Arraignment in sexual assault case is...

Arraignment in sexual assault case is March 28

There are 1094 comments on the Chico Enterprise-Record story from Mar 15, 2008, titled Arraignment in sexual assault case is March 28. In it, Chico Enterprise-Record reports that:

A Chico man arrested last Sunday as a suspect in the alleged sexual assault of a 21-year-old woman will be arraigned March 28.

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Chico, CA

#1099 Jun 19, 2009
Must be nice to have unlimited power and legal immunity. Makes crushing the little guy who's been working his way through school for years nice and fun.

And then there was Michael Carrington.

"God calls us to repent our sin before we can reestablish a relationship with God." Echos from Ed Szendry, the former lead investigator for the DA's office as he walks from the courtroom with the man who molested me for years...

Chico, CA

#1100 Jun 19, 2009
When will people demand accountability for 10 years of molestation with over 20 victims?

What the hell is wrong with the system that doesn't provide that? That sets him free with a couple million dollars and a few porches?

Chico, CA

#1101 Jun 19, 2009
Here's the real kicker...

It's because I'm intelligent.

I wouldn't be a threat if I were dumb. But since I am intelligent, I have to be taken out and disposed of sociologically and physically.

Because I can see that they covered it up. Because I'm a damn good reader.

If you post a blog on the internet and the government still tries to kill you will anyone demand to know what he did wrong?

Chico, CA

#1102 Jun 19, 2009
Besides claim to be a primate.

But, unlike my fellow primates, I'm no animal - I act with respect towards people who deserve it - who don't molest children and who expect the best from people.

It's because I claim to be a primate.

And that scares the other monkeys because then they'd have to stop acting like animals and become human.

Chico, CA

#1103 Jun 19, 2009
And for the record, when I give a girl a book, that means I want to take her to dinner and have a conversation with her that she would likely enjoy given the fact that I am both intelligent, kind, and authentic company. It does not call for police intervention. Although I will most certainly not bother that person again or go near the store.

I was trying to do something nice - and it backfired I guess.

Chico, CA

#1104 Jun 19, 2009
In most cultures, I was under the impression that gifts were a way to express congenial interest in a respectful way - and not something that called for the police to come to my house - at least you could have called me and said no and then you would have never seen me again. But calling the police right off the bat.

Major sadness and humiliation.

Chico, CA

#1105 Jun 19, 2009
So my luck that when I try to do something cute and nice they just call the police. That really tops my backfired expressions of interest list.

Chico, CA

#1106 Jun 19, 2009
Sigh, people aren't fun anymore - giving someone a book becomes something that deserves intervention from law enforcement. Encouraging them to study in the medical profession as they had previously expressed desire to do.

And then I gave her a book by a surgeon that I had just finished.

Next thing I know the police are at my door.

Someone please make my life more hell then it already has been. I really need that.
Concerned Citizen

Rancho Cordova, CA

#1107 Jun 19, 2009
Norea wrote:
Sigh, people aren't fun anymore - giving someone a book becomes something that deserves intervention from law enforcement. Encouraging them to study in the medical profession as they had previously expressed desire to do.
And then I gave her a book by a surgeon that I had just finished.
Next thing I know the police are at my door.
Someone please make my life more hell then it already has been. I really need that.
You seem to think that the great Rich, is still molesting young boys. Do you have positive proof of this? I have heard he has stopped his crap here in Chico, since all this information was exposed during the legal hearings.
There are certain people that swear he isn't gay.
What do you think? If you have undeniable facts that he is still molesting, I'll take this forward to
some lawyers. The proof needs to accurate and correct with dates and victims names.
Why was the police at your house for giving a book to a friend? What was the name of the book.
You mentioned you were now taking medication. Can
you tell me how you're doing.
Take care

Chico, CA

#1108 Jun 20, 2009
I have no specific evidence of him still molesting boys. Only a strong suspicion that he may still be a threat to the community. It was all so systematic. I remember other men being involved.
I don't really care if he's gay or not, my assumption would be that he is. I care when adults affect children in such a negative way.
I know he is still in a position of power - which, be it economic and/or influential seems inappropriate to me. Unless I was informed incorrectly about his financial well being.
The fact that I informed several leaders at the time is what mostly gives me cause for concern - they were so expressly dismissive of my charges, and the charges of other boys - if I am informed correctly by those victims.
I know that he was a "great prophet" by their words - and that position of sacred importance in their minds or their speech gave me cause for concern. The fact that the man was such a master of psychological manipulation - verbal play - that he virtually developed a religion out of what we were doing - combining sexual arousal and affection with a religious vocabulary.
I stood out as an infection in his system because I was never a blind follower - I read on my own. I read the Bible. It was from there that I came to the conclusion in my head that what we were doing was wrong. I was unable to persuade most of the other boys to believe the same - though I think I did with a few.
The initial frustration has subsided.
I worry because of a sermon I heard that used a great deal of similar language to the language Rich used. I worry because they did regard him as a prophet.
Honestly, the man was a good man - and were it not for the terrifying fear of hell that came from the recognition of such a sin - what happened to me would not have been so traumatic.
The recovery of the memories is better.
I have no direct evidence of continued molestation - only a reasonable suspicion of their disregard for legal procedure. His virtual admission in the Enterprise Record.
The fact is, I'm the only one who has become so disgruntled with what he did to me. It was the loss of memories I find the most offensive.
I should have had my childhood memories.
But what he did took them from me.
I'm a reasonable amount healthier on the medication - doesn't mean I believe in anything supernatural. The town seems to dislike that about me. It did give way to an overly amoral paradigm for a while. Alcohol did most of the damage, but I don't drink anymore.
I don't know, I just look at the Children of God's history and worry that the fact that that man was a 'prophet' as well, and Warren Jeffs was a 'prophet.'
That they may still regard him as such behind the scenes - I mean, they did take us up to Richardson Springs for this - and there were other men involved.

Chico, CA

#1109 Jun 20, 2009
Point is, I don't want Rich in jail, but I don't think they should get a free pass to injure lives - regardless of my political or moral philosophies. The latter of which was compromised mostly when I drank. I've always been looking for a lasting relationship - but not all relationships I had lasted. And that's what I want, a lasting relationship.
And I did kind of want him to pay for me to patch up my life and finish school - I've always had a high academic ambition, but depression and 40 hours a week of work tended to interfere in one way or another with proper function. Though my current ambition will require me to forgo the social life mostly.
I feel like the man really did a great deal of damage to my potential to exist as a social human being - though that has made me more intellectually ambitious as well.
Procuring resources for that comes difficult to me for some reason or others.
Either way, I just want to put it behind me. I'm shooting for Med School now I think - and want to work as hard as I can for that. So Rich can just go screw himself and leave me alone and vice-versa.
This town seems to hate my guts - so I'm just going to keep to myself as much as I can from here on out.
Like I said, police showed up at my house last time I made an attempt to get to know someone - so I probably should just hide and study.

Chico, CA

#1110 Jun 21, 2009
I pray my country will forgive my frustrations with the effects of systemic violence - on either side of a conflict.

I found the picture of some children who had been torn apart by a bomb. I don't exactly know where they were from - but it changed my view on the world.

I honor our soldiers, I do not respect all our leaders. For me to become someone who took up arms for virtually any cause would violate the deepest principles that Christianity put in me - namely that my purpose in this world is to heal and teach.

Our soldiers are worthy of the highest respect and honor and care from our society. The men that lead those soldiers are not always worthy of the same respect - though I have a much more optimistic view with Obama.

I want to offer a public apology to any who I offended with my distaste of war - from now on I will dedicate my life to learning to heal people, be that pursuing an MD or becoming an RN.

The VA needs to get on the ball - I've met so many veterans in need of superior care and benefits to what they are receiving considering what they endured for our civilization.

But the minute you tell me to stop questioning the motives of our leaders in those wars, the minute their sacrifice becomes in vain. Because that's what they fight for - the right to dissent.

There is a strong possibility that I will join the Army as a medical officer in the future, I pray my country will allow me to pursue that honor though it will require much time of me.

I have always been dedicated to the preservation of human life.

Jesus was murdered for saying "blessed are the peacemakers" among other things. For me to take up arms would violate the deepest principles that Christianity instilled in me - and I hope my country will understand that.

I am a peacenik because of Jesus. I want our country to win. I wish I had not been brainwashed to a political place that I would be in danger for my beliefs.

My peers from high school are in Iraq - and I fear for their safety every day. And I thank them and praise them for their service - they are performing a greatness that I am incapable of performing.

I hope God will protect me from those who dislike my anti-war views. The manufacture of arms is the greatest evil this world has ever seen - the use of science to bring death when it should work to preserve life and expand knowledge.

And I will never feel safe until we all decide it's time to make like heroes and stop war at its source.

Chico, CA

#1111 Jun 21, 2009
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

And if I've known anything in this world, I've known fear.

For myself, I'd rather die in a nuclear blast then ever be party to a country that used a nuclear weapon again - for any reason - and once the world decides that the risk is worth taking to remove the fear of Mutually Assured Destruction from all countries for the safety of all human beings' children - then we will all be heroes.

And we'll coin a new phrase, mutually assured survival.

Chico, CA

#1112 Jun 21, 2009
Until that day, I'm aiming for an MD, and I hope those around me will support me in that. I honor those who died and have fought for our country. I do not honor the existence of war. I despise the use of the concepts of sacred and profane to encourage war. When you're dead, you stay dead, no matter what you died for.

I'll probably try to spend a few years playing Hawkeye down the road - if there are any left to help me reach that goal. The Army offers a nice Med School Scholarship - and I could think of no greater honor than working to save soldiers' lives.

But it will take me a while to get there. I just hope I can hold off the torrent of people who dislike me until then.

I've made some big ideological mistakes.

God willing, I'll live to become a healer.

Chico, CA

#1113 Jun 21, 2009

Eh, I guess I'm still a little crazy. I know I've crawled under the skin of more then a few.

I'm just an advocate of non-violence.

Yolo, CA

#1114 Jun 23, 2009
Im just a stupid loser, please dont listen to me.
Overland 44

Keene, CA

#1115 Aug 9, 2009
Norea, anyone who has read your posts knows the truth. Someone just wants you to think that.
peopleagainstbut te

Buffalo, NY

#1116 Aug 25, 2009
Norea I believe you and if you want to talk off of here please email me at [email protected]
Victim of Rich Manley

Chico, CA

#1117 Nov 1, 2009
The Colusa Bus Crash occured because I wrote the FBI concerning Manley and his co-conspirators (including Ed Szendry who worked for Ramsey).

They crashed it on the corner of Abel and Lone Star roads. They hacked my computer two days before hand to show me it was going to happen.

This happened AFTER I contacted the FBI - if they had contacted me after I contacted them - those people never would have died.
Victim of Rich Manley

Chico, CA

#1118 Nov 1, 2009
They're trying to cover up what they're doing in conspiracy out of their closed compound north of town:

Kathy Mann who now is the Manager of Sheraton was one of the main people who was taking us back and forth to molestation sessions:

If the FBI had contacted me - maybe Quintin Watts wouldn't have been hired to crash that bus - by whomever did it - however.

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