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Diana Vickery

United States

#1 Oct 7, 2012
ok its no secrect that another Federal Agent death is being investigated now as "friendly fire" and I am one who is sure that is exactly what it was.."fixed" or not in the end to the public..and I am also positive 199% that if Maegan Buck was to take sodium get this entire story out of her that I am about to post here..and how it all links to at least 5 dead cops so far known as "THE 7 STARS OF ORION" all part of different "scenes" someone refered to as "He" by the scumbags who promote "HE" doings..

This is all part of the NOVEL IS "He" for later "gain' off it manupualtion and planning off the M O(method of operation)of a 1960s serial killer known as THE ZODIAC..and the original version of it.."HE" through ROGUE cops known as "they," some of my own family memebers and of course the non stop Scumbags..whom we are all familiar with old ones defect when they learn of the real life horrors that became off their promotions to help "SILENCE" me and as new ones fill those voids now..most just as dumb as the old ones who have not got a clue as to what is really behind their "HE" claims..

It all began as a INCEST story of rape between a nrother and a sister who BOTH worked with "HE", ROGUES and scumabgs to change versions of it all.

Now at least 14 people are dead as a recrult of it and here are the FACTS behind how it all links..and again the 5 far dead cops are known as "THE 7 STARS OF ORION" a taunt that began at me in Fulton in 2007 and shortly after GEORGE LUNDY'S daughter Danielle had an ORION tattoo put on her article that ran in the Following ORION military section of the Post Standard blogs complete with photos..

Now let me say this the shooting of the FED on 10-2-12 just "OFF MEXiCO" His "friendly fire" death and that is exactly what it was..was NOT part of the 7 STARS OF ORION..links..but the use of his name in narration of it all was..just like the rest.

His death leads in a new direction.."branches out" as a clue in the JOSHUA TREE plan if you understand..(clue link explained later also)

It's a lot of clues that link BUT in reality they are all the same just moved into a different area in each "scene."

For instance I will explain how the shootings death of the first 3 STARS OF ORION in April of 2007 links later tothe NYS LOTTERY on specfic clue dates..that "HE" and "THEY" only wanted ME to know..YOU were never supposed to know..and if you aren't the type to figure things out easy or see "rock solid" comparisions..DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME with this..The MILLENNIUM ZODIAC is clever but his clues are simple and redundant..much like "HE" scumbags..

Now know this my fathers birthday is April 5th or 4-5. Now that date is very pivotal in all of this and redundantly used..begins like this..On 4-5-07(my father's birthday) in HUNTERDON COUNTY, N.J. a Federal Agent was shot dead by his own man.."friendly fire"..His name Barry Lee Bush..and his name "decipher" as "bury the lying bush."

Now clue links to "deciper" just from that brief info are..
My father's birthday 4-5..and an "accident" I wa sin on 4-8-04 with a man named CHARLES(also my father's name)RUNGE(a later on 12-5-09 "deciphered" cell phone clue link to my fathers #(someone is setting my father up)

Mr Runge pulled into his oncoming lane and drove up it in his role to cut me off..that day at the intersection..that he waited me out on his right of way..and on the NYS POLICE 4-8-04 MV104A report these FACTS are not documented that way and I would NOT learn this until 2010.

Even the diagram is wrong (there is a copy of the original document in my Facebook photos section)

CONTINUED next post.
Diana Vickery

United States

#2 Oct 7, 2012
Now the Charles Runge 'accident" on 4-8-04 was handled by my then ALLSTATE Insurance 4531 ST RT 31 in Clay"where the story s molded" N.Y.

4531 the address is also the badge number of another "friendly fire" death that took place in MARGARETVILLE in GREENE COUNTY,N.Y. on 4-25-07 just 20 days after the FEDS..

The name of this NYS Troopers was David CHARLES Brinkerhoff..and his badge number was 4531..His name "decipher" as "Pay her off in Pig Latin"
a 12-5-09 at the Turning Stone Casino was a game set up for me to "win" imaged as my father as the link behind it..

Now that casino games every detail was "encryption" links ot all of this and what was to come..

So someone is killing cops to tell the story of my familys incest..and there are many clue directions..that all clue link back to me and my family and the biggest one of all GEORGE LUNDY former Oswego Police Chief who ws FIRED in 2006 after he somehwat forced himself intot he position much to the dismay of the Oswego Mayor and police dept..

The ORION cop shootings link of a "friendly" nature began a little over a year later..

Now on that 4531 badge number AKA ALLSTATE insurance address clue links..a name clue link began there on ST RT 31 in Clay what is now the "friendly fire" "OFF MEXICO" shooting of another FED..on 10-2-12..

NOTICE the 4531 address/badge also begin with my fathers 4-5 birthday...these are NOT "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" as played out by scumbags as far back as Tammy Rowe in 2005 to what is nwo longer a claim by them..

The 31 is a 13 in "reverse" clue linked to a 2513 address in Phioenix, New York my sister's known as CHRIS T MAS in all of this..

and the use of my fathers image in this is because he is the one who unknowing ot me from the start counter acted my familys plans..CLUE #1 inthe back room of OSWEGO ATTORNEY JOE WALLEN'S off during the recruits Marla Miller and former Oswego Mayor JOHN SULLIVAN'S "charades" to bring me face to face with GEORGE LUNDY..while getting their "gain" off it out of the City of Oswego..BACKFIRED.

Beagn with these words in that back room about my brother Jerry (who has done well now and wait til you see how his new wife's name links and how she was being played and used on 8-18-11 in oswego as a roultte clue)

"after 40 years the brother finally got a job" to.."the father has worked all his life."

On 4-5-12 in the NYS LOTTERY the 4531 badge number(like another linked to an ORION STAR to be explained later) ran in "reverse"( a 3-29-05 CHRIS T MAS- ALLSTATE 4531 clue she set up by "accident" also like RUNGE)

It ran that day 4-5-12(my father's birthday) as 1354 Feds death) meaning ALL "Pay her(me)off in Pig Latin" image intentions were now done..and Nickel less is the clue from the PENNY LEVOS- ALLSTATE 4531 link.. because I "throws" that casino game money offer and others..because of the blood of others attached to it..just as "HE" and "THEY" knew I would..My military linked replacement was already being cleaned up and built.

Its very possible the poison (IVIE) has already been cause my Who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe death clue link...

ONE MORE FED WILL DIE but like the "RED COP" shooting it will be a "trick." JOE WALLENS "they do things in 3s " and other solid it..
Diana Vickery

United States

#3 Oct 7, 2012
.Now you all do know Margareville also is a Name link to George Lundy's mother's name..another "perfect" "COINCIDENCE."
So to recap my 2003 or ALLSTATE insurance company at a 4531 address is the same as the 4531 badge number of the "friendly fire" NYS Trooper slain on 4-25-07 in MARGARETVILLE, GREENE COUNTY, N.Y. and on 4-5-12 my father's birthday same date in 2007 as the "friendly fire" shooting of a FEDERAL AGENT the 4531 ran in the NYS LOTTERY WIN 4 in "reverse" as 1354....
Now to mention the badge number 4963 of the 4-12-07 Utica cop Halloween "trick" shooting clues..was also used in the NYS LOTTERY on a pivotal day..those FACTS posted later..and ow it all links now by still "encrypted" clues that most of the time you miss out on unless I post it to this time of year here in Margaretville in Oswego..
Right now I would like to go over how the deaths of 4 members of the Levea family in Fulton links to "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" and is sure ot be the 5 in the 357 DIRTY HARRY part of it as soon as WILLIAM Levea prison for killing a man on 11-20-09 in an road rage "accident" I am sure he was NOT completely responsible for his actions that night of..You have to know ALL the FACTS..
Now GEORGE Levea died first on what was a get this.."MOTHER'S DAY OF THAT YEAR" date in he died what are the MOTHERS DAY dates of the year he was born..Now Maegan Buck shouted "MOTHER'S DAY OF THAT YEAR" to me from her 151 apt above me ..before GEORGE died..she knew all along..he was going to.

GEORGE'S DATES are 8-2-08 he died and on 8-6-08 was his funeral..(also a pivotal night in Fulton as my sister tried to make it look like she was being worked by MY scumabgs..her ass..)

You take the 8-2-08 and the "line up" with the 8-6-08 and "adds up like a score" and you have 5-8s.."MOTHER'S DAY of that year" he was born-1960 was on 5-8. I don't give a ratass what Maegan Buck denies she said it..

Jean Levea his younger brother(40)would die shortly after on 1-10-09(same day a peciliar soldier onward horoscope appeared in the Palldium Times under my ZODIAC sign. You have to know how it's completely worded.

Now on 4-24-09 their father JOHN would now pass away.. 4-24 is a "line up" date with the 4-25-07 "friendly fire" shooting of the NYS Trooper..the 4531 link. Now also know that the 4-12-07 HALLOWEEN Utica cop "trick" shooting ended on JOHN St. The cars driver was found at a church<-clue to the dates of TWO dead little girls and George's funeral date..and WHY ERIN MAXWELL was sent home on BILL FACTOR ZODIAC date 8-11-08(either way)to die on 8-30-08..the first child died on 3-8-06 ..and her funeral was my 3-11-06 birthday.."line up" with the 4-12-07 shooting in Utica..

Now to cap it all off the Uncle ROBERT would also die on 8-11-10(BILL FACTOR ZODIAC DATE again clue to where the NOVEL IS plan is heading off Margaretville Oswego now.)

Now ROBERT becomes a forwarding clue name as in aim me Robert..the set up of a sex offender story(of which he is NOT)in Fulton. A BUFFALO BILL clue back to the movie Silence Of the lambs..(of course there are more details can't post it all right now)

So from 8-2-08 to 8-11-10 4 members of the Levea family die(and each date fits the casino game #s also-you really have to see it to know) Now WILLIAM was set up somehow on 11-20-09 to kill a man ..that date is "line up" clue with Tanya Mellon's 10-20-09 the relative and neighbor "scene's" Tanys'a name was my sisters version of me .."YA NOT MELLO" and Maegan Buck said those words in 2008 and NOW I know who she was talking about..

The swan-scumbag recruit Beverly Davis's "perfect" "CONCIDENCE" newly cleaned up and rebuilt daughter Valerie Ddedich had big plans of sittting with Donna Levea and telling them about her mother's doings..BUT not her own..
Diana Vickery

United States

#4 Oct 8, 2012
What are the "relative," "neighbor and move" clue link deaths "scenes" in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL"

It all now after 5 deaths clue links ( and I will explain) that one of Dottie Mills relatives is the next vicitm..

Now here is how it all began

In Oct of 2009 my mother "saved" me Fulton scumbags when she came to my home where I had no heat etc..because the power was still(I was living on 118.00(BILL FACTOR in "reverse" clue as to WHY and some food stamps) off since the 7-7-09 -LOTTERY "trick" badge number 4963 run date..YES the one with my birthday as the trial date also..shooting of the 4-12-07(ORION STAR) Utica cop..

Now in mid October I moved into her home and about 1 week later the neighbor who lived very close Tanya Mellon was killed in a Hannibal "accident" and so was the driver of the other JEEP..on 10-20-09..Thats a 1-29 "perfect" "zero's mean nothing" clue pr a 12-9 My mother's "fall" date in "reverse" etc..every date works in the direction "He" and "they" are going.

Tanya's name "decipher" as "YA NOT MELLO" and Maegan Buck had this story also in 2008 ..She knew then Tanya was going to die..and so did the other scumbags..

They talked about it in code like and it was difficult for me to understand I WOULD HAVE RAISED CAIN ON THE ISSUE and they knew it..

This was alL taking mE into the time frame of the 12-5-09 casino game set up..and it was "fixed" FOR ME TO "WIN" and the date was linked back to 4-8-04 and WHY MAN CHARLES RUNGE cut me off at the intersection that day and the 1205 of my parents cell phone number..BUT my mother was involved NOT my father..she told him the story and I knew my father was being set up for it in image..

the FACTS of that game and how they fit deaths that tok place AFTER it as one whole unreal..and SHOCKING ..that 12-5-09 Turning stine casio game is a story within itself..and RAY HALBRITTER was involved in this..and it's NOT good.."HE" built this story on power "HE" knew i could not challege in my situation contantly being attacked by scumbags and some in the community hell bent to help "HE" out for their "gain" off it..

Now as I also lived at my mothers home. MY uncle GEORGE would also die on a pivotal date 6-27-10(Sheriff BILL Cromie died 6-27-99)..Here's how "HE" and "they" got him involved..My father told him the story of OSWEGO sheriff Bill Cromie's link to me(NOT knowing like me he was dead the way GEORGE LUNDY wanted it in 2003) and like many already in Fulton since I did not "come forward"..they immediately thought well "she must have done something wrong" and my uncle like others went to the other side. YOU WERE ALL MISLEAD. I had already done that..It's how they set it all up to worlk all of you to this point..a FULL and complete story line.

Off my Uncle GEORGE it becomes a Onondaga Nation TEACHER A LESSON CLUE" by ALBERT'S name clue on 12-18-07..with all the stories now about his sister's "talk" about it now.."HE" and "THEY" always go the sister route.

Now ALBERT would continue in the ALBERT Hemingway(NOVEL IS- Radio Shack mailing dated 8-11 and 8-13 clue to me if I "throws" the casino game coming my way just as Maegan Buck taunted..) THIS is NOVEL IS time frame now here in Margaretville in Oswego.. Becuase I "throws" that deadly casino game..

Now the next "relative and neighbor, moved death post..
Diana Vickery

United States

#5 Oct 8, 2012
"Relative" and Neighbor and move" deaths links..Now remember the MOST important clue of al in the MO of all of this is all an original version of the ZODIAC KILLER crimes..and that clue was placed by CHRIS T MAS'S 9-29 birthday link to the 9-27 Lake Berryessa attack in the late 1960's where the FEMALE vicitm died on 9-29..and from there it was used as an "in the middle" damage clue total 1929.40 on the 3-29-05 ALLSTATE Insurqance report set by adjustor BILL(FACTOR) JETTY at a "HALLOWEEN" clue "trick" TIME of 10:31am..

So from "relative" and "neighbor" this series of eaths also took place and so far BOTH Tanya's and my Uncle George's FIT the 12-5-09 "adds up like a score" casino #s of the 12-5-09..and George died AFTER the game.

Now let me add now the issues of William(Bill) Levea's link ..on 11-20-09 "line up" with Tanya's death date) William Levea-Uncle to George and Jean etc..would go a freak road rage while drinking one night..and kill a man as a result of it..BILL Levea in 80s rammed a vehicle so hard he killed the driver and does not recall the incident..and I believe that..BILL will die in prison..and the 5th Levea the clue to me of the 5(total) in the 357 DIRTY HARRY(rebuilt women linked to the military known as the swan)plan..5 male members of the Fulton Levea family.

THE BILL FACTOR clue remained strong in anyway "HE" and "THEY" could "encrypt" it through all of this..It's either a date 8-11 or a name or a man's name etc.

Now Tanya Mellon died GOD Rest her soul on 10-20-09 and my Uncle GEORGE(another "encrypted" name) diedon 6-27-10 while I lived at my mother's ..who evicted me on my 3-11-11 birthday from her home and by 4-10 I moved to what was another unknown to me then scumbag recruits home..Beverly Davis mother of the "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" swan..who let the scumbags guide her self inprovement clean up and she knows it..

Now one week after I move in Beverly Davis's home..a neighbor dies who lived very close(this was a Trailer Park) I watched them take his lifeless body out. His name Patrick Hyde..Pat Ricks hide" scumbags taunted..and I believe he died in 4-17-11 it(can't be sure right now have to check notes) I did not know him.

Here's what is weird ..My Uncle George has a borther named "Rick" who made a visit to my mother's home just before I moved out..He lives hundreds of miles away near Massena on the reservation just like his brother did. My mother had some bizarre conversation with him and he said "Dorothy it sounds like you have done something wrong" and she knowing I was behind her said to him "Lets go outside" and they did.

I don't know what she asked to do...But I have a feeling about it..

Now in Sept of 2011 Beverly's cousin Mike Miller also died..cancer..Here's what is more than odd..
Miller of course is Marla's last name and Mike was the name of the incvestigator who set out to help her..He followed ME through all of it..and since his Utica 2009 appearance has disappeared now..He was on me all the time(Joe Wallen knows who he is)

Mike Miller was born on 3-12..The same day years later Deputy Gallow was shot in Cayuga County the day after my birthday eviction from my mother that brought me to Beverly's through all the scumbags claims of "He said don't help her" well for some reason no one told Beverly Davis and scumbags are pretty through -technology assisted.

Mike died on 9-12..the same day of my mother's Mobil "fall" and the Charlie Gasko clerks bithday who told the sex offender FACTS story about a man she works with after learning them.(The joke again on Fulton) Mike Miller's death, My mother's "fall" and a Charlie Gasko clerk ZODIAC...all too "perfect" "fall" as in 6-7 stroke coming clue..? I think so.
Diana Vickery

United States

#6 Oct 8, 2012
Now here's the BAD death link to these "relative" and neighbor move"scenes" in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL."

The death of Ray Gregory on 11-5-11 while I still lived at Beverlys davis's home.

Let me link Ray now..I lived across the street from him in 2003 and I met him one eve becuase of scumbag activity inthe streets a broken bottle..brought us all out of our homes with the screams that went with it..

I spoke to Ray breifly and he was just concerened for all..Later scumbags would yell "RAY'S GOT A FUCKIN ATTITUDE" "HE DOESN'T WANT TO GET INVOLVED" I had no clue what it meant then.. I had recently moved there to get way from a guy named Jim Cates who was overbearing to me as a neighbor had his nose in everything I did..

My new landlords name was Nan Nguyen(NON WIN-I get it now) and what was brewing in the streets there. Details I will cover later ..BUt I had some run ins with NON WIN also involving police..and I would NOT give in.

Now Ray died in a freak and highly suspicious story of how he rolled his truck one night on Co Rt 53(35 in "reverse" clue decoy?)and somehow got out and walked a mile or so from the scene and then wandered about 400 yards into nowhere and sat down and died..exposure.

A Fulton man named Brian Dolbear lied to Fulton police(go figure)about seeing Ray that same time frame in Fulton and claiming he was alive after the "accident" (Now he issue of WHY Brian Dolbear did this is on his NYS LIC plate its 8-11 clue) This gave time for Ray to die..exposure - mayeb the efects fo drugs taking hold ..Ray may have had no idea was taking hold of him...I think of William Levea...

11-5-11 is MAUREEN LEVEA"S birthday..Geroge levea;s widow and the date is "enctypted" in other links to all of this like the 4-8-04 CHARLES RUNGE MV104A NYS POLICE report. THE AGES 71=8, 56=11 and 41=5 (remeber this all "adds up like a score" called GEORGE LUNDY)..there is a 8-11 and an 11-5 and of course The Swan Valerie Dedich was already to assume her role(convinced by scumbags talk she claimss) to sit nex to Donna Levea and tell them all about her MOTHERS doing's in all of the now "GOOD WOMAN" just in need of her SLIENCE OF THE LAMBS extra skin removal surgery..and preparing for it..

Beverly had tainted my food in this time frame also among the many things she did and Ms Valerie at times made the talk..of how she would go if..this or that etc..WELL WHO THE HELL PICKED YOU ANYWAY? SCUMBAGS!!..The seat next to Donna Levea?
Just tell the truth without a shine the light on me seat..try that Valerie.

RAY GREGORY'S name...Ray Kinsella(Feild Of Dreams a movie fav of mine about GOD abd baseball is the movie "HE" and "they" used to have their own "if you build it they will come" (See the movie to understand that line)"reverse" version called a Margaretville in Oswego "scene" now.

Valerie is a military link just like Sue my "finally fot a job after 40 years" brother's wife(military link) whom BAD scumbags worked to be at the Oswego Thrifty shop on 8-18-11 when GEORGE LUNDY did his "drive by" clue here in Oswego.

Now GREGORY is a HANNIBAL(silence clue)St. drive by clue in Fulton years ago by the brother of ALBERT (the Onondaga nation teacher)SCERBO and the reason the ALBERT(teach her a lesson if she "throws" us)Hemingway(noveleist) mailing came to my home dated 8-11 nd 8-13..that's a BILL FACTOR and a GEORGE Levea wedding date clue.

To what was coming on me after I left scumbag "gain"er recruit Beverly Davis's home called "partner's" Bill McCarty(military) and Dorothy the 18 address sitting on the 8-11 date..and what transpired there on me after several "scenes" by Dorothy Mills worked up to it on 3-19-12 for the "MARINES MEAN NOTING" clue to Orlo Green being the next "or low green state" "scene" here in Oswego ORION STAR.
Diana Vickery

United States

#7 Oct 8, 2012
Now also know that while I lived at Beverly Davis's home was the time frame of the "RED COP" "scene" between me and ROGUE Fulton Police in the dept just days before he was set up to di on a CHRYLSER-> BILL FACTOR job clue link to what is now Margaretville in Oswego and the NOVEL IS plan for him to JETTY off it..tHE BILL FACTOR is out there somewhere..each clue and "scene" like Judy GEORGETTI Charlotta...was/is set up for just that reason..

Scumbags had begun to reinforce taunt that a "RED COP"-Oneida cop was now a target of something..I panicked some and beagn like I was already doing to send that talk on the outside of large envelopes though the US POST OFFICE claiming a cop in Oneida was about to be a target...So already established ROGUE FUlton Officer MIKE #29 Blazinksi calls me about it after getting word and from the Fulton Post Office(there's a BAD mole in there somewhere who's timing is "perfect") So in all the glory og the scumbag claims "she's going down now for this" and the hype they were creating on it as I called Fulton PD and returning their call..only to RUN fromthe Lib to the confront the issue..

All Mike Blazinski wanted me to do was stop writing the letters and he had laugh about it..I will never forget..remind you I had signs BIG ones on my home about dead cops in April 2007 badge 3s etc....that Fulton cops were told to ignore..and now ROGUE "if your going to blame police for this then I'm not taking a report either"(Charlie Defenbacher body guard he is) Blazinski was in motion again..with "RED COP" laugh..Now I left the dept that day much to the shock of the scumbags..BUT I knew shit was about to happen..days later I open Beverly computor and there it was an ONEIDA DEPUTY had been shot dead in the line of duty..on 6-7-11. Now in my conflict with Officer Blazinski the #13 was also brought's on the letter also ..remember this all "adds up like score" 6+7=13.

I wasn't even suprised..

Now I was taunted wayyyback and did not make the links to "or low green state" and other clues that can't be denied "he" chose him to be an ORION STAR also along with Fulton Officer Gary #12 Percival.

Now Orlo greens death is linked to this Margaretville in Oswego time much scumbag taunted about unemployment link..

Now all the FACTS presented here about all of this is only a fraction of them..and "He" plans for "gain" off the NOVEL IS his..intention.

now also after Ray's old neighbor "trick" set up death clue..the next link is a realtive..OLD one? BUT in the direction of Dottie Mills or Bill McCarty now..

"He" has narrated by death and names all the way to the "drive by"

Tanya to Uncle mother's home
Patrick Hyde to Mike Miller to Ray Gregory at Beverly Davis's

Leaves one "relative" open ..."They do things in 3s" ask JOE WALLEN..He was said to be referring to the Sheriff's dept..

and the clues to how Beverly Davis herself links to THE ZODIAC KILLER in another post
Diana Vickery

United States

#8 Oct 8, 2012
Let me add this new info..linked from the name Daveh QUINN at Birdseye in 2006 on me"trying to helP" BUT then he "flapjaked" went to the other side because according to Dave someone guiding hisaid "we have given her long enough to come foward"

To what is now reuse of the last name Quinn or spelled different linked to NOVEL IS and a story Maegan Buck told in 2008 also..The fial intention now I understand behind that story she told is to make someone in Margaretville victim of it also..job related..

Now don't say they don;t hire people at companies to do this..YES they do They hired Karen Chatterson at ABB in APRL 2008 just for the purpose of using her (because her name fit) to give me 3 more of Tammy Rowe's Movies what was about to happen...KATE and LEOPOLD and ..a love story about an old soldier and a younger woman..To Hellboy -my son and how he's become through in all of this right down to the 213 slumlord GEORGE house 6-29-12 "Carrie" "scene" and PAYBACK.. <- The HERE and NOW of it all...

YES I get it now.... 3550
Diana Vickery

United States

#9 Oct 8, 2012
Ok so now with out getting into details of what I was exposed to and tormented with at the pleasures of the BAD "HE" scumbags..A story that begins with an "accident" that was no "accident" at all that killed a 10 year old child in Hanniball to the 4-5-07 my father's birthday "friendly fire" shooting of a FEDERAL AGENT in HUNTERDON COUNTY new what is now another death within the FBI "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" along with the timing and date clue link...and his name..pricless..

I heard this story in 2008 and now I know who it is..I was focusing on the name JOHN then..the ONLY Nicholas I knew of in Fulton..and his name had been mentioned many tiomes..he used to work at Tops BUT not with me..someone said he did..NO he did's a robbery story as far as I know.

Now I am to figure out from name narrations what Nickel less Ivy-obviously a poison link and YES a league clue....Scares me because of the 2889 LIC PLATE clue link to a "sudden attack of illness" date on 8-3-08 a GEORGE name and past scumbag taunts..
It's all still too "perfect."

So in this Margaretville in Oswego NOVEL IS time frame...a FEDERAL AGENT get shot dead by YES "friendly fire" on 10-2-12..12 either way "trick" clue.?? Ok So again If I was Orlo Green I would watch my ass and that is NOT a threat from me.

This "OFF MEXICO" shooting..of the FED was in the dark like HALLOWEEN.

"They do things in 3s"

ok being that this is an original version of an old serial killing.."He" would NOT use the other dead "friendly" Fed in the story count..NOT "He" work..

I would strongly presume at this point that this is what "HE" clues now..simply by the date..the name narrates "HE" intention..

So the next cop a "trick" I had claimed before in posts that Orlo Green will get walked into something..NOT like a traffic stop but the "trick" style of 4-12-07..

I had claimed this before this FED was shot dead..from past taunts..and then this 10-2-12 "friendly fire" comes along..FED "OFF MEXICO" on the "perfect" date.

So the next FED will like Barry Lee Bush be set up to die if they don;t stop "HE" and his scumbags and ROGUE COPS and judges soon...."They do things in 3s." Ask GEORGE LUNDY'S "friend" Oswego attorney Joe Wallen.. He's the one who told me..

Just like everywhere else there are scumbags in it for "HE" at NOVEL IS..where THE BILL FACTOR hides..a CHRYSLER name forwarding clue on 6-7-11.. that's WHY MAN.

We are all being terrorized by a serial killer and his followers...Like I scremed in 2006, 07 and on "ITS LIKE A RELIGIOUS CULT" the way Tammy Rowe talked about it..and "those cops" in April 2007 had not even happened yet..

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Danielle Proulx Jan 17 Unknown 1
Rose grattan/connelly acres apartments (May '17) Jan 15 Unknown 13
oswego is a shit hole. (Apr '13) Jan 7 OneidaSucks101 6
Camillus police chief Jan 2 Delbert 2
Slumlords in Oswego? Dec 29 nonya business 5
Camillus Dec 28 Unknown 2
Who knows Andrea Grosso/pepin Dec '17 Bear rx 4

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