Marriage troubles

Jonesboro, AR

#1500 Jun 29, 2012
He can reach back any time and she'll be there. But the stress and the weight on her shoulders is killing her. She puts on a good front for him he sees her smile. He should see her sadness when he's not around. Her love for him is bursting out of her. His love for her will get the best of him one day and he'll reach for her. Will she be able to take his hand? Don't wait. We'll all lose then.
i think

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#1501 Jun 30, 2012
You liked money too much. Shoulda included her more then she not do bad. You grab her if she win lottery but she give it to you first. She live for you but you too full of yourself. Arrogant bstrd _

Moscow, TN

#1502 Jul 1, 2012
You have an angel eating out of your hands. All angels were sinners in the beginning. Yours grew better and better but you didn't. Still think you're better than everybody including her. And she thinks it too. Thinks you hung the moon. We look for just a hint of someone like her and you could bring home the whole package. She only has one flaw. Look how many you have she overlooks. Bring her home before there's nothing left to bring. Get off your high horse. After all she put you up on that pedestal

United States

#1503 Jul 2, 2012
Don't ya get tired of bashing her? Dont ya get tired of being alone? Dont ya get tired of living in the past? She's here now as good as gold. Ya dont know all she does for ya cause she never stopped. People ya don't have to deal with cause she does it for ya. Ya ask and she delivers.
What if ya woke up in the morning and she was gone? How ya feel? Can't see her or talk to her? Ya be sad. Ya regret ya didn't take her back. Ya carry burdens for bads ya did? She carries them for ya. This is today not yesterday. Look at her through fresh eyes today's eyes. See all the good she is
see u

Missouri City, TX

#1504 Jul 15, 2012
I see u for what u r. Big a$$hole ba$turd She think u best there is. See her body and brains and spirit all for u. Bet her bodys good. Who else there for u like her? Rest are sheep in wolfs clothes with big teeth. They rip u new one. Maybe she wake up and tell you kiss her a$$ but bet not.

Where widower? He have better words.

Trumann, AR

#1505 Jul 15, 2012
I'm so sick & tired of him neglecting me & really the only time he wanna spend time is when he wants sex. I cater to his every need & I'm just not being appreciated. We have broken up numerous of times but by me trying to believe what he's says about changing its just making me look like a FOOL. I don't want to be a fool but it seems like I am. It's like he don't want me & don't want anyone else to have me either.
retired widower

Little Rock, AR

#1506 Jul 20, 2012
I've been to see my son overseas and took my brother with me. What a good experience! We enjoyed our visit, but it ended too soon.

People think she's a fool too. They knock her down to feel superior. No one is there with a hand out to help her up. She gets up anyway and keeps giving her all to you for the breadcrumbs you throw her. But each time she leaves a little more of herself down. Whatever you need she's the one you turn to. And she's handy when there's no one else around. She's always ready to see you, to be with you, to do whatever you want. She's taken for granted. You know she'll always be there.

Wherever she goes, you're on her mind. Does he need this, would he like that. Always puts you first. Afraid to be out of pocket in case you call or need her. Everyone always has their hand out for what you can give them. She's there with her small shoulders to carry your burdens for you, no complaints.

This is one of a kind you have there. No one can truthfully say anything rough about her. She stays out of the spotlight, never wanting to bring attention to herself for fear it will reflect on you. She doesn't care what people think or say about her. But she fights for you.

What are you waiting for? God could call her home at any time. You'll be lost then. Open your eyes.

Pearland, TX

#1507 Jul 25, 2012
What the f#$$% is wrong with you? A woman that worships the ground you walk on and the air you breathe look around you at what's out here. Nothing like her I can tell you. You better think again

Blytheville, AR

#1508 Jul 25, 2012
He don't love her an she should go on with her life. Its not all about him. What about her an her feelings. Get over it. He's not worth all the drama. Just a doormat is what you have become to him. You can do better than this. Your to kind an good to hold on to a dream thats not happening. Leave while you still have some life.
Hot stuff

United States

#1509 Jul 25, 2012
I have a suggestion. Someone fix her up with a dinner date and show her there are more fish in the sea. I don't know her or him but he sounds like a loser and she sounds like a very nice person.
retired widower

Little Rock, AR

#1510 Jul 26, 2012
guest-she could no more be without him than she could grow another set of legs. Her love for him can't be measured and few have loved as deep as she. It's easy for someone to tell her to get over it, that they wouldn't do what she does. But to her that's impossible. He is her life. His stubborness gets in the way, but make no mistake, he loves her.

No one has their life their way. People come in and out and make impressions, both good and bad. Circumstances happen that there is no control over. No one can control their life, no matter what they tell you. There is no "perfect" person or "perfect" life. But his life with her is far better than his life without her.

Man1-look around at your buddies, single and married. Anyone love them as much as she loves you? Make no mistake they would trade with you so fast you don't know what happened.
im a man

Trumann, AR

#1511 Jul 26, 2012
go to your closet pray seek that which you have lost [forgiveness] ask the father to forgive you of your sins and then be who GOD SAID YOU ARE HIS CHILD JESUS DIED SO WE MIGHT HAVE LIFE AND AN ABUNDANCE THERE OF IF YOU WANT FORGIVENESS YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO BE LIKE CHRIST AND FORGIVE
my opinion

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#1512 Jul 27, 2012
Not walked a mile in their shoes but letting go of the past be better than waiting for her to let go of you so you can say I told you so. Don't sound like she's going anywhere and to have somebody lives just for you what you waiting for? She already shares your burdens. Take her home and share it all.

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#1513 Jul 27, 2012
Don't get too involved in another person or too dependent on them they will let you down, or one day they'll no longer be with you. It's best to just keep the relationship amicable enjoy a few laughs together, maybe have some dinners out, take some walks, but don't get too close, it doesn't pay.

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#1514 Jul 29, 2012
Man1 wrote:
My wife and I have been married for 42 years. Early in the marriage she went out on me. Recently I confronted her and she confessed. I know I haven't been perfect either and I love her, but I can't get this away from me. I have seen "some" good advice on this forum so I thought......
get a new one
retired widower

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#1515 Jul 29, 2012
What's she doing right now? Do you know? Do you know she cries herself to sleep each night? That the only time she sleeps is when she's with you? Do you know she sits by the phone and waits for your call? That she tries to do everything perfectly for you?

Do you take time away from how you feel to see how she does? I didn't. I only thought of myself and how I felt. Poor pitiful me. That my wife would become that girl she once was and do bad again. How stupid and arrogant I was! That girl my wife was went away after the bad and never returned. One thing in my wife's life she did wrong and I blamed her for all the wrongs that happened in my life. A lot of pressure on someone, a lot of weight on her small shoulders. It took it's toll on my wife.

It's taking it's toll on yours too. Tired from lack of sleep, trying to keep the vultures from picking at her, being a buffer between you and everyone wanting a piece of you. I could go on. How long do you think she can hold up under this? She need you and you need her.
got one

Little Rock, AR

#1516 Jul 30, 2012
I got one of them wives they talk about. I'm up early before work washing my clothes. She don't work but wants things. She don't cook or clean much. We eat a lot of sandwiches but when I cook. She don't give me credit for what we got that I paid for. We used to argue a lot but did no good. I know, leave her butt. But we got kids and grandkids. And she would take all she could get from me, leaving me nothing to give the kids. Mine takes and takes and gives nothing back. Bet yours give you all she's got and expects none in return. Mine's lazy and complains if she's got to do something. Yours keeps busy to keep from going crazy. See where I'm going here? What she done's over and past. You're lonely and missing her. She's lonely and missing you. You think your life's not perfect. Who's is???? Bet it would be a heck of a lot better with her in it home with you. They all say trade. I agree. You need to know what we got to deal with. Come to my house and watch. It's no home. She makes yours a home.

United States

#1517 Jul 30, 2012
Be better for her she left him in the dust. Not better for him. He's an a&&hole looking for sympathy. Nobody knows him like she does and she still thinks he's the greatest. He's in no rush cause he knows she'll be there. Why can't we all have that? People need to take lessons from her. To love him so deep. I want it

Jasper, TX

#1518 Jul 31, 2012
Man1 you think you have it bad??? I have just found out that my husband has been having an affair for 17 years. We have been together almost 40. Anyone have any advice to give me? I am crushed. Should I stay or should I go? Will I ever be able to forgive and forget??? Will this marriage last? Help..

Raleigh, NC

#1519 Aug 2, 2012
guest wrote:
Man1 you think you have it bad??? I have just found out that my husband has been having an affair for 17 years. We have been together almost 40. Anyone have any advice to give me? I am crushed. Should I stay or should I go? Will I ever be able to forgive and forget??? Will this marriage last? Help..
Kick him to the curb!!!!!

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