The TIMING of JUDGE Spencer Ludington...

The TIMING of JUDGE Spencer Ludingtons "dismissel"

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 17, 2013
Do you want to know why my GERM lawyer had to file motions way back for a FAR and SPEEDY trail in Spencer Ludingtons ROGUE have the charge brought againt me by "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" scumbag Dorothy Mills..on 3-19-12 was not "dismissed" until Jan 2013..I never got MY day in court on the issue that forced me into homelessness suddenly one night and for months later as Spencer Ludington used hsi Gavel power to drag the dates and issue out along with some helop from the Oswego DA'S office this one a Nickelson clue the next deadly clue hint to me from the ROGUE money dispencers behind it all..Well I don't care they shoot their own to clue me either..Thanks for the PUBLIC tip guys..They FBI are mad and clue they will kill my son0225 to his 2-2-5 birthday from dead FED badge number "friendly" of course way clue...If I "sue"'s the foundation of it..

Dorothy set up..her VEGAS boyfriend Bill M played "witness."
The DA made a "6 month contemplation of dismissel" offer to me on it ..I said NO..NO way..NOT GUILTY lets go to trial..That was never going to happen either by ROGUE control..So into all of this after she set her husband(my boyfriend)steps "JUDITH DEVENEY" again at the Fulon LIB this time(SANDY-TURNING POINT-HOOK clue) They even had Mark the librarian pull a chair out for me so "JUDITH" would know who I am..She was there to screw up the "6 month offer" I was pressured by own GERM lawyer to take also badly to the point where she pissed me off while filing her motions to look good..DON'T YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHAT NOT "GUILTY PLEA" IS??? WTF? Well so much for the "witness" bullsit also..

(Mark may not have known who JUDITH was I believe from his nervouness he was suckered into something and well s??T when he found out who JUDITH was)scumbags may work him now.

Ok so JUDITH was there to screw up what was anticipated to ne my "6 month contemplation" offer being pushed down my throat that I refused to swallow audio or backfired..BUT on the horizon another scumbag recruit was waiting to make her move..Aftin her Margaretville in Oswego mothers home..Clues began on mothers fall date by a NATIOINAL GRID(sure clue a cops gonna die)on 9-12 shut off there for non payment by her mother all summer no one set her Aftins sudden move in on get this 10-25 my mothers birthday off another fight..resulted in her boyfriend beating up his father and then a week later getting fired..about a week later Aftin began her methodical set up on us to get us to move for the SANDYHOOK "line up" of it..We found this NEWTOWN location(a set up also on us..You should see the clues)scumbags already in place here..We moved very suddenly Aftin was already working cops..ROGUES no doubt..JUDITH was still doing her shit too.(that was also a "dismissed" trial out come waste of time also) She drags on even more now off the tax payer $$$..Scumbags can do that.. Aftin in full motion using her 11 month old as a sheild also. Causes me to make the decision to move out suddenly anywhere..We found our NEWTOWN..Like I found 151 in 2005.
I moved out of that Margretville dump on 12-13-12..SOMETHING BAD was up this time and the next day "12-14-12.."line up" SANDYHOOK took place on 6 and 7 year olds..Thats a date a "RED COP" shooting, my mothers stroke take your link picks there are also an overkill of others..right down to the name LANZA..Aftin had succeeded in getting us to move in the TIME frame "He" needed..BUT faild to set me up like the "JUDITH" was to and Dorothy MILLS had,,So shortly after LUDINGTON sent the "dismissed" up for me to be free of it in court..That is how a ROGUE court works with "gain"er scumbags in "THE THRILL" of it all.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 18, 2013
Let me "clarify" all of this now also about the MILTARY scumbag recruit links of THE THRILL OF THE KILL" "gain'ers init Maegan BUCK, Jackie Martin and AFTIN DEVENEY..Aftin is the MILITARY scumbag recruit in the "THRILL" who worked her into her mothers home on Oneida Oswego that was set up on me and my boyfriend as a "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego "encryption" clue..and deadly "scene" in all of this.

Margaretvile in N.Y. is the location NYS Trooper David Brink "Pay her off in Pig Latin" off was set up by his own men to die by "friendly fire" Some how the MRT who handled the Travis Trim incident allowed Trooper Norville Yearwood to cover up his deliberate shooting of Trooper 4531 Brinkerhoff on 4-25-07..for use of hia name and BADGE number as part of the "encrypted" narration for "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" as part of what is know as "THE 7 STARS OF ORION" oart of it -Now 7 dead cops..

The 4531 badge number Trooper Brinkerhoff was given was part of the "encryption" also used by the MILITARY scumbag ROGUES who linked ot the FBI and State Police of the same inthis such as NYS Trooper Norville Yearwood who shot Brinkerhiff dead all part of a lucrative plan they all have later.

The 45 is my fathers BIRTHDAY and the "reverse" clue to ME on 4-5-12 by the ROGUE influenced NYS LoTTERY use of Brinkerhoffs 4531 badge number that day in "reverse" as 1354 as scumbag recruits here..worked hard off the use of the Oswego DA Nickelson and ROGUE FULTON NEW YORK CITY JUDGE Spencer LUDINGTONS determination to keep me in a homeless situation off scumbag recruits Dorothy Mills and "partner" Bill McCarty's set up on me on 3-19-12..that just off the SANDYHOOK TIME frame was just "dismissed" on motions filed by my attorney for a fair and speedy trial which I DID NOT receive OR have any defense say what so ever on my part in court..It was all washed away by the games of DA Nickelson and Judge Ludington like it never happenned inthe effrots of the ROGUES to create the "sue" issue of their NEXT deadly that of SANDYHOOK and the overkill of clues in it..and ow ROGUE influence brought Adam LANZA to the school that day to do what he did..with an overkill of clues "encrypted" in all of it linked toall of this..Its all part WHY MAN police have no answers for what Adam Lanza suddenly did..

NANCY Adama's mothers name is also the namee of th woman I spoke with at the syracuse FBI on 4-15-08 ..its a MOTHER "ecrypted" clue..just like scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney doings..and how she mnaipualted them into place on 10-15 my mothers birthday to become the TIME frame she was setting me up again in her mother's Margretville in Oswego home..TIME it all for the ROGUE set up SANDYHOOK horrors about to happen..Its all part of WHY MAN judge Ludington "dismissed" the charge on me inthe same SANDYHOOK TIME frame..Like he said in court moths ago he was going to "dismiss" the charge..BUT waited for the right CLUE time ..SANDYHOOK.

Aftin Deveney was plannign in her role in this to cause me issue like Dorothy Mills had and "JIDITH DEVENEY" was also planning to as well and how all their moves were timed into it..YES there was another MILITARY scumbag involed intis also and his name is GEORGE LUNDY who like Aftin was recruited for "gain" to steal the TS Casino receipt from me at her mother's MARGRETVILLE in Oswego home.."reverse" now clued on a 1354 dead Trooper's badge number(and he was NOT the only one ot die this way.

SO fuck cops..its don't..BUT YES I will take on the military myslef also..scumbag child killing asshole losers that they are...GUTLESS child killing bitchs and bastards...TAKE ON A REAL WOMAN ..Don't build a cheap phony one from scraps.. BUT THAT TAKES THE BACKBONE OF A REAL MAN....THIS STORY NEEDS A MAN!

Since: Mar 13

Livonia, NY

#3 Apr 6, 2013
You keep saying THRILL OF THE KILL as if this phrase has some meaning but you never say what it is.

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