 time link to Fulton cop Gary Pervical's and his case number report 2011 2315. The ZODIAC hospital link to Beverly Davis the dirty military joke my mother prearranged for me who is the mother of "they' swan.

The day before the funeral of Bernard gallow the BLUE inthe red white and blue cop killing's in this a date of 3-17 a link bnack here to Oswego in 1994 as a fatal accident that killed 3 children becmae the night "they" those who taunt beagn the THE "RED COP" issues and that became on 6-7-11 just days after I argued with Fulton Pd the shooting death of ONEIDA DEPUTY KURT WYMAN by CHRIS T IAN Paterson. "That little 6 inch space" called his neck a issue quoting me brought up in the Fulton Pd on the "RED COP" disagreement by Orlo Green. Orlo Green was behind th ehamburger thing and the hamburger kid who nev er fails to run his mouth even after many verbal warning of being fired ...he dont care..he knows he's safe.
"Orlo greens making a fool out of himself" ask Dorothy my mother(your OZ kansa's GREEN link to if I had a million dollars) and the hamburger kid another deadly Charlie link in this....

IT'S A FULTON PD THING isn't that right TIM?
"Dont help her she don't want any help from us" Empire vision 2009 January his famous quote...I can see what all of you were out to "help."
At least 13 innocnet people are dead 4 members of one family, 2 children and others FUCK "those cops" in your gutless "game."
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#8 Sep 13, 2011
So where are all the "fat slobs" now? They enjoyed the "THRILL OF THE KILL"
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#9 Sep 13, 2011
So how do you get honest reliable medical care in NEW YORK STATE? Can you get it?
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#10 Sep 13, 2011
Eugene Sullivan knew this story too since 2005 and he's NO hero either...
Diana Vickery

United States

#11 Sep 13, 2011
"Now she's getting carried away" "they'll have to calm her down" what ever...

As I suspected the women at the Throifty shop had been harassed and the males were out side as I entered making comments --these are just kids who now nothing now that's why they contoinue ot use them...YES I believe between my mother Dorothy Vickery and George Lundy that's how thee kids arrived.

I was to suprised it fits a well established MO in allo fthis LUNDY PUT THOSE CLOTHES AT THE THRIFTY SHOP FOR ME...tha'ts why the women were harassed his phony image in this is now blown by me.. YES this si the same GEROGE LUNDY I had words with on 4-12-09 who made reference to how my pussy was about to make him money...that's a "bury the lying bush" next plan he and his cohorts that went to at the FBI and state police have this will be times
The FEDERAL AGENT BARRY LEE BUSH 4-5-07 and Fulton's WENDY DUMEZ on 4-5-11 boith my father's birthday they Charles Runge plan from the 4-8-04 Morgan and Ver plank collison they had him pull off the clue to how 11 year old Erin Maxwell would die. Tammy Rowe had the story in 2005.

I will confirm this with NYS health care I medically am fucked and my sister and famly already have their incest scums in motion with the victory as explained onthe Utica forum

They have his swan all set up.....That why her a mother Beverly Davis has suddenly stopped ll her little digs about my mother that is one "fat slob" that dont know how close she came to punch in the mouth and did all this just to get her dirty "fat slob" daughter cleaned and thought she'd get some sex and money out if on the side and that's exactly what it was.. The Lundy/ State Police FBI/Dorothy Vickery scumbags are in full motion at the CROSBY HILL TRAILER park are in full motion on this one.

Beverly Davis was recruited by my mother for they next scene in the "THRILL OF THE KILL."
Beverly continued her role right up unitl 2 days ago.

Diana Vickery

United States

#12 Sep 13, 2011
I LOVE the stories about what "they" claim I did in this and how an enitre state turned their backs on the vicitm's that resulted for it. I'm going to be one of they vicitm's my self...How stupid are you people?

Yes I understands how they used KD langs (lesbian) version of Crying as a GEORGE/GEORGE issue.
Diana Vickery

United States

#13 Sep 13, 2011
It's still a great song and she's still a great regardless lesbian or not...
Diana Vickery

United States

#14 Sep 13, 2011
George lundy's getting ready to pick her up and show everybody how fullof shyt she is"That's' my mohter's words...she would know. No Dorothy your kids had sex and Im sure you coached the whole story and the part about the money. Don't forget you brother GEORGE you said "they" killed as you told the state police what ever happenned to his value???? jusr get you casino and mobil money Dorothy and shut up.
Diana Vickery

United States

#15 Sep 13, 2011
Oh yes Beverly did comment this morning that her daughter will pass a polygraph becuase she did not know anyting about this -so must be it's all set up to happen for her.....well from her mouth you'd never know that and she knows exactly whats going on...

Oswego, NY

#16 Sep 14, 2011
I dont care if Lundy is using a why is she doing this to me etc....we'll all see what it is if I can get ithere...The Scumabsg are still in motion.
Diana Vickery

United States

#17 Sep 15, 2011
In regards now to the sleep study appt at the health center that did not come through...since it's going the way Maegan Buck described it in 2008 and not one thing has strayed off that talk I will write what she wrote about all of it now...

The call came from Tammy(LPN) <- at the health canter about making me this appt to my syrprise I had NOT discussed it with them...I may have over looked this then but the appt was sugessted on 4-12-11<-the day Thomas Lindsey was shot dead at 9;20pm "9 minutes off"(9-29) many Fulton Scumabgs taunted before ever made any links to it's pretty clear Tammy Rowe had made preperations from this and to other issues like the UTS the 2008 movies she had placed through Karen Chatterson to the talk about Emily Lincol's "disapear"in 2005 that carried in 2006 and then 2009 and many other issues to hat have taken place..The BOOM BOOM POWS(Wil- I- am (BILL FACTOR clue -"I'm so 3008(308) Your so 2000 and late" (harborfest from Dust in the wind kansa' to "if I had a million dollrs") The GAUNTLET to the black eyed peas -now that's one side of this..

The other is what I was offered from the casino if I kept my mouth shut and what I could have after a million dollars.
How does all this link to a sleep study the DATE and the fact that apprt was never made or came through and the excuses to cover it were made just as Maegan said...THE DATE is the clue link to why they covered and how they prepared to.They are letting me know they are still in my heatlk care and "they "are.
The 4 BOOM BOOM POW "recruits" starting with Tammy who occupied her appt one after the other with that 2 month break of a birdseye employee who allowed Tammy's relative to eves drop on me Thanksgiving day 2005 to get the reaction to my mother's games that day.."suicide" is what they were were looking for and it was well acted out concern.
Diana Vickery

United States

#18 Sep 15, 2011
My mother runs this whole operation with "HE" and I knew this for sure the day she scaled my 2 year old nephew and her and my father carried on liek fools about it when it took place. No one saw a thing BUT "he had commented that I did "not get up and go see what was happenning right away" He saw exactly how my mother allowed a 2 year old to pull a hot bowl of suop onto himself that needed BURN unit care...My mother's claim to fame on this "he has no scars" "HE" never said a word about the woman who allowed to happen carelessly and I knew right then "HE" had no concern at all for anyone excpet what "HE" is trying to achieve. First time he had shut his mouth and like in Lundy's driveway on 4-12-09 NO ONE heard his "pussy" comments to me about "money."

See I can't fart and this is no joke with out "HE" sending a scumbag to comment on it..."HE" has them everywhere and they see whay he does whe "HE" y postings also and those kids ARE are told to "shut up" or they could be "killed."

Now there is coments about how "HE" needs to go back and find the Oswego woman who made the "document" your hardship right down to my blisters...Last night comments were made that "HE" was concerned this would help me. Now "HE" wants to find the woman who said --so I hope she gets this info and can protect herself now.
If "HE" wants to kill so bad and "HE" does for his later swan and BOOM BOOM POWS...then it certainly makes as to why "HE" worked the story the way he did...
Diana Vickery

United States

#19 Sep 15, 2011
Now here's how they cover their tracks...Chances are the sleep appt was NEVER made for me and maybe there was a compnay that did botch a few appts BUT maybe they didn't whata "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" way for me to get a call on a 4-12-11 issue..It's the "trick" in motion HALLOWEEN. "they" are in my health care and have been sice the start that's why Marla Miller had my medical info in 2003 information I gave to BOTH Michael Dehm and George Lundy..She walked away from all the crap hse caused and I got this and the family's got to bury their loved ones. Now how would I know in 2003 that all this other "medical" would be constant to ocme together this way...oh the pills are flowing now since "stockpile" is out there...I know how "HE" works since I have literally had "HE" up my ass for over 8 years right down tothe smell of my feces now while NO ONE wanted to notice what "HE" was really doing...H"HE" is going ot kill me just like he killed the rest and it wil be through medical issues..undiagnosed.
Now according to maegan the goal of "he" and his boys "they" is to make me look "dishonest" it's a primary focuse "HE" has long term..Now my UI and whatever "HE" and NEW YORK STATE can concot with that. It began with a 118.00(THE BILL FACTOR) amount while my power was shut of on 7-7-09 the same day "HE" and "they" ran THOMAS LINDSEY"S badge number in the win 4.
My mother WAS coming to save me from FULTON "HE" and "THEY " style and all I had to do is leave you all in the dust and take the money...BUT the community wants the money now an I'm out all around. It's the offer between two of they "soundtrack" songs...Harborfest(credit where the issue of the first child "HE" and "they"killed was clued to me in 2005 fromthe mothe rof 3 deceased Oswego children.---do you see a "HE" and "they" pattern....?
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#20 Sep 15, 2011
The Fulton Health center and how it links to all of this ...This is "keel over" time frame of this in the "HE" and "THEY" Plan for me by his cohorts at the Fulton Health center.

First you must know my UI amount is 152.00 That in this story is the AGE of 52 of the Federal Agent they shot dead AKA "Bury the lying bush" on my father's birthday on 4-5-07 and on 4-5-11 became the suicide death of Fulton woman Wendy Dumez who was also very important in all of this. "They do things in 3s" Joe Wallen told me in 2003 and that mean's like the two George's who are now dead in this and the two little girls and there are other twos that one more is needed to make the NEW YORK STATE Unemployment amount to me now is 152.00 and "keel over" is the "HE" and "they" game plan now for me after having Drs at the Health center and some from Dr Dator pacify my heath issues with drugs...

So on 8-17 -11 under a roulette-"sue"-milit ary link (could be a drug dealers gun issue now) to Lundy's "drive by" to the CHURCHILL issue to the WILCOTT(THE DEADLY BILL FACTOR) former Oswego man's death that I had met in 1999. The same TIME frame Sheriff Bill Cromie also died. "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" you will find from 1999 through just all of this story. Lundy's NAME present at ALL of it. He don't know anything about it" YEA BULLSHIT.

He's making himself look good by imaging this to some "GOD" women..for alter purpose of course as soon as "keel over is completed..That's his "friends" at the state. NEW YORK that is like the MV104A report where 10:52 began and "reverse's to Dorothy Vickery's birth date 10:25. "TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE" This is the TIME it all began by cell phone clue link "accident."

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