Ron is my cousin and is doing a good job but ran into
opposing views and heavy politics, he & his family are
devoted to Garden County and it's future growth and all
have worked hard at it. I fully support his hard work
and I now live in CA. and not on his payroll and this is
only my opinion. I take the GC News and have stayed on
top of the stories printed, I grew up in Oshkosh, it is
my home town, I believe in Oshkosh, & all of Garden Co., and the whole State, and it is my hope this can all be resolved soon for the good of all. My grandfather was the Chairman of the County Commissioners about 1916 to 1922 & the Court House and main bridges were built then as well as many roads improved, Ron is trying to be helpful as our grandfather was. Ron is my first cousin.

Virgel C. Law