Congress Township zoning law supports agriculture and business/industry. Congress Township has no business/industry district.

We, the Government of the people, by the people, for the people, of this Representative Republic insist on electing Representatives of US the Government. That have no respect or intention of complying with Supreme Court resolutions; our Founding Fathers founded on demands of Natural Law: what Mother Nature, God, or Whatever Power decreed to be the reality of the real world, democracy, capitalism, the US Constitution, and free, fair, and affordable commerce.

Representatives US the Government elects scams Government employees, Parents, Veterans, and Fathers disqualified for affirmative action with white skin, Union workers, consumers, taxpayers, and America’s grandchildren’s children. To pay Planning Bureaucrats wages, pension, and healthcare to enact flawed zoning law in Congress Township. And deny B.J.Allen Company variance to build a new Phantom Fireworks store at the intersection of I71 and state Route 539.

Supreme Court refused to revisit this matter the second time May 4.

Representatives and Bureaucrats would best serve US the Government by complying with Supreme Court resolutions.

Representatives and Bureaucrats of US the Government dictating how US the Government uses land that we pay bank interest for 30 years on mortgage. And pay property tax on state appraised value. Supreme Court declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL four times. With money derived from wages or independent business profit.

Makes free, fair, and affordable commerce IMPOSSIBLE; Makes funding schools IMPOSSIBLE; Makes balancing every budget IMPOSSIBLE; Makes Government employees, Parents, Veterans, Union workers, consumers, taxpayers, and America’s grandchildren’s children Representatives deny Collective Bargaining Rights LIFE UNAFFORDABLE; Bankrupts corporations, farmers, businesses, outsourcer sweatshops, and nonprofit, tax-exempt, organizations and Churches; and created Ohio’s $1.35 trillion budget deficit, the $40 trillion social security and the $14 trillion national debt. America’s grandchildren’s children are responsible to pay Chinese, Foreign and Domestic Investors and Stockholders interest with this debt until they are 18 years old. Then pay the debt with the $7.20 per hour government mandated labor wage.

There is no reason to believe America’s grandchildren’s children that go to bed hungry can afford life and pay this debt with the $7.20 per hour Government mandated labor wage in a hundred million years. With money derived from wages or independent business profit.