"To Catch A Predator" Entrapment?

"To Catch A Predator" Entrapment?

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#1 Dec 9, 2007
What are your opinions on this? Should entrapment be allowed?

Ozark, MO

#2 Feb 21, 2008
How is this entrapment? Either you're interested in engaging in this type of activity with a child, or you're not.

Any decent human being wouldn't be involved in the chat conversations and wouldn't go to the home. I don't feel sorry in any way for anyone who's busted in one of these sting operations. They're all sick perverts in my opinion.

Redmond, WA

#3 Feb 22, 2008
I'm not sure it amounts to entrapment but I've got grave concerns about whether these perverts--and, yes, they are perverts--have even committed a crime. They talk/chat on the internet with undercover police officers--NOT minors. They proposition these undercover police officers--NOT minors. They talk filth to these undercover police officers--NOT minors.

And, when they go to the house to have sex with a minor--THERE IS NO MINOR PRESENT. It is police, Dateline and someone over the age of consent who LOOKS like a minor.

Dateline says the perverts are charged with the crime of "intent to have sex with a minor" or something similar. But, the pervert never has even spoken to a minor. Never met a minor.

And, more importantly, we do not punish people for having horrible thoughts in the United States. Which means, I can think all I want that I want to kill my neighbor but the thinking ALONE is not a crime. I can think all I want that I'd like to rob the bank down the street but just thinking about it is not enough. I can think that I'd like to take a steak from the local grocery store without paying for it and even go into the store to steal the steak--but until I carry it out of the store, it is not a crime. In other words, I've got to take a "substantial step" towards the completion of my crime to be guilty of the attempt to commit it. What does the pervert on Dateline do? He talks/chats with an ADULT and agrees to meet an ADULT and goes to a house and then meets an ADULT. He thinks about having sex with minors but, until now and until this, the US never has criminally punished those who merely think about committing crimes--no matter how horrendous the crime.

Redmond, WA

#4 Feb 23, 2008
So they charge the pervert with something like "intent to have sex with a minor." Fine. But, when the pervert goes to the set-up Dateline house he is intending to have sex with the person he spoke/chatted with on the internet. WHO IS NOT A MINOR.

Don't get me wrong. These guys are bad, horrible, sick, twisted people. But, until they make talking filth to an undercover police officer a crime, these guys are committing no crime.

Belleville, MI

#5 Feb 26, 2008
Stop defending perverts!!!!!!!! Let them have sex, rape or molest your son or daughter and lets see your bleeding heart stance on this subject. These sickos have no rights. They gave them up when they went trolling for a child. Whether the person on the computer is a minor or not--these freaks thought they were hooking up with a minor. Using semanitcs isn't going to change the fact that they are Pedophiles. Maybe the people sticking up for these people are Pedophiles themselves.

Belleville, MI

#6 Feb 26, 2008
Anonymous sounds like a supporter of pedophiles.

Redmond, WA

#7 Feb 26, 2008
NO, Fed Up. I am a supporter of the Constitution. Read it sometime.

Oscoda, MI

#8 Mar 18, 2008
You need to read up on your legal jagon.

This is not entrapment. Entrapment is when government agents or officials, such as the police, induces a person to commit a crime he or she is NOT previously disposed to commit.
These predetors are out on the internet with the INTENT of finding their young victims. The police are not forcing the predators or using their authority to have these sick people come meet who they think is an underage child. These people do it because they want to and that's why it's not entrapment.
Also, why is it so wrong for the police to pose as a child on the internet to catch these sad excuses for human beings when the predators pose as young children themselves so they can find a victim? If you want to catch a predator, you have to think like one sometimes.

Redmond, WA

#9 Mar 19, 2008
And you in East Tawas need to read my post more carefully. I do not need to brush up on my legal jargon b/c my previous post never said that the "To Catch a Predator" series amounted to entrapment. No where. Just that, in my opinion, these perverts had committed no crime b/c they never were in contact with a minor. They sexually solicited an ADULT. They go to the undercover house intending to have sex with the person they solicited -- who was an ADULT. All of those present at the undercover house are ADULTS.

Yes, they are bad.
Yes, they are perverts.
Yes, they need to be stopped.
Yes, we need to protect kids.

But, in my opinion, we need to do it without offending the Constitution.
Burbs of Of Oscoda

Eau Claire, WI

#10 Mar 19, 2008
The idea of being arrested for your thoughts is very scary, talking on the internet does not necessarily indicate that some one is going to commit a crime, but driving across the state or crossing state lines , bringing gifts and the such shows intent. Those few who back out a the last moment, I feel are entrapped. Until you actually enter the house you are innocent, sick? maybe deranged? probably? intending to do something illegal? Yep! Guilty?

Macomb, MI

#11 Mar 25, 2008
I think the best way to make sure a pedophile does not get into your home to do any kind of work is simply do a background check. I was suprised when I did one and thought the man was very nice. It came out that he was a sex offender.

Belleville, MI

#12 Jun 2, 2008
Look anonymous (United States--not Tawas) these perves solicited who they thought was a minor child. Don't try to make it what it wasn't. They thought they were talking to a child, they intend to have sex with a child, so that makes them sicko's. So for you to say they are bad, etc...then in the next breath cry for their rights, BS they have no rights, they don't care about the 1 year old baby they rape, were where their rights?
The guy who moved away

Tucson, AZ

#13 Jun 3, 2008
Since when do 1 year old know how to use the internet?

Kent, OH

#14 Nov 20, 2008
My God the USA is filled up with retarded people. Seems like the majority of them posted comments to this article too.

Being arrested for a crime, before the crime actually happens, should not be legal, as no crime was actually committed.
Tawas Guy

Eau Claire, WI

#15 Nov 21, 2008
Kagenical wrote:
Being arrested for a crime, before the crime actually happens, should not be legal, as no crime was actually committed.
I guess soliciting sexual acts from minors is not an illegal act in Ohio.

Using a computer to commit a crime!

Maybe you would like to volunteer your child to be the one to see which of these perverts would actually commit the act.

I think intent is good enough to arrest these sickos, put them in jail for while and at least put their name and fingerprints and DNA in the system.

Protect the children!

Atlanta, GA

#16 Dec 23, 2008
Come on guys, you can't be that stupid not to hear what anonymous (United States) is saying.

Fact: The pervs did NOT interact with minors.
Fact: The pervs did NOT commit a crime.

Yes, they did think it was a minor they were meeting.
Yes, they are sick f*cks.
Yes, I would like to set loose a Chinese Gulag torturer on them.

And still, the pervs did not start or complete an act that violated any minors. My concern is whether any of the charges will even stick. I see that dateline did not follow through on how many of these guys actually get CONVICTED and sent away. I think that they didn't report on ACTUAL convictions because most of these guys got away as is evident from the repeaters.

WE ARE NOT CONDONING THE ACTS OF THESE PERVS. What I'm saying is that I would like to see a way of doing this that actually puts these guys away.

According to the constitution of the US, people cannot be locked up for their intentions alone. Maybe your problem is with the constitution itself.
0sc0da 0bserver

Eau Claire, WI

#17 Dec 23, 2008
Raggy wrote:
WE ARE NOT CONDONING THE ACTS OF THESE PERVS. What I'm saying is that I would like to see a way of doing this that actually puts these guys away.

According to the constitution of the US, people cannot be locked up for their intentions alone. Maybe your problem is with the constitution itself.
Maybe you would like to volunteer your daughter or son to chat with and let your child be molested by one of these people so the police can have hard evidence!

Get real, even if they can not prosecute these perverts, they should be persecuted for their intent!
smooth criminal

Bemidji, MN

#18 Jan 1, 2009
The parents or guardians should be penalized because there are safe guards in place to protect computer users. If parents don't know how to use them, they should ask someone who does.Go on line and find the child pervs in your area.Law enforcement has once again dropped the ball.So they tape some show in one town. Wow, they are working hard, huh!Its a smoke screen. Your tax dollars hard at disappearing for nothing, but entertainment.God Bless America!

United States

#19 Jan 20, 2009
I had a nephew who was busted in a similar sting with police posing as minors. He ended up pleading to a lesser charge but had to register as a sex offender. He was unable to get steady work and eventually hung himself at the age of 26. Im sure if the person he intended to meet was a minor instead of the police, he would of had sex with her at age 14. Sad ending to a troubled life. I agree with having this type of undercover police activity to help keep our children safe.


#20 Mar 9, 2009
sexual Predtors should get life in prison

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