I do not live in Ortonvilled but I have a relative who lives there and was informed that a masked man enterend his home with a bat, wearing gloves and a mask and inteneded to do bodily harm to him. Luckily this did not happen (I won't go into how lucky he was and who helped him) but the intruder was seriously hurt and taken away. The part I do not understand is that nothing has been posted in the 2 newspapers in your town. I would think that something as serious as this would of been headline news. I also have looked at the police reports in the Citizen online newspaper every day and still nothing had been reported. Does this seem right to you. As a resident of Ortonville I surely would like to know what is going on in my community and if I was in danger from anyone. I am very frustated and upset about the whole thing and will not stand for this incident to just get swept under the radar. If anyone has heard anything please post something back and if you would like to know I guess call your police department or your 2 newspapers and ask. Thanks