Six teenagers arrested in Oroville ho...

Six teenagers arrested in Oroville home invasion robbery, homicide

There are 181 comments on the Oroville Mercury-Register story from Feb 26, 2010, titled Six teenagers arrested in Oroville home invasion robbery, homicide. In it, Oroville Mercury-Register reports that:

Six boys whose ages range from 14 to 16 were arrested Thursday in connection with a home invasion robbery where an elderly man was beaten and later died.

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Since: Mar 10

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#149 Mar 11, 2010
It is posts like the above coming on and posting as if any of the six monsterous killers deserve a break. I still find it unbelievable when they post and defend these out of control kids, that will grow up reall fast once in the system. Rightfully so.

In another post I said the family should be ashamed for coming on here posting in defense of the boys. I stand by it. They should never belittle the worth and life that was taken by participating in defense of those young men on a public forum, and not expect to be confronted about it.

Ukiah, CA

#150 Mar 11, 2010
Annoying wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL.....ahahahahah this has nothing to do with how this economy is. your full of s h it.
It has a huge amount to do with the economy, but it's understandable that those of you that have made a career of welfare would not see it that way!!!

Ukiah, CA

#151 Mar 11, 2010
batman wrote:
<quoted text>Why the hell do you care about me talking about Oroville?, you're posting all the way from Redwood Valley
Simply because you are the pot calling the kettle black...... I would not walk down the street in Marysville after dark, yet you seem to think that you are living in some sort of utopia..... you're a hypocrite!!!

Oroville, CA

#152 Mar 11, 2010
I think all this is BS because everyone makes mistake. For all those people that hates Hmong are just stupid because they have no reason to hate. Not every race is perfect. There are many people who steal,kill,threat,etc. so we shouldn't judge a race. We are all Americans!
Family of these boys

Oroville, CA

#153 Mar 11, 2010
THANK-YOU you couldn'tt said it any better.
Goshers wrote:
I agree with you Too Bad, So Sad... to an extent. I think that what you are saying is valid and I am pretty upset about what happened to Mr. Battaglia, because it could've happened to my family or someone close to me. And what you said is right--do they really deserve a second chance? Will they really be reformed? But, as you write, you start to feel so much hate that you say things like "big burly ugly bubba"--and it turns your comment into something so ugly, that anything intelligent you said just gets lost in all that ugliness.
They will get what they deserve.
Now, to all the Hmong people in here who write such nasty comments... using such vulgar words... is it really necessary? It's bad enough that people from this century can't see past skin color, that they can't see Hmong people as Americans--that the only thing that they resort to is talk of shipping people out, when those same people shipped people into this country... without you calling people derogatory names like "white trash."
These boys will get what they deserve, but honestly folks, do you really think that these 14-16 year old boys really knew what they were doing when they killed Frank? I think the boys made a mistake. Yes, they robbed him. Yes, they went into the night to steal, but I believe they got caught up in the heat of the moment, not knowing what to do, and reacted when they realized they were caught. People have said that these same boys have done this before, that they've hit other homes--why were others not harmed? I think their intent was to steal things and money, not to kill. However, they should still be punished. They should still have to suffer the consequences of their decisions. And they will.
And, how could family members not comment? They are upset because they know another side of these boys. They know the side that we don't know. We call them monsters and criminals. They call them brothers and sons. The families know that these boys will be in for a long time--let the jury decide the fate of these boys... We should stop all the hate.

Since: Mar 10

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#154 Mar 11, 2010
To the above poster. Yes I do think they knew what they were doing when they beat that poor old man. Your post suggesting it was some sort of accident or mistake is insulting to all that knew and loved him. If they are so inclined to get caught up in the moment as you stated, then they are sick and need put out of their miserable existance.

I only agreed with you in the last sentence of your first paragraph where my intelligent words may get lost with the harsh ugly reality these murderes will face once locked us as adults.

To the family of the boys, why do you come on here and read what your common sense should dictate is going to be harsh and not in favor of your murdering disgusting animals you raised and turned loose on society.
I say if you do then suck it up and take it. Because morals dictate this sort of behavior unacceptable, years ago these murders would of been shot or hung almost immediate. Too bad so sad it is not that way now.

Hayward, CA

#155 Mar 11, 2010
This isn't a racial issue folks. It's not the Hmong kids that cause trouble in the schools. for the the most part they are polite and well behaved. Their parents have taught them to value education, so check who has the most students on the honor roll. I'm white, but as a mother, I know kids can so easily get mixed up with someone bad and go wrong.
There's an 11-year-old white boy from another state accused of killing his pregnant stepmother.
Google It

Marysville, CA

#156 Mar 11, 2010
These boys deserve whats coming to them. An old man being mugged, and the old man's care taker was one of the retards parents. Obviously they had the intention of killing the poor guy, they need to be punished as adults be it the death sentence or life in prison. And these retards are obviously retarded dumb for trying to rob a store over and over like "REALLY." I hope there isn't a stupid petition going around saying the damn retards are just boys and they were a little reckless. And whom ever started the petition is as stupid and retarded as these convicted retards. Yes the word retard is over used here but they are retarded for thinking that this was just so cool. I really hope a person comes around and ask me to sign this stupid petition its probably a stupid little hmong girl who's probably one of the stupid retards fuck buddy. But if dose get to me Tell her to go set her head on the railroad track and wait for a freaken train to smash another stupid retard out of this world.

This is Google It, Back to you Jim!

Marysville, CA

#158 Mar 11, 2010
Its "dose" Google It. I know its a typo so I'll let it go this time!!!

Marysville, CA

#160 Mar 11, 2010

Marysville, CA

#161 Mar 11, 2010
JIM wrote:
****=uckf you know what it is, decipher it yourself!

Marysville, CA

#162 Mar 11, 2010
Annoying wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL.... sorrie I'm don't depend on f**king welfare maybe you are. your just another stupid white trash. only your white trash live on the street bagging for monie and food. please try to help your own people's before you try to help other's.
I think the way you type, you must be some kid who's very ill educated or an adult who probably never passed grade school. GO BACK ITS WELL WORTH IT LOL!!!

Marysville, CA

#163 Mar 11, 2010
Annoying wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL......too funnie don't worry we're waiting. we're not scare of a piece of s h it like you. anytime ahahahahaahhaha.I'm afraid we might get you first before you get to us.

And now I stumble upon this one. I think you might be one of them retards Google was talking about.
Miss Hmong

United States

#164 Mar 15, 2010
Oroville wrote:
I think all this is BS because everyone makes mistake. For all those people that hates Hmong are just stupid because they have no reason to hate. Not every race is perfect. There are many people who steal,kill,threat,etc. so we shouldn't judge a race. We are all Americans!
I totally agree...
Miss Hmong

United States

#165 Mar 15, 2010
american people are worst than us...!!! We are proud who we are representing... lol...
Max II

Anchorage, AK

#166 Mar 15, 2010
Miss Hmong wrote:
american people are worst than us...!!! We are proud who we are representing... lol...
You don't make any are we worst/ Did you mean worse? Get the HE** out of here, and don't let the door hit you in the A**
Miss Hmong

United States

#167 Mar 15, 2010
Max II wrote:
<quoted text>
You don't make any are we worst/ Did you mean worse? Get the HE** out of here, and don't let the door hit you in the A**
What f**k like i give a shit... for a good example: drink and drive or hit and run away... what the f**k is that... it not only hmong people that kill people i mean look at it the world have many different of crimes and justice already... look deep and you will know what i mean... only time will tell... what around come around....

Chico, CA

#168 Mar 23, 2010
I hate Every1 wrote:
<quoted text>this post is a fine example of why we should completely scrap the California school system and start from scratch.You have very poor sentence structure
I agree:)
i am

Chico, CA

#169 Mar 23, 2010
Martha Kay wrote:
How very, very sad that a nice man died because of some very, very stupid boys who were out on a shopping spree.
And, how very, very sad that people in 2010 can still turn it into something racial.
I realized something when I got an education--that the world is much bigger than what we see in Oroville. There are so many beautiful cultures and we are so lucky to have so many different cultures in the United States.
Do you know what it's like to be a minority?
During a traffic school session, the presenter told us that he was stopped three times in Oroville, because he was Black and was driving a Mercedes. That was in one weekend.
Most Hmong people pay their bills on time because they're afraid of not having electricity, not having a home, and not having water--the ones who can't speak English don't even know that they can ask for extensions--they're too afraid, because they know what it was like to not have those things. But, ask the landlords in Oroville, and they will tell you that the Hmong are never late on rent.
How about when Hmong people go up to the counter to ask for help? The people behind the counter roll their eyes because they're afraid it's going to "be awhile" because of the language barrier. And have you seen Hmong parents taking their little ones to their doctor appointments so that the hospital doesn't have to find a translator? That's the hospital's job. How about at the Social Security Office? Same thing. Welfare Department--same thing.
And, I've been to these places... and trust me, there are other races (mostly White) asking for state assistance.
You know what the worst part of all of this is? Hmong people feel so embarrassed that this happened. They feel terrible because now everyone is going to say how bad they are (when they didn't even commit the crime).
When that "White" couple in Paradise killed their adopted daughter (from Liberia), did White people feel embarrassed? Were they ashamed of being White? I doubt it. Hmong people know they are looked at in a negative way now... and that is sad. It is very sad that the actions a few boys could cause this much shame in the Hmong community. And if you know Hmong people, you would know that this has scared them. They don't want to be out in the community because they're afraid of what might happen to them; they're afraid of what people might think of them.
These boys are American. They were born and raised in America. What does this say about "Americans"? We didn't do all that we could to keep them on the right track. "It takes a village to raise a child."
My heart goes out to Mr. Battaglia's family. I know his neighbors loved him because he was always helping others.
I like your thinking. I'm Hmong myself. Honestly, I think it IS a big disgrace to us. All whites are going to think we're all the same. It's sad.

But you know, even in our own Hmong community, there's so much hatred going on. I honestly don't feel bad for the boys. I don't personally know them, but I've heard so much things about them.

It's about time they learned their lesson. I think the death wasn't intended, but they probably were asking for it. This is the only way to keep them in jail.

It's such a shame sometimes to see my culture doing things like this since it's a white dominated society. I love my race, I love who I am, I love my culture, but sometimes, I just feel so embarrassed for my people.

I'm not offended by any of the comments about the Hmong people. I love my people, but I think what the boys did isn't right.

Since: Mar 10

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#170 Mar 23, 2010
First off to the above poster. It was nice for a change to have someone of HMONG decent actually post civilized. Thank You.

Now as for this being a white dominated society, sorry not so. In fact whites are quickly becoming a minority in more than one way.

I find your statement about being ashamed of your culture for something some murderes did that you do not even know, is really carrying your culture card too far.
I have never apologized for the actions of someone or something that has absolutely Nothing to do with me personally. I sure am not embarrassed over what the freaks in my race do.
This is why this and other threads are distrubing, the race card being played. More so by the HMONG posters on here. Defending or making excuses right and left.
It not only shows there are more like these six out there, but it is insulting the the victims family, friends and overall morality.

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