Did Oswego scums hear the SEX OFFENDE...

Did Oswego scums hear the SEX OFFENDER issue?

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#1 Aug 5, 2012
OK in 2005 I was hired at the Sunoco drive thru gas station in Fulton..AKA now as Charlie Gasko now in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" details of how I arrived at that same link but I will explain later in anohter post off this one..just remeber the link to all of this by the name of Charles Runge and how it came into all of this by 'accident' set up to look like my fault..on the clay"where the story was molded'New York STATE POLICE report taken on it that day..by Officer MD Beiderman("beat her man till she needs an MD" -what scums now say is the OCJ plan off BILL FACTOR 8-11 recruit Dottie Mills for the image of me beating up as NYS disabled woman plan now)

So anyway Charles - my fathers name..yes same name date link also of the 4-5-08 Hunterdon shooting of the FED by his own man ..ORION -the gigantic hunter..then the trooper on 4-25-07 etc..runge..a ring clue like a phone and how the date of 12-5-09 fell on me at the casino..another "win" game played with me..

BUT anyway thats how I get clues..set up on me examples..

So I get hired at the drive thru in 2005 after being endlessly attacked and harrassed at many fo my jobs ..some of whom I was rehired at 2 and 3 times before this all began after my meeting with Lundy in 2003...which came to be after almost 2 long years of Marla Miller and former mayor John Sullivan "fall" crap..that was set p by Lundy's "friend' Oswego attorney Joe wallen..after a long drawn out expensive to tax payers lesson in how the legal system works for certin individuals..which is well planned and going on witottie mills..and there is the promise of more.."HE" and what his "state police" will do when they come "down" on me..like they have 5 cops already Greene County legal well planned "HE" get out of it games to come..

So anyway I take a job at the drive though in all of this..and stories are everywhere about me..The "sex offender" stories are rampant and someone is trying to "reverse" how they all began to me..no suprise..now or then..So in the course of it or now..

So hundreds upon hundreds were manipulated with a variety of stories to spend money there..Tammy Rowe was at the self placed top of it all..She was recruited to harm me..BUT I talked about Bill Cromie the dead unknown to me then sheriff whos name George Lundy used to sway my already in my thoughts head as to who was behind some of the crap then..Cromie had seriously violated my civil rights back a ways and threats at me were made so then I shut up feared for my son..BUT it was always on my shoulder..and when Sullivan went to the sheriff's dept to protect Marla's bs..i just connected the two from ongoing activity MO..and Lundy worked it that way also on me in 2003..."You will be another one that mysteriously dies in police custody' Pretty serious words ..that he told me not to talk about..yea right George..cop just told me cops would kill me..oh yea I won't tell a soul..sureee...

So if you went to sunoco then you spent off one story or another..BUT then it was time to flush me ..the money had ndersonbeen made..and make it they did tens of thousands in that 6 months..until that Nov. night..that sheriff's Inv Michael Anderson(my family's or Tammy Rowes 2005 "Anderson agreed to do it " claim at me..meaningless then..drove off with 25. in gas after grtting his teeth at me and scaring me..along with the NYS LIC plate clue drive off that night also CST-7544 a GREEN minivan Oswego man..CST-CHRIS T MAS and 7544 in "reverse' a date clue 4-5-07 my fathers birthday and the date of the Hunterdon FED shooting-"friendly" one that was..and the 4 becomes the LOTTERY clues to dates and badge numbers used on them on 7-7-09 National grid clue if I "throws" that 12-5-09 casino game headed my way..and of course this years 4-5-12 1354=4531 slain 4-25-07 Trooper badge number ..so on that I have ot go but will finish this later..
Diana Vickery

Syracuse, NY

#2 Aug 6, 2012

The summer of 2005 was filled with Scumbag activity and threats directed at anyone who tired to stop them..as it continues some still.

Ok and the MONEY flowed like water that summer into the cash register of the drive thru Sunoco station off numerous versions of sexual predator claims about me and FACTS I counteracted them with from the issue of how Sheriff Bill Cromie had violated my civil rights to my sister CHRIS T MAS..again use of her rape story to pull attention to herself..an "in the middle" clue direction in "encryptions" now..such as how her 9-29 birthday was placed in the middle of the 1929.40 damage total amount on the 3-2-05 set at a Halloween time clue of 10:31 by ALLSTATE adjustor BILL(FACTOR) Jetty..document can be viewed on my Facebook page -see photos section and I run it from time to time on my wall.

Tammy Rowe who lived in the upper apt ..was recruited prior to help attack me after I ended up inthat apt off my sisters staged 911 call off the 3-29-05 when police arrived offf her "violent" call about me only concerned about the "hostile male" verbally attacking me by th account of the 911 operater..this is all part of how my family "reverse's" things..Like how she slammed into my Jeep while it was parked ot bring me back to Fulton in the right APRIL time frame to the 1515 address-"anagram" Maureen Levea's birthday..while suckering every scumbag in the city to run me down on their BS stories ..backed up by help from ROGUE cops looking to look like fools though all of it..to claim their later "gain" off it..The MO "he" and "they" use is quite simple..BUT so are the minds they play it all on..
So now that might come to understand how this was and continues to be worked on all of you..and by whom ..while endless stories of who "he" advertises who he wants you all to harm next continue in "he" involve the whole community in "He" psychotic delusions continues to work..heavily paraded now by youth in this community..the new minds he infects..while continuing to masterbate with "He" "proof"??

Anyway in the early "gain"er stages of all of this I was played at the drive thru and used to make money off it all there..and in 2012 with the BIZARRE but FACTUAL hiring of a SEX OFFENDER still on parole who was then promoted to management BUT while stil on parole and in his training violated his parole and was of course sent back to prison..It was then that I understood WHO at sunoco was really beind allof this fromthe start..and how I landed that job in 2005 off what I thought was a friendship..So in 2005 to make this understandable..while I was hired to be used ot make money out of all of you who went then under which version of stories..and then I got fired after DISTRICT MANAGER ROB "DON'T GET ROBBED AGAIN FULTON" FEISTER would NOT under any circumstance give me the inside and only security video of what went on that night with the TWO drive offs..Sunoco had no outside security videos then..and I was fired and allthat money was pocketed then..by them..and in 2012 for over a year the joke on allof yu was the real life sex offender still on parole..hired to be management ..to serve all of you..was fired for parole violation and ONE manager there ser out ..to try again to get him back in..in her dedication to "He"..while the 9-12 clerk who had issues in this in 2005 also was set up to hire the sex offender ..and then take the new "fall" for it a 9-12 birthday clue date worked by fall(my mother) and death(Mike Miller)) in all of this down the time line of it..by "He" and "they." So either sunoco took that money knowing..OR someone in the compaony played all of you and them "fools" and it worked...all of a sexual predator story that STILL has not been validated about me..that is now a real life sex offender hiring joke there on all of us. I was condemend by all of you and the sex offender was given a second chance.
Diana Vickery

Syracuse, NY

#3 Aug 6, 2012

So as the new recruited scumabgs continue endless output of the threats "He" has planned to carryout on others..Some of whom were not even aware "He" existed..and now off threat claims will learn "he" is not just a delusion of my mind..I contiue to do what "he" "profiled" I would do all along..after forcing the horros and reality of his POWER on me though all of you ..who gave it to "He" all along.

The "Or low green state" plan is still in full motion..and FATAL ATTRACTION lingers on by Fulton City court dates for the CHRIS T MAS time finale of it..into what is clued to be a CHIS T MAS snow blanket attack on my son..of his own by pressure "Carrie" 6-29 image of himself now..off the 213 slumlord GEORGE house clue..and a new off Dottie -Cat-GEORGE plan to "Kat" at 213 a drug dealer front "He" planned to set up off it..in "He" next attack on someone..may have failed,,BUT somehwere out there is a drug dealer of person fo that nature "HE" has or had planned ot sukcer as "he" next target on a target..Like Ciriono on a cop..and that BRILLIANT story Sammy Riveria somehow got by state police then..on 4-12-07..as the date of my birthday was being set for the trial date..(clue)NO believe it or not I do NOT believe from things Tammy Rowe said in 2005 that Sammy Riveria knew a cop was going down..that night,,,BUT whoever told that judge to set that 3-11 date as the trial did..and it was no
"perfect" "COINCIDENCE." Like the 7-7-09 use of that cops badge off the NYS LOTTERY on it along with the National Grid clue if I "throws" that 12-5-09 casino game..headed my way...after my mother "saved" me from all of the SCUMBAGS in Fulton

Now off the BILL FACTOR forwarding clue Deputy name CHRYSLER in the "RED COP" killing,,"He" has plans directed a clue of that nature is clear..Its what Maegan Buck spoke of in 2008 and the new cell phone is of fit...on someone...and she spoke of that military "reservist" whos supposed to create it there or attempt to..an issue I have already covered with the target of it all..

So "he" "I gave you every clue you" and you failed you stupid fuck you failed"..just as Tammy rowes scumbags taunted that I came to understand in 2008 was a script line form the BONE COLLECTOR as to how "he" works hsi "tricks" on all of us in "THE THRILL OF ("HE") KILL." that is still in motion...

357 Dirty Harry plans...
Diana Vickey


#4 Aug 8, 2012
You know FYI this compnay made no effort what so ever to rehire me or even consider it(I have reapplied).. I was fired in Nov. of 05 after a very lucrative summer there...for TWO drive offs in one night..totaling 35.00 that I know now was an address clue like the date 5-3-05 on Harbour Credit..another "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" George clue addres in Oswego..

The District Manager there Rob Feister who is still with this company..refused to give me the what little video security they had back then..he just refused giving no reason..but made his obvious money sarcastic comments to me on the phone about how much they made(I detected no "pressure" on him in his voice at all)..So even off the 9-12 clerk being so "nice" this time who in reality was being set up to take the next "fall" in onall of this...So the "DON'T GET ROBBED AGAIN FULTON" warning to me makes "perfect" sense now ..kind of like Tammy K who was "trying to help" at Chris T mas time 2011...she fronts..till "Don" backed her off...she for some reason fronts "trying to help" again...???? Who is the ? Candy did NOT want me working back there..and said "Rob" fired her...
Diana Vickey


#5 Aug 8, 2012
And oh yea the sex offender had a 50.00 drive off and did not even get written up..
Diana Vickery

United States

#6 Oct 7, 2012
yes this little joke on Fulton was all part of "HE" "THRILL" also..

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