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Old Soldier

Oscoda, MI

#1 Aug 11, 2011
Lets keep this one mature and leave the childish pranks out of it.
Unhappy Homeowner

Oscoda, MI

#2 Aug 11, 2011
Question. Where was the board when they took the swings and play equipment from the park? Did they realize how it would affect the children, or did they care? Did they see their faces asking where the swings were going? This is a big shame on the board. Who made the decision? Did they ask the residents or even the children how they felt about moving the equipment? No, and I do not think they cared one bit. They did what they wanted and that is that. Some one should be responsible for the bad feeling the children may be having. This is an example of the lack of communications that is going on in the villages. It is no wonder why no one seems to care one bit about the villages. The board does what they want and doesn't seem to care less about the the way the residents feel. How can they say they represent the residents when we now only meet once a year? What else is the board doing with out our input?
SomeoneWhoActual lyCares

Oscoda, MI

#3 Aug 11, 2011
If you had bothered to attend the last meeting you would have heard the playground discussed in depth including the reasons for moving it to one location.
Here are the exact minutes from the meeting where the playground was discussed taken directly from the villages website.

Playground: Herb explained the Board is in the process of receiving and evaluating bids for the relocation of the existing playground equipment between Power and Florida Street to the new playground location in the common area behind the clubhouse. The Board of Directors decided, after feedback received from residents and the cost considerations, to have one playground located here close to the basketball court, clubhouse and gazebo. He stated that with the equipment located close to the other residential dwellings there have been instances of auto and property damage and extra wear and tear on the thru fares and residents yards. The Board will be able to concentrate our efforts and resources in one area and will be able to monitor the equipment for up keep and repairs as needed. He also stated that some of the refurbishment and assembly of the equipment will be done by residents that have already offered to donate their time to the new playground. He asked that if any of the homeowners knew of anyone that is interested in helping with the work on the new playground to have them call the office and let us know. He stated that the Board would like to have the playground completed by the time we have our annual picnic. He also thanked the many people who have made donations to the playground fund.

The only real shame here belongs to you for posting your blithering dribble with no basis in actual facts and then having the nerve to accuse the people who have and continue to volunteer their time and money to improve the villages of not caring. Shame on you! And to say its no wonder no one seems to care one bit about the villages is another outright baseless lie.

The people that care are currently volunteering their time and money to make the villages a better place to live. You obviously didn't care enough to attend the last meeting or if you were there didn't care enough to actually listen to what was being said. You didn't care enough to run for the board and put your ideas to action.

So you and your husband Old Soldier keep talking about caring and the people who actually care will keep doing things besides talk. How about you just post what you know to be facts with an actual verifiable reference and i bet this message area wont see you again. The new playground will be beautiful no thanks to you. I am sure you will find a way to dump on it anyways.
Old Soldier

Oscoda, MI

#4 Aug 11, 2011
I was at that meeting and heard the playground being discussed Here are a few questions.

When was a bid to do the work published in the news paper? I never saw it. When did you get the feedback from homeowners? Did you get any feedback from parents who have children, or did the board just go to the people who complained? How many children live close enough to the new location to be able to easily use it? Did you get any comments from parents about how they would feel having their children cross a few busy streets to get to the new location? Did any members of the board think about their safety? Instead of going to the expense of moving everything, wouldn't it have been easier to put up simple markers that would mark the places for children to play? It seems to me that this and a marked path to the area would have been more economical. Do you really think that any young children that would be using swings would be causing any damage to autos and other property? Sounds more like vandalism that would be done by older people and not kids around the ages of 3 to 5 years old.

I have seen past meeting minutes that have contained inaccuracies and have been brought to the attention at the next meetings and c hanged. If there are any inaccuracies in these minutes nothing will be done about it for another year. By then who will remember?

Norm Baumann: Not everyone sees the bylaws the way the BOD or ACC sees them and all the homeowners should familiarize themselves with the bylaws.

He also stated that the ACC was not going by the guide lines in the Green Book at all but the State ruling.

HO: You have to have 25% of co-owners to make any changes; is that correct?

Norm Baumann: Yes, the Board does for any changes to the bylaws, but the ACC can change the guidelines without a vote.
Seems to me that it leaves things open for selective enforcement.

If I'm not mistaking, that was only half of the question asked . The rest of the questioned mentioned the 66 2/3 requirement in the co-owners right to amend. It states condominium documents or by laws. Not by laws only. Anything in the Homeowners Information Guide should be considered a condominium document. There have been changes made in article restrictions that were not voted on by 66 2/3 vote which should be considered a condominium document. The 25% was on a quorum requirement of qualified voters to have a meeting. Can you really say that there were 25% of qualified voters to have a quorum? Perhaps you should fully read the Homeowners Information Guide instead of just the by laws.
facts not fiction

Oscoda, MI

#5 Aug 13, 2011
What is wrong with what they are doing. If they have written proof. I am sure the documents will go to the proper people. If nothing better they will be shown to anyone who wants to see them. The more the villages go on with what they did. The more time they will have to show residents what was done to them,and who did it.
facts not fiction

Oscoda, MI

#8 Aug 14, 2011
How many of us who have heard residents say, There is nothing we can do about the villages. If you are in the right then do not back down. Just like this family. The more you back down gives the villages more power. Some may say if you ignore the facts it will go away. Then the villages is not held responsible for what they do. In short you are living in fear. What is the next thing they will make you do. For instance power wash your homes, cut down your bushes. what is next. If you do not do as they say you get a letter. Sooner or later you give in. Just to shut them up and leave you alone. Is this the way anyone wants to live. Not me, how many have moved because of the way they have been treated. Could this be one reason why our property value has gone down. All I am asking is to look at what is going on and do something to stop it not hide in fear.
facts not fiction

Oscoda, MI

#9 Aug 16, 2011
I have a apart of my railing broken down. It is in the front of my home. Why tell anyone nothing will be done. We also have a child and friends who uses the bushes to take a leak in. Why bother to tell the office or the board nothing will be done. This is how many feel. The board does not seem to care what goes on in parts of the villages. Only where they live. If this is the way they want the villages to be let it be that way. If things are ignored and we do not feel the office or anyone else will do anything why bother. You make it that way not us by not doing your part. If you do your part maybe we will do ours.
facts not fiction

Oscoda, MI

#11 Aug 17, 2011
To the person who judged the last posting. We can prove what was said. So it is plain to see you must have something to do with the village board or acc. You do not want the truth to come out.

Hermitage, TN

#14 Aug 19, 2011
STFU Q boy!

Oscoda, MI

#15 Aug 22, 2011
Should the villagers be suspicious of the traffic on Rhode Island Circle? Hmm.
Think the board is holding their own. Anyone volunteering to run for office or just being hypercritical? Oh, I forgot, no new names appeared on the ballot.

Englewood, TN

#16 Aug 23, 2011
STFU Q boy!

Holly, MI

#17 Aug 24, 2011
The fact that no one ran this last time for a position on the board is only because anyone owning in the community knows the current operation is basically a nazi-like dictatorship with a few control freaks in charge who couldn't be fair-minded or do the right thing in accordance with the governing documents if their lives depended on it. Its their way or the highway and their way is usually not even legal. And then there's the problem of real involvement. What was the last vote count? about 200 cast out of almost 600 sent out. When every decision or action taken is done virtually without any input or prior discussion, it doesn't really lend itself to promoting interest. When anyone asks a question later they're told to just pay and shut up, sit down, your time is up, we know what's best for you and if you don't like it -- leave. Anyone who buys in such a development has a screw loose to begin with. Doesn't have to be this way but is because the vast majority of developments like the Villages have power freaks and incompetents in charge.
facts not fiction

Oscoda, MI

#18 Aug 25, 2011
Plumber: Are you aware of the State Senator getting involved with the villages? Some of us are fed up with the way the villages are being run. So we contacted the State Senator for help. When Aspen had the villages you could do as you wished. We did not have to be told what to do on our homes. They said if you improved your home and the community, as long as it was not eyesore, it was okay. Most of us used the guide line book as a reference, and the Township rules. We did not have to run to the ACC every time we wanted to make an improvement. Then the residents cared about their homes. Some still do. We need to get the residents together. The board should start to represent the whole village and not just a part of it. When were you asked what you could do to improve the village by the board member? If the board does not want to represent the whole village, then we should stand together and get them out. My family has helped out the village in many ways. Now, we will not volunteer. It is because of the way the village has gone down hill. There was a time when the Annual Homeowners Meetings were held in the Shore Line Theater and the residents had the theater filled, and some were standing out in the entrance. Now approximately 40 units at most are represented at the yearly meeting. Not a very impressive turnout for 758 units. Why? Whose fault is that? We need to bombard them with questions. They should know there jobs and have answers. Not ask the questions and wait for them to mail back their decisions. Or we will find out the answer and get back to you. Part of growing up is admitting you are wrong and finding a way to improve and not just say it has been the last boards decisions so live with it. Sooner or later the truth will come out about how bad it is. Then think how the board will look then. There are many of you who feel they are not wanted or are getting picked on. Well don't just take it. Get help. Some of the residents should merge and we will have more than enough to get the help we need to make our community a thriving one and an enjoyable place to live.
Old Soldier

Oscoda, MI

#19 Aug 25, 2011
Ami wrote:
Should the villagers be suspicious of the traffic on Rhode Island Circle? Hmm.
Think the board is holding their own. Anyone volunteering to run for office or just being hypercritical? Oh, I forgot, no new names appeared on the ballot.
Doesn't that look a little peculiar to you? Why do you think no one else ran for one of the positions on the board? Could it be that no one wants to be subject to the smear tactics that were used in other elections?

At the Meet The Candidates meetings of 2009 and 2010, allegations were made about one of the candidates. Simple checking later revealed that there was no validity to the allegations. That was dirty politics and only served to smear the candidate in front of the homeowners that were present, and no one on the board seemed to care if they were accurate or not. It is hard to get in someone elected who is counter to the current members when slander and innuendo are the tactics used. I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to go through that.
Two Cents

Oscoda, MI

#20 Aug 26, 2011
Has anyone noticed that the number of ballots being sent out and being returned has been getting smaller since last year? Could it be that the homeowners are just fed up with the whole thing and don't bother? Just compare the last two elections.

2010 2011 Difference

Total Units: 758 758 0

Ballots sent out: 578 566 12

Units not sent ballots: 180 192 12

Ballots returned: 312 237 75

Ballots not returned: 266 329 63

Total number of units
not heard from: 446 521 75

In 2009 there were only 308 ballots returned out of 582 sent out but the percentage of participation remains less than 50% and the gap gets bigger. Not an impressive turnout. If you just check the voting results for the past several years you will see a steady decline in the percentage of participation. Last year five people competed for two vacancies. This year only two competed for two vacancies. It should be obvious that interest is steadily dropping.
facts not fiction

Oscoda, MI

#21 Aug 27, 2011
Someone who actually cares: First I can prove the minutes from a meeting are not exact. Second they did not contact all the residents on moving the park . This is a case of lack of communications. The board does what it wants and the residents do not know what is going on. If the board represents the residents do you think they should communicate with them.
Old Soldier

Oscoda, MI

#22 Aug 31, 2011
Does anyone know if there is a recycle center around Oscoda?
facts not fiction

Oscoda, MI

#33 Sep 5, 2011
someone who actual cares: If the residents can not get the minutes of the yearly meeting until next year. Tell me how are you able to get them. This is just what we are saying. some can get them and some can not. Someone tell my why you are so special to the villages. We are not all treated the same way here. Are the minutes out in the office for all to have them,or just you.
PostmarkHappyvil le

Oscoda, MI

#34 Sep 5, 2011
facts not fiction wrote:
someone who actual cares: If the residents can not get the minutes of the yearly meeting until next year. Tell me how are you able to get them. This is just what we are saying. some can get them and some can not. Someone tell my why you are so special to the villages. We are not all treated the same way here. Are the minutes out in the office for all to have them,or just you.
The minutes are currently on the website for everyone. If you dont have internet they may be available at the office, I dont know. You seem to have many of good ideas, get involved next year i bet you would get voted into office and be able to get that place turned right around. I look forward to seeing your name on the ballot.
facts not fiction

Oscoda, MI

#35 Sep 6, 2011
postmark happyville: We can probe that the minutes are not correct. So can the aprox 30 members that were present at the meeting.

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