One side says.LEVEA BROTHERS..The oth...

One side says.LEVEA BROTHERS..The other side says...

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Oswego, NY

#1 Sep 14, 2011
The issue of the 4 members of the Levea who died in a two year span from 2008 to 2010 and the 5th who's situation linked ot a death is also an unbeliveable "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" to all of this has been talk that has somewhat shifted in direction from what it once was...

There IS much more information linked to these deaths from all of this than I first posted ...those original posts were just the foundation of my claims BUT no where near the entire story or facts, clues and links that complete's it.
As I posted on the Utica NY forum the original parts of the story I would like to add that info here again now and some additonal.

My association to George Levea the man who died in that family first goes back as far as 1983 and a personal relationship we had. That's how I knew him.

Now on 7-25-08 wjile I sat on the porch of my home in later after noon George drove by as he often did and for reason on this ( I had lived there over 3 years and there was never ans issue concerning him) The feamle who lived above me who had wither her husband Eric cause me much grief that "rolled over " frequently. Their names Maegan Buck and Erick Swick. That day George drove by Maegan YELLED very lous form her upper window "He just looked ather" They want to know if he looks at her" These were very similiar to words CHARLIE DEFENBACHER used in 2006 just before the fatal accident in HANNIBAL took place linked o tthe reason and the man Charlie yelled about who's NAME i had just said in my apt as CHARLIE was eves dropping.

8 days later after this incident Geroge Levea was dead. From what I read in published info on the night of his funeral 8-6-08 he died at the New York STATE Fairgrounds.

There was an incident that took

Oswego, NY

#2 Sep 14, 2011
There was an incident that took place on 8-6-08 in the evening at the Fulton Price Chopper where my sister Christine Bower made a very unusual appearance there and of course a fight broke out between us...I did NOT know George was dead yet. This was also the "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" that Tom Abelgore would also be entering the store with his wife at the same time. Tom's name I would learn was the "test' I was being put through that night.."able to gore" based on George's death off which someone believed I would react to more violently...There IS NO doubt that my ister AND her husband knew what this night was to provoke..based on a conversation that took place by htem intheir home in which she argued that I was NOT violent....and he argued you know this and your doing this to her? Tom was there for her protection and to further what was going on inside the FULTON PD with the "ROGUES" involved in this entire story that is also a link to the same cops on the RED COP issue that became the shooting of DEPUTY KURT WYMAN on 6-7-11 by CHRIS T ian Pat Her son just days after my dispute with the FULTON PD over the iossue of an ONIEDA COP being the target of something.

There were MANY incidents about George's death that now link from the moment I got home that night was and was observed by neighbors who hounded for my "reaction" to his death that I was about to learn...The purpose behind their activity was to suggest that I had somehow taken part in his death and was now unconcerened..Just a wekk or so later KYLE ABLEGORE whould begin visits to the driveway of these nighbors and also being issues of filth based on talk tammy Rowe had created about me in 2005 while she was "trying to help" -had Fulton fooled by it anyway.

Oswego, NY

#3 Sep 14, 2011
There was talk also in 2008 just after his death that "Tammy Rowe" had told local kids that "George's body would need to be exhumed" "beacause they put something in his coffee." Tammy left a long trail of issues like this for long after she left Fulton including movies etc. The two who gawked outside my windows like vultures on the night of 8-6-08 were "recruited" to move in to that apt by Rowe and her "Scumbags."

I was taunted in 2008 very heavily about "Mother's Day of that year!" I knew from some of the people who gave this info they were trying to helpme understand ...On West First St were I lived there was many disputes among the neighbor's from the blue house way down to the peach house nad mnay attakcw were made on several people verablly of a threatening nature to the point wee some actually dodged others in order to shout out real info. I could always tells by the depth of their voices who was sincere..and the infomation they put out would catch my attention.

"Mother's Day Of that Year was a joke George used to make about his birth as "God's gift to women"
Mother's day of 1960 his birth year and birthmonth 5-5 is 5-8-1960. Goerge died on 8-2-08 and his funeral 8-6-08 the 2 and 6 "add up" "in the middle" was the clue to an 8 making 5-8s. "Mother's day of that year. He was 48 years old. Now on 12-5-09 I would win the very controversial casino (cell phone)"game" where taunts would begin again about the game numbers and how they "adds up like a score" and it tooik me a while to "decipher" that.

Oswego, NY

#4 Sep 14, 2011
There are 2-5s that's "adds up like a score" in that game out of the 23 numbers which after doing so makes a total of 13. The other 3 member's of the Levea family who also died inthis 2 year span numbers also are part of that "score" right down tothe last one who died on 8-11-10 THE BILL FACTOR'S BIRTHDAY. The same clue link that was used on 8-17-11 in the obituary of a former Oswego man I met in 1999 a realtive of Lorinda Fullington and also the day the soldier appeared after the "sue" roulette issue. WILCOTT was the clue they used as the location of his death in the Syracuse Post Standard --there is NO WILCOTT and it was NOT a typo...this is all part of 1-10-09 soldier onward Palladium horoscope of my ZODIAC sign and the day Jean Levea also died.

Their father John died here in Oswego on 4-26 a date that (think baseball) "line up" with the death of Trooper David Brinkerhoff. "Pay her off in Pig Latin" the "friendly" way.
How the THE BILL FACTOR now links from one Levea family member to another. On 10-20-09 a neighbor who lived close to my parents home that I had just moved into died on a tragic about accident(that is very suspicous and FITS the numbers of the 12-5-09 casino cell phone game linked to them also. THE BILL FACTOR can be found in the TIME of that "accident."<-that was how "they' "ecrypted" they clue and the info was posted by the OSWEGO COUNTY SHERIFF'S dept. On 11-20-09 ("line up" date with Tanya Mellon's death) a Levea family member would cause the tragic death of a man in a road rage "accident" The driver a BILL FACTOR clue, an elderly man never lost control of his vehicle and has no memory of that night I believe him.
5 dead members of the Levea family which is what I belive "they" intended would have taken the single "game number 5 just as the 6 dead cops have now come to fit beyond any doubt "THE 7 STARS OF ORION" making the 7 single digit and the only other single is a 3-->three children the last of whom is "encrypted."
"HE" and "they" can use all the legal manuevers they want to "win" this just as"HE" and "they" had it planned This was and is the ONLY way I had to get this story out in a clear placement of the info....
It won't change the FACTS at all but it may supress them in court...
YES there ARE several members of law enforcement involved in these killings of their own and other's $$$$$$$$$$
Diana Vickery

Phoenix, NY

#5 Sep 15, 2011
FYI- these four Levea family members are linked very strong to the issue and activity so of FORMER oswego Police Chief GEORGE LUNDY in this and other cops.
Utica Forum

United States

#6 Sep 21, 2011
You're crazy
Lets get this straight

Baldwinsville, NY

#7 Jul 27, 2012
Really your friggin insane. I have read your blabbering and u make no sense my god go to Bunner st they have pills and padded rooms. Idk u and pray to god I never have the misfortune of meeting you. Wow straight out of the loon bin seriously

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